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Combat Power:

3x3 CR2 Platoons

2x2 Recon Section (Pizzaro/proxy)


I. Situation

    Friendly forces are currently set to the east of Imarat, postured to attack to seize key terrain that will enable follow-on forces a swift transition through the area, along Highway 5 and Highway 2. We have detected a reinforced enemy mechanized infantry company defending the area, with BMP-3, T-90 tanks, and a truck-mounted scout platoon forward. We have detected enemy scouts operating between PL BRONZE and PL PLATINUM, with small teams and ATGM trucks, and we suspect platoon-sized disruption forces to be positioned between PL SILVER and PL BRONZE, with their main defensive force around the town of Chaman. 
II. Mission:  Attack to seize OBJ BULL no later than H+90 minutes to enable follow-on forces freedom of movement.


III. Execution

    a. Seize OBJ BULL (60)
    b. Preseve Combat Power for follow-on operations (40)


    Fires: 155mm are allocated as direct support (288 HE/240 SMK)


IV. Support.     Organic medical and supply assets are on hand


V. Signal
    Friendly ID: On
    Map Updates: Enabled
    Overhead View: On


Edited by Apocalypse 31

What's New in Version 2   See changelog


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