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Day of Decision 1.0.0

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Day of Decision
by Apocalypse

01 APR 25
0700 HRS


Once again, tensions are quickly rising along the Atropian/Donovian border. A recent border disput (yet again) has caused the Donovian National Command Authority to direct the Southern Army to re-position combat power along the Donovian/Atropian border. Combat forces from the 80th Mechanized Division are staged near the town of Badakhashon with the mission of smashing through the border to allow follow-on forces to exploit the gap into Atropia. Our forces as scattered and are slowly moving into defensive positions. Your company is on a rotation near the border - it was your last week before going home for a few weeks of R&R, but you're first and only line of defense against the Donovian wave. 


Your tank company is currently staged behind Hill 474 and the Samagen Heights. You have access to Highway 4 which runs across the border and directly to Badakhashon. It is the most likely avenue in which the 80th Division will attack through. You also have a platoon of Brigade scouts set in a screen across the border. They are lightly equipped but have exceptional observation posts that will provide you with plenty of early warning. 


We expect the 80th Division to attack with the 801 Mechanized Brigade as the first echelon. However, we also expect the 801st to be augmented with tanks from the 804th Tank Brigade and artillery from 805th Field Artillery Brigade. Behind the 801st will follow the 802nd and 803rd Mechanized Brigades.



    Defend along Highway 4 for two hours - allow friendly forces to reach defensive positions to your rear area (main battle area) and prevent the enemy from achieving decisive success along the border. 



    Array your company at defensive positions to intercept the enemy that will approach along Highway 4. Brigade scouts will provide early warning to the east. However, we shouldn't expect any further assets to enter our area of operations. Hold your position for two hours to allow friendly forces to move into their defensive battle positions to our rear (west) and then be prepared to retrograde from the area. 



    All units are fully resupplied, and the company maintains two organic resupply vehicles as well as our medical evacuation vehicle. 



    Friendly ID: On
    Map Contacts: Enabled
    Overhead View: On

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Difficulty: This is possibly the hardest mission that I have ever played for Steel Beasts. I found myself having to switch from a hasty defense into a full on delay, based on the sheer number of enemy assets being sent towards you. The enemy's COA is exceptionally devious. I won't spoil any surprises, but you need to be an expert to even hope to survive. 

[ ] Easy
[ ] Medium
[ ] Hard
[X] Kobayashi Maru

Duration: This mission took me around 1 hour to plan and 2 hours to execute, and believe me, you will be counting down the seconds until this mission is over, saving you from the sweaty mess that you will have become. While it lasted me a good three hours, it seemed like even more due to how stressed out I was during the entirety of this. I'd book an entire afternoon or evening solely for this mission to get the maximum level of enjoyment. 

[ ] Less than 30 minutes
[ ] 30 Minutes to 1 Hour
[ ] 1 to 2 Hours
[X] Longer than 2 Hours

Balance: The 801st, 802nd, and even the 803rd are coming at you with the latest and greatest T-90 and BMP-3 fleet, and absolutely outnumber you by 5:1, and in some cases, 9:1. It will take every ounce of your skill and well being to just try to hold on and survive. While you can request reinforcements, they are an absolute necessity to surviving this Donovian onslaught. The enemy additionally has superior CCA, and Fires, so you are gonna be on the struggle bus hardcore for this entire operation.

[ ] Favors BLUEFOR
[X] Favors OPFOR
[ ] Favors Neither

Overall: This mission put all ten years of my skill and experience to the test, and then some! Apocalypse has created a masochistic masterpiece with this one. If you want to experience the closest thing to a waking nightmare possible within the Steel Beasts framework, this is the mission to do it with! I was kept on my toes for the entire mission, especially with having to hold the enemy off in their northern avenue of approach, which was some of the most intense tank on tank combat I have ever experienced! 10/10, would recommend if you want to face the ultimate challenge! Be warned: this is NOT for the faint of heart!

[ ] Awful - A Waste of Your Time
[ ] Bad - Significant Design Flaws
[ ] Average - Limited Replayability
[ ] Good - Worth a Download
[X] Excellent - A Benchmark Scenario; Must Download and Play

Response from the author:

My Review of This Review


Good review points, laid out in a easy-to-follow format. Each paragraph was specific and precisely targeted towards an individual aspect of the game. The author also used personal experience within his story to help readers connect better, as well as follow-on recommendations for the original author. 


Overall: 5/5 - Would read another one of his reviews again

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I believed it, and again and again, restart and restart .... ho my god...

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Near Peer Simulations

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I was a medic, have little knowledge when it comes to armor and tactics related to them. I found the mission to be a great learning point in the lesson of how to get messed up like a football bat. Alternatively, I could be a soup sandwich, or a monkey trying to...

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very funny joke,april's fools day

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was gearing up for a well thought out mission.........then BAM!!!!!!,lol.

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