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Combat Power

6x DF30 (w/ Scout Teams)

2x Centauro

2x M1A2


a. Enemy. Enemy forces are defending the area with a Mechanized Company; three platoons of BMP-3 supported by a T-90 tank platoon. We expect a truck-mounted scout platoon operating between Phase Line AXE and Phase Line BLADE, with the main enemy defense positioned between PL BLADE and PL CUTLASS. The enemy has positioned a battery of SA-19s near the town of Datsk in order to protect their logistics node that is established the town of Zvodra.


b. Friendly. A Stryker Recon Troop is positioned forward, and is being supported by a section of M1A2 tanks. A US Combined Arms Battalion is following and will pass along Highway 8 as they continue the attack to the north. 


II. MISSION.     Attack to destroy the enemy logistics node near Zvodra


Concept. Attack to clear enemy armor and air defense 


        1. Clear enemy between PL BLADE and PL CUTLASS so follow on forces can pass through the area unhindered
        2. Destroy enemy Air Defense Artillery north of PL BLADE to enabled aviation assets to operate in the are freely.
        3. Destroy the Enemy Support Area with Aviation and Artillery Assets


        2x 120mm Mortars
        4x 155mm Guns (216 HE / 180 SMK)
        2x MLRS (en route)
        6x 155mm Guns (en route)
        2x AH64 will arrive once the area is clear of enemy air defense artillery


    Assets: Resupply & Medical


    Friendly ID: On
    Map Contacts: Enabled
    Overhead View: On

Edited by Apocalypse 31

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


Updated Balance

Improved AI pathing / fixed retreating cues

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