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US - Armored Brigade Combat Team Cavalry Squadron


Combat strength: 
      14x M1A2 SEPs
      41x M3A2 CFVs
      4x M3A2 CFVs
      33x Scout Teams
      6x Javelin Teams
      4x FO Teams



      1x Headquarters and Headquarters Troop consisting of:
         2x M3A2 CFVs (Squadron Commander and Operations Officer)
         *Squadron Staff and Squadron Aid Station (Not modeled)


      3x Reconnaissance Troops consisting of: 
         2x Scout Platoons consisting of:
            6x M3A2 CFVs with 4x Scout Teams and 2x Javelin Teams
         1x Mortar Platoon consisting of:
            2x M1064 Mortar Carriers
         1x Headquarters Platoon consisting of:
            2x M3A2 CFV (CO and FO)
            1x M577 (XO)
            1x M113A3 (1SG)
            1x M977 HEMTT (Supply)
        1x Medic M113A3 (Troop Medics)
        1x M88A1 (Combat Repair Team)


      1x Tank Troop consisting of:
         3x Tank Platoons consisting of:
            4x M1A2 SEPs
         1x Headquarters Platoon consisting of:
            2x M1A2 SEPs (CO and XO)
        1x M3A2 CFV w/ FO Team (FO)
            1x M113A3 (1SG)
            1x M977 HEMTT (Supply)
        1x Medic M113A3 (Troop Medics)
        1x M88A1 (Combat Repair Team)


      *1x Forward Support Company (Not modeled)


 * Current US Army MTOE uses the M2A3 BFV; the M3A2 was selected as a suitable substitution.
 * The FO's M3A2 CFV may be substituted for an M981 FISTV to trade firepower for optics. 
 * Ammunition quantities do not match the real world equivalent. This was a deliberate decision to emphasize fun over realism.
 * US Tank Companies use the M88A2; the M88A1 is an appropriate substitution.
 * Recon Troop XOs actually uses an M1068; the M577 is suitable substitution.
 * Scout Teams have been equipped with the JIM-LR. 
 * The 2 and 3 element in each Recon Platoon have the Javelin Teams.
 * The Squadron S3 is normally identified by "33" as his callsign; 65 is used to enable better fidelity at the Troop level. 
 * The Squadron Staff, Squadron Aid Station, and the Forward Support Company are not modeled in this template.


Recommended callsign template:
     US battalion 
        * change "HHC" to "HHT" to match current US Cavalry naming conventions. 
Made by Mirzayev.


To install unzip the file to the following default directory: C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Unit Templates\Default

You may also create a folder named US under C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Unit Templates and put the file there for better organization.

Edited by Mirzayev

What's New in Version 1.0.1


The HHT Commander finally managed to force the Squadron S3 to attend an M4A1 zero and qualification range. As a result, HHT 65's dismounts have had their skill increased from "Conscript" to "Regular." 

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