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Combat Power:

3x3 CR2 Platoons

2x2 Recon Section (Pizzaro/proxy)


I. Situation

    Friendly forces are currently set to the east of Imarat, postured to attack to seize key terrain that will enable follow-on forces a swift transition through the area, along Highway 5 and Highway 2. We have detected a reinforced enemy mechanized infantry company defending the area, with BMP-3, T-90 tanks, and a truck-mounted scout platoon forward. We have detected enemy scouts operating between PL BRONZE and PL PLATINUM, with small teams and ATGM trucks, and we suspect platoon-sized disruption forces to be positioned between PL SILVER and PL BRONZE, with their main defensive force around the town of Chaman. 
II. Mission:  Attack to seize OBJ BULL no later than H+90 minutes to enable follow-on forces freedom of movement.


III. Execution

    a. Seize OBJ BULL (60)
    b. Preseve Combat Power for follow-on operations (40)


    Fires: 155mm are allocated as direct support (288 HE/240 SMK)


IV. Support.     Organic medical and supply assets are on hand


V. Signal
    Friendly ID: On
    Map Updates: Enabled
    Overhead View: On


Edited by Apocalypse 31

What's New in Version 3   See changelog


Improved AI logic on OBJ Bull (they will retreat when things get bad, instead of just sitting there)

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Excellent COY(+) UK team in the attack. The scenario is well balanced around a present day UK force in the attack on a sizeable 'Donovian' (Russian style) defence. The enemy AI is scripted to be highly reactive making it a good challenge for repeat attempts or to ease you into dynamic decision making at a manageable scale! This would be an excellent small scale COOP session or a slightly longer more thought out SP experience.

I will now briefly describe my experience avoiding spoiling the surprises found in the scenario. My overall concept was to make contact with the enemy main defensive effort before using fires to suppress them while simultaneously fixing them using one line of attack while breaking through on the other. This worked well despite the well scripted ENY making it difficult to simply steam roll the enemy!

I fully recommend this SCE to anyone looking to test themselves in a manageable environment while not possessing total overmatch in regards to combat power. 

(plan shown in image)


Response from the author:

Fig, glad you liked it. We'll have to run through it one day in COOP. 


Also thanks for posting your plan. I think this is helpful for other players who might be intimidated by the size of the scenario. 

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Difficulty: This mission can present a challenge, and presents moments where you have to deviate from your initial plan. Massing and synchronization of your available forces and effects is essential to win while preserving enough combat power to achieve a major victory. Weight for scoring is well established and laid out, with 60 points allocated to the seizure of Objective Bull, and 40 points for overall combat power at 100%. The enemy responds in a dynamic manner to your plan, and will adjust to fight you. You absolutely must do some form of planning to achieve a major victory here. Difficulty can be adjusted to become easier through the use of AVEPs on the BLUEFOR side, though this skew the scenario's balance in favor of BLUEFOR.

[ ] Easy
[X] Medium
[ ] Hard
[ ] Kobayashi Maru

Duration: This mission took me approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes total, with a split of around 1 hour for total planning time, and 45 minutes for execution. Allocated time for execution is 90 minutes for seizure of Objective Bull, so this could conceivably last for longer than 2 hours if more time is spent on planning, or execution to meet the overall objective. Time allowed for execution is sufficient, but may be a problem if there is not a synchronized maneuver plan created by the player.

[ ] Less than 30 minutes
[ ] 30 Minutes to 1 Hour
[X] 1 to 2 Hours
[ ] Longer than 2 Hours

Balance: Balance of forces is excellent, with the BLUEFOR's numerical advantage offset by OPFOR's defensive plan, engineering efforts, and flexibility in responding to your actions. BLUEFOR's Challenger 2s, and Pizarros are excellently mated with the OPFOR's T-90s and BMP-3s. Employment, mass, and synchronization of all of your assets are essential to defeating the OPFOR. The enemy never felt undefeatable, while BLUEFOR definitely had to position forces appropriately to exploit the enemy's vulnerabilities.

[ ] Favors BLUEFOR
[ ] Favors OPFOR
[X] Favors Neither

Overall: This mission forces you to understand the terrain you are fighting in, the enemy's capabilities and limitations, and requires a well synchronized plan to achieve success. This is definitely manageable by a single player, though I wouldn't recommend it for your first company-level scenario. This is a good candidate for co-op without a server license with up to eight players controlling Platoon Leader/Platoon Sergeant, and Company Commander position. The terrain you fight in within this scenario is both scenic and interesting, and will slow your tempo if not properly analyzed. Engagements are immersive and possibly even stressful, with the enemy forcing you to make decisions while under direct and indirect fire. This is not a "beer and pretzels" scenario experience if you are gunning to get that Major Victory. Overall, this is an excellent scenario that does a great job showcasing what a UK Armored Company Team is capable of achieving when faced with a modern "Donovian-style" Mechanized OPFOR threat. Absolutely recommended.

[ ] Awful - A Waste of Your Time
[ ] Bad - Significant Design Flaws
[ ] Average - Limited Replayability
[ ] Good - Worth a Download
[X] Excellent - A Benchmark Scenario; Must Download and Play

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