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GHRVPK Gunner 2407 2021.sce 1.0.0

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Single player scenario Gunner position 4.265


63 targets unlimited ammo.


To celebrate our new Turret sim PC and upgrade of SB Pro PE to version 4.265, I have decided to upload the scenario that I made for it when it was version 3.028 and have used until now.


It is very simple but our guests only have access to the 2x5 buttons, on the genuine Leopard 1A5-DK1 Gunners grip.


The scenario is meant to be run in the Gunners position, F2 view, daylight sight.

Mounted troops have been disabled and all vehicles have been set to not shoot back.

(I am just beginning to figure out how to use the impotent settings and when I get them to behave as I want I will upload another version with Shoot back.)


The UK briefing


Welcome to the Leopard 1 shooting simulator at GHRVPK.


You are now seated in a Leopard 1A5-DK and You have the opportunity, to try your hand at the work of the Gunner.


The following buttons are available on the Gunner's grip.


Shoot (Send Heavy Metal Downrange)

Dynamic Lead (Press when targeting.)

Palm Switch (Press at all times) (Disabled by default) *

Laser (Lase)

Battle-Sight Range (For targets within 1000m)


We are driving through terrain where stationary, moving and flying targets will appear.


Your task, with the help of the Tank Commander, is to destroy as many targets as possible.


Unlimited ammunition is available to You.




* So small children can participate.

Activated by selecting control handle in the control menu. To deactivate, select Joystick in the control menu.


Running the scenario in the sim, I have mostly been using O, S, X, C, I and F3. Occasionally M if troop targets do appear.


To disable Troops Open the scenario in the mission editor and go to the red faction, switch of routes, select all vehicles, Right click on one vehicle, click Options, click Damage if, personnel. Mark Unit this is anywhere. (You may need to click to change choices, Right or Left click in the last box.) Hit OK.


If the enemy shoots back do as with troops but chose Set fire crtl and mark Hold fire. Save the scenario.

I hope that you will enjoy it.


Read about the sim here: https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/12812-my-new-toy/


Good Luck!


Happy Simming.



Removing troops 1.png

Removing troops 2.png

Set to Hold Fire.png


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