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CB11B The Crows Nest 1.0.0

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Just a small US M1A2 Mission nothing too flash, brief only in English, Hope you enjoy. 


    a) Enemy:
    The enemy have established positions along the opfor line as well as occupied 3 marked positions. Enemy positions include a HQ element. A LRP (Logistics Realese Point) 
    and a possible anti air position around the nort-west point of interest. Expect well defended positions with emplaced weapons anti-tank positions and vehicle emplacements.
    An estimate of how many units are in the area is unknown, expect vehicles in the range of: 
        -BTR 80 
        -BMP 2/3
        -BRDM 2 /AT
        -Emplaced DSHK
        -Emplaced AT positions

    b) Own:

Our Stance is relatively small with only 2 platoons in reserve, We require a quick but effective strike on the two marked enemy occupied positions to secure a good foothold before our assault on the enemy airfield tomorrow. although the north-west anti-air position is a high priority, as of now it is not mission critical. 

if possible locate and eliminate the Anti-air guns around grid 9564 5088.


    c) Composition
    -2x M1A2
    -2x M1A2
    -2x M2A2
    -2x M2A2
    -4x M113A3
    -4x M113A3
    -2x TOW HMMWV
    -2x TOW HMMWV
    d) Reserve requirement
    -4x M1A2
    -4x M2A2

    Mission plan and execution are up to the commander's discretion.
    Requirements for the success of this mission: 
        -All key vehicles and personnel in the two clearly marked enemy positions are eliminated.
        i) Fires: 
        -Arty 420x HE
        -Arty 120x Smoke

        ii) Additional assets: 
        - 1x Fuel Truck
        - 1x Ammo Truck
        - 1x Medical M113A3
        - 1x M113 Engineer

     -Friendly ID: On 
        -Map Contacts: Enabled


Nothing special, Hopefully there is nothing game breaking in this mission.


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All key vehicles and personnel in the two clearly marked enemy positions are eliminated.




"Clear enemy from both marked positions"


...I think either of these would be your "mission statement".


I'm looking forward to playing this.

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Nice concept and I had a blast getting through the disruption zone, however..


Scenario ended automatically early without warning before I got close to any objectives.

"MISSION OVER" messge!


I had hit the centre objective with heavy HE barrage destroying some units.


Send me a message if you want any pointers on the "end mission if" logic

Edited by ben
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