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Snow White 3.0.0

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    a) Russian forces have surrounded Fox Company. They are currently engaged in battle, consisting of a regimental reconnaissance company and 2x Enemy Tank Platoons. Expect enemy reinforcements as soon as twenty minutes from H Hour in the form of;
     1x Tank Company (T-72 Variant Unknown)
    1x Mechanized Infantry Company
    1x Motorized Infantry Company

     - Intelligence indicates Russian reinforcements from the East

    b) Fox Company is encircled in the town North of your initial deployment zone. You have a Leopard 2A6 company with a BMP Platoon at your disposal. 

    c) Attached assets include mechanized scouts and UAV support.  Artillery x3 Batteries. 540 HE, 216 Smoke, 540 ICM. FASCAM/CAS Unavailable. 

        Priorities of Fire; F Co,  A Co ----- TRPs have been marked for priority fire missions. 

2) MISSION: Time is critical in your tasking. You must break through the enemy screen in order to reinforce Fox Company. Failure to hold the town will result in the user's failure of the mission, regardless of statistics. Russians are commencing an assault on Fox Company and can be expected to attempt to overwhelm within the first few minutes. 

3) EXECUTION: Player's Discretion. 

4) NOTES: 

    a) This is meant to be a harder mission for veteran players. It is currently being tested. Please give feedback to Rooks And Kings, and help me tune it appropriately to a challenging, yet fair experience for the Steel Beasts Community. 

    Good Luck and Enjoy!


What's New in Version 3.0.0   See changelog


Apoc Edits

-added 3x CATK objectives for the player  // changed scoring so that you get a victory for defending, but MV for seizing CATK OBJs
-removed ending
-replaced T72M4s with T72B3s
-added trenches to the defense objective
-removed all the RU XO/CO fireteams (save space) and consolidated fireteams into squads



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