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The Defense of Ceuta 1.0.0

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By Connaugh


The government of Morocco has repeatedly called for Spain to transfer the sovereignty of Ceuta, drawing comparisons with Spain's territorial claim to Gibraltar.

The Spanish position is that Ceuta is an integral part of Spain, and has been since the 16th century, centuries prior to Morocco's independence from France in 1956,

whereas Gibraltar, being a British Overseas Territory, is not and never has been part of the United Kingdom.  Morocco has claimed the territory is a colony.

One of the chief arguments used by Morocco to reclaim Ceuta comes from geography, as this exclave, which is surrounded by Morocco and the Mediterranean Sea,

has no territorial continuity with the rest of Spanish territory.  This argument was originally developed by one of the founders of the Moroccan Istiqlal Party, Alal-El Faasi,

who openly advocated the Moroccan conquest of Ceuta and other territories under Spanish rule. 





 The Istiqlal party has gained control of the government of Morocco and has ordered Armored Forces to invade Ceuta to return it to Moroccan sovereignty.





Spanish forces are to defend Ceuta from invasion by Moroccan Forces.

The Torre de Francisco de Asis, Torre de Piniers and Puente Del Quemadero are to be held until they are considered untenable and forces are to retreat to Ceuta. The city of Ceuta is to be defended.




1st Platoon / 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment -          2 x Leopard 2A4

2nd Platoon/ 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment -         2 x Leopard 2A4

3rd Platoon / 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment -         2 x Leopard 2A4

1st Platoon / 2nd Spanish Legion Tercio                    2 x Centauros B1


54th Regulares Light Infantry with anti-tank weapons


Artillery of 2 batteries of 3 guns each.


Moroccan Forces include M60A3 tanks and M113A1 PC's.

Artillery is expected.


Mission Score dependent on controlling Ceuta at end of mission.


Unzip THE DEFENSE OF CEUTA and save in your Scenario Folder

Unzip CONNAUGH - CEUTA and save in your Maps Folder

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Tested if I could open this and I could.  However I noticed couple of things that may come as hiccups to unwary 


If you get error that your steelbeast is unable to find the map package


  1.   You may need to restart Steelbeast becauce  at the start Steelbeast Scans map folders to see what is available, and if you added map while your Steelbeast wasn't running that new map is not in the list.
  2.   It is possible to effectively hide Connaugh Ceuta to yet another folder named Connaugh Ceuta when unzipping if using option  "Unzip to folder Connaugh Ceuta"    Make sure you find  folloving contents when opening that folder and not yet another folder of same nameimage.png.85c96da20328ba74d9720a5ada251c5d.png
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