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Operation Spearhead (4.265) 2.0.0

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Spanish Armored Cavalry Squadron clear Rebel forces from a remote African region.


Your equipment: Leopardo 2E, Centauro B1, VEC-M1.


Enemy equipment: T-72A, BTR60, Technicals.


Time limit: 90 mins.



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Played this 2 times in single player. I rate it 4 out of 5.


+ Cool unit mix, i enjoyed that! The spanish kit´s are more rare in scenarios.

+ Nice puzzle in a way, you want to use the things you are given to the fullest to make it work well. 

+ Good use of dynamic lighting, its getting dusk toward scenario end. Its not dark but enough so you notice it, a nice flavor element.

+ Very well manageable for single player, but probably also best in 2 player coop. 1:30h time limit great for bad multitasker like me :)


Why does it miss last star? (Spoilers, mainly for author) ->



- Funky spawn locations of some units, i took some high ground, and after some time i had a rifle unit spawn more or less right next to my units. They got cut down quick but it was a surprise. In total i noticed a few times units spawn in behind me, and sometimes quiet close to my units.

I imagine it was a well hidden unit and they ambush, so that is fine, but the execution, like how it was solved in the editor, was a bit frustrating knowing as player that units can just spawn on you, left a sour taste.


- T72 with 1993 ammo for african rebels? I guess this was done to give them a chance against Leo2E, and that is fine, but player expectations are that T72 are not sooo dangerous, i was quiet surprised that the first shot fired(in my first playthrough) by a T72 from 2000+m did "1 shot" a Leo2E(lower hull hit), that surprise me a lot, 2nd play i looked up what ammo they have and saw they have rather modern ammo for rebels, 1st time i did not even check.

In the end it is fine, my 2nd playthrough i use the precision ammo i did not use first time and also blind the T72´s with smoke, i kill them all with no Leo lost, and that was fun, but i would have wished that maybe it could be "signaled" to the player somehow that the T72´s do not fire the usual crap ammo but have something better, maybe the rebels stole a batch from a government convoy or something, so player does not try to brute force it and disregards all his other tools. Just an idea, give the player a slight hint or idea so he in turn thinks harder how to play more efficient, and not just try to maul the louse T72´s with Leo2E.


This 2 things take away the 5th star in my eyes, still that makes it a great and very enjoyable scenario in my book, just not perfect 5/5.

Thank you for the scenario!

Response from the author:

Thanks for the feedback mate


1) You are correct the enemy infantry who ambush are indeed supposed to be hiding in rocky terrain.


I had to do it that way because Steel Beasts has a ridiculously poor AI spotting model.  If they are spawned in at mission start they will be immediately spotted from over 3km away by your AI vehicles, and the ambush fails!


They will pop up quite realistically only if your vehicles are spotted in their kill zones.  In your case you were covering your vehicles well with infantry, good tactic!


2) I’m very glad that you learned your lesson :) I think my scenario is working as intended.. 


I want the player to use all assets wisely (in this case smoke and precision fires). A tank platoon going head on to a defending tank company (even old T72s) should always be avoided!   Also, did you consider hitting them from the flank?


Thanks for the review 👍

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