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Iran-Iraq War 1985 1.0.0

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A fictionalized, large armor battle set during the Iran-Iraq war consisting mainly of Iraqi T-62 vs. Iranian T-55 tanks, plus infantry and other support vehicles. The scenario may tend to play like a World War 2 battle without modern technology.


Designed for a single player. The scenario will probably run very slow under 4.250. If you have not upgraded to 4.259, it is strongly recommended you do so before running the scenario.


Note: I also recommend either playing the following YouTube video link running in the background, or downloading and playing locally during the course of the match. Adds force.




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Hi Capt.  For some reason whilst I have loaded the four map files in the map package in my map package directory - on start up it is failing to find the map - any ideas what  have done wrong. Don' normally havea problem but can't seem to see this?



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hello- sorry for the problems. can you per chance post a screen shot of the error message? i have attached a few screen shots of the file path for the map files. the first screenshot shows the path of the map package from within the mission editor. the next three screenshots

show this from the windows directory tree. because of steel beasts' file structure where the program files are spread out over multiple paths, it does get there in somewhat of a convoluted way compared to other programs. the first folder to start in the c:\programdata folder, and then from there, it looks like c:\ programdata \ esim games \ steel beasts \ maps \ packages \ iran-iraq war 1985 (this last folder "iran-iraq war 1985 containing the scenarip map files is placed manually in the packages folder, it doesn't install with steel beasts, of course)







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I wonder if it is possible in this mission to get Tactical Victory- the Iraqi player must retain at least 7 operational tanks in the objective area marked VO when the mission timer runs out and no Iranian tanks remain in VO.

Two days of war, my brain is broken. Very interesting mission, thank you Captain_Colossus!

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Great map and great scenario - thank you! Ps I had to load it into the scenario editor and re-save it to get the map working.

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