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Russians in the woods (4.375) 2.0.3

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Panzergrenadier attack on Russian Mech infantry company.


Enemy forces: T64B, BMP2, BTR80, Tigr, infantry.


Your forces: Leopard 2A4, Marder, Luchs, infantry.


Small scale attack mission with infantry focus and limited Artillery support.


Time frame: 60 to 90 Minutes, no limit.


Enemy battle positions are randomised for replayability.



Edited by ben

What's New in Version 2.0.3


Updated for 4.375:

- Infantry trenches.

- Tigr replaces BRDM2.

- Repositioned mortars to lower ground to make them more reliable.

* Fixed mission text

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A very good and challenging scenario:

Pros so most:

- Good Terrain

- Good Force correlation

- Good concept of plan

- Maximising limited OPFORs impact and fighting capabilities.


No real Cons TBH.


We played this scenario - in a slightly tweaked form, twice on two Sundays. First we got beaten and second time we beat it. It speaks to the quality of the scenario that we could actually play it with around 15 players two Sunday in a row and still have fun.

If you try to brute force it, then you will be punished as you should be. You need to use all your assets and choose your Schwerpunkt carefully.

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Like Russian Recon, this one demonstrates some fundamental concepts well. Leading with recon is a must and supporting the tanks with infantry is a must. Not overly difficult, but rushing in will lead to being wiped out. Cleaning operation at the end is very easy, which I suspect is realistic after a dramatic breakthrough past defenses. Terrain is great. I have grown an appreciation for the Luchs and the ridiculous rates of fire of German autocannons.

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Awesome sce,my favorite sce of Bens.I have them all and this is a very good sce.

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Good mission presents a very enclosed surrounding environment, which creates challenges with planning and execution, literally have to go inch by inch.

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**NOTE** I actually downloaded and played this from the scenario pack ben created, but downloaded again so I could leave a review here 😄


Played through this one this evening, really gripping battle and very tense having to carefully recon and watch every bend and patch of woodland. Took some doing, but keeping the Marders close to the troops and moving as a platoon really helped along with identifying and dropping mortars on positions found with recon up front.


Took about 2 hours to get this done, because I was a bit slow, but I felt I needed to go slow because of the terrain\woodland, so I think the caution is warranted.


Ended up losing 2 Leopards, 2 Fuchs and about 5 pixeltruppen for a score of 92, so I was pretty pleased with that result, despite the loss of the Leopards hurting a little.


Absolutely loved every minute of this and I highly recommend it!

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Apocalypse 31

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Great scenario that highlights the use of the combined efforts of recon, tanks, and IFVs.


The terrain is a good selection; a nice mix of small villages, wooded areas, and open fields. Certainly enough to make you think about HOW you're going to employ your mixed force. 


Ben also did a great job with the enemy and constructing a realistic defense with a layered forces and interlocking fields of fire between elements. 


This is another scenario where I wish Steel Beasts had playable infantry.

As is, clearing through the woods is risky - your [SB] infantry stand no chance against the stationary infantry defenders and you take a massive risk by attempting to use your IFVs to clear. Maybe one day.

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