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River Crossing Defense (4.250) 1.0.0

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Spanish Pizarro platoon and Leopardo section defend against a T72B1 company.


Your equipment: Pizarro F1, Leopardo 2E, Centauro B1, VAMTAC ST5.


Enemy equipment: T72B1m, T80U, BTR80, Vector ATTV.


Randomized enemy routes and locations.


Time frame: Around 60 mins.


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Really nice mission. Played it as coop with 3 players on blueside.

Nice balance of forces. I also like that red side act docrinal wich rewards planning and coordination.


Keep up the good work!

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Apocalypse 31

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Another great Ben mission that I highly recommend for small-scale cooperative games, along with many of his others.


Force Composition. The player side is just big enough to be effective but not too large that it is unmanageable. The scenario provides players with a nice array of equipment; tanks, IFVs, scout trucks, and mobile gun systems. The scenario designer limited the number of tanks, and therefore requires players to fight smarter while utilizing the different equipment that they are provided. 


Enemy scripting. Enemy forces will keep you on your toes, and will take the initiative if you don't. The enemy is also scripted very realistically - using reconnaissance ahead of their attack, then attacking within doctrinal limitations. It was not unreasonable or unrealistic - and what I appreciated the most is that the OPORD was accurate to what was on the field. No surprises, which can sometimes be frustrating. 


Variety in Tasks. The generally idea of the mission has players performing a counter-attack; the first 30-minutes is spent defending against an enemy tank-company, then followed by an attack to seize key terrain. I found the transition (distance to OBJ, terrain) to be fun and challenging. There are so many different ways to approach this mission and still be successful. 


I highly recommend this for small cooperative sessions. It is not unrealistic for single player, but will be much more challenging. I also recommend checking out Ben's other uploads- his scenarios are always guaranteed to be challenging and fun. 

Response from the author:

Thanks for the detailed review Apocalypse 👍

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Great, tough mission. I made two failed attempts to protect the first object, many ATGM problems on the machines. I will try again 😄.
Thanks to the author!

Response from the author:

You're welcome Oleg glad you enjoyed it thanks

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Played this on the TankSim Discord this evening, and had lots of fun! Intel on the enemy's intended course of action in the briefing is very good, and gives you some good recon vs recon fights at the beginning of the mission as you assemble your forces. Employing recon is essential for determining the enemy's direction of attack, and for establishing an overwatch on your intended engagement area, and a well-placed recon team saved our defense more than once! 


Transitioning to the counterattack requires methodical clearing, and we managed to attack an enemy's kill zone from a direction that he wasn't expecting with the VAMTACs spotting to enable the section of Centauros to kill the enemy, before advancing to establish a support by fire on the objective to allow the tank section to seize it. Somehow (likely the odds were in our favor) we managed to complete the mission without 'losing' any vehicles (as for vehicles that could participate in the next operation... well...). I expect this would be much harder to achieve in single player where four players aren't able to pay very close attention to sections of vehicles. 


The indirect fire assets available were challenging but sufficient, with the mortars being the most employed in our playthrough. This isn't a scenario where you can spam artillery, which isn't a bad thing at all. Additionally, the small number of vehicles available to you makes each vehicle very important to your plan. It is nice to see a scenario like this where you have to employ all of your assets effectively to achieve a victory, as opposed to just being able to focus on tanks. 


Definitely worth a download, and certainly a fun mission to play with friends! I look forward to seeing more of your work. 

Response from the author:

Thanks for the review Mirzayev, glad you guys had fun with it.

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