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Into the mountain 1.0.1

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A sequel to the ROK-DPRK conflict scenarios uploaded weeks ago.  


The goal is cracking down enemy remnants isolated behind the line.


Major hostility might not be enemy tanks or IFVs.  Dealing with ambushing infantrymen in the woods and mountain hills will be real headache.  You might see popping tanks by only single rocket shot from somewhere in the mountain if there is no infantry covering vehicle's blind spot.  Patiently dismount soldiers and make them search and destroy ambushes ahead of tank advance whenever you feel something suspicious.   


FO mission is also an important part of this scenario;   Heliborne landing on the peaks of mountain , (enjoying wonderful sceneries) , searching hidden targets, and guiding artillery shots onto them might be a good tactic combining mobility and geographical advantage at once.


Even though the scenario finally tends to come to something like an infantry centered sim (e.g. OFP, ARMA...) than a tank sim, please generously accept it from the viewpoint of diversity. 



What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


<Minor tuning of initial locations, routes, and spawn timing of some units for smoother expansion of the scenario.>


From my experience, it took more than seven hours to clear whole companies' attacking missions.  I recommend using the in-progress save function from the map view menu if you cannot finish this at once.   


Taking the enemy stronghold in the middle and one of three fortifications is regarded as a victory while the stronghold and whole fortification should be cleared to reach the major victory.   




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