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The Smell of Cordite and Kahwes in the Morning 2.1.0

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The Syrian Army is setting up blocking positions along the Suran-Hama Highway. One such defensive position is getting assembled near the towns of Barissa-Sarjah. To protect ENY engineers, a Company of T-72M1s plus a Company of Motorized Infantry is operating in the area. The ENY's likely course of action is to take hasty defensive positions in order to deny our forces from access and control of the Barissa-Sarjah area of operations. Due to the early stages of the defensive effort, the ENY has no indirect or air support to conduct operations in the Barissa-Sarjah area. 

You are in command of Company A of a Russian Army Tactical Battalion Group. Your forces are composed of one platoon of T-72B3s and two platoons of BTR82As. Some elements of a reconnaissance platoon have recently arrived and are at your disposal. Their assets include a reconnaissance drone and one Swingblade loitering munition. A battery of 2S3 Akatsiya can provide HE, ICM and smoke indirect fire missions. 2 FASCAM missions are available from Battalion HQ.


Your mission is to control OBJ Buratino and OBJ Tarhun in order to keep the operational tempo and to create favorable conditions for follow up forces moving towards Hama via the Suran-Hama Highway.


What's New in Version 2.1.0


This is version 2.1 of the scenario. Thanks to Apocalypse31 and Mirzayev for their feedback and suggestions. A special thanks to Apocalypse31 for mission edits (randomization of ENY forces initial deployment and courses of action, conditions for mission's end and map unit's symbology).


What is new in version 2.1:
-New unit symbology and an extension of the original maneuver graphics
-An area of deployment (TAA Chernogolovka) for increased flexibility in initial own troops disposition
-Variable initial deployment of some of the ENY forces to increase replayability
-Additional variable ENY courses of action for some of the maneuver units to increase replayability
-Messages will appear when OBJ areas are under control
-The mission will end when OBJ Buratino is under control and ENY forces are not in contact. SPECIAL NOTE: the mission will end if OBJ Buratino is under control and ENY forces are not in contact elsewhere. For example, the player may control OBJ Buratino and not be in contact with forces at OBJ Tarhun or elsewhere and the mission will end. This simulates the high tempo of operations demanded from a Russian tactical battalion group. In this case, the player will earn a victory without controlling OBJ Tarhun, but will earn a lesser score

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Apocalypse 31

   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

A nicely made and small-scale mission showcasing the new toys of 4.3, overlaid with a very reasonable mission that challenges your employment of said tools.


I enjoyed that I actually had to perform recon and be selective with how I employed my attack-drone. At one point I was using all of my recon assets (2x drones + dismounts) to try and gain a detailed understanding of the enemy before I arrayed my forces and committed.


I believe that I located 2nd Company of T72 tanks - as indicated in the order. (nicely done!) and was able to apply ICM and destroy them before they could enter the fight


My only feedback:

The mission doesn't end nor does it ever indicate that you're completed the objectives. I was just waiting for something to happen. I'd recommend scripting events for the objectives and an End event that ends the mission. I did score a major victory in the end 250/250, but it would be nice for the player to know when its over.


Some Spice:

Randomize the placement of the enemy tank defenders / tank Coy - this would add a ton of replayability! I'd love to play this one again, but now knowing the location of enemy high value targets would spoil it. 


Response from the author:

Hello and thanks for playing. Also thanks for taking the time to review.


I will work on the suggestions you gave. My handling of the editor is not that good, even after all these years.




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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

Difficulty: A fairly straightforward mission: clear two objectives of enemy presence. You've got sufficient forces to accomplish both, and a little bit of planning will go a long way. Difficulty can be subjective: I'm going with easy overall IF you properly employ the assets that you have available with advantageous terrain. Failure to do so elevates it to "Medium" quickly. The T-72B3 is the bright shiny object here to serve as the proverbial hammer, but don't neglect employing your BRDM-2s to identify *how* the enemy has established his defense, and how you can exploit it. The Swingblade 600 is also fun to play with, but don't neglect the recon capabilities that it offers you. 

[X] Easy
[ ] Medium
[ ] Hard
[ ] Kobayashi Maru

Duration: Completion fell in around the 45 minute mark with some creative maneuver involved. I could definitely see this mission taking over the hour mark, depending on the player's tempo. 

[ ] Less than 30 minutes
[X] 30 Minutes to 1 Hour
[ ] 1 to 2 Hours
[ ] Longer than 2 Hours

Balance: BLUEFOR is slightly favored in this mission based on the enablers available to you (Recon, Swingblade 600, T-72B3, plenty of artillery.) You aren't an unstoppable juggernaut where you can just rush in and expect to win, but you've got enough to handily do the job *if* you use all of your available assets appropriately. 

[X] Favors BLUEFOR
[ ] Favors OPFOR
[ ] Favors Neither

Overall: Definitely a good mission that highlights the "big ticket" items introduced in version 4.3. The mission set feels plausible, and there is definitely some fun to be had with tackling some of the tactical problems that present themselves in the scenario 


(such as conducting flank attacks to clear trenches, firing HE rounds into buildings to clear them, creative employment of artillery, and maneuvering off where the enemy "thinks" you will go)

without feeling overwhelming. 100% worth a download and a playthrough.


[ ] Awful - A Waste of Your Time
[ ] Bad - Significant Design Flaws
[ ] Average - Limited Replayability
[X] Good - Worth a Download
[ ] Excellent - A Benchmark Scenario; Must Download and Play


Feedback: I would recommend the following changes to take this scenario from "good" to "excellent:"

1. Place a deployment zone to enable the player to remount troops, change formations and spacing, etc. Size can be dependent on how much freedom you want to give the player in regard to deploying his forces.

2. Add events on the blue side to signal when objectives are considered captured. This'll give some needed feedback to the player on if they have completed that task.


3. I would give an alternate trigger to the counter-attacking/reinforcing 2x tank platoons as opposed to just time-based. Perhaps if the player has X number of IFVs on OBJ BURATINO it triggers, for example.

4. It *might* be helpful to trigger the 2x tank platoons to have a spawn-if condition tied to their counter-attack if the desire is for the player to not be able to identify them prior to their 50 minute movement "trigger" and kill them with ICM.

5. Add an event that ends the mission; a radio message to the player telling them they are successful would also be helpful so they know they are successful. It removes the "guesswork."

6. The Swingblade is fun, but due to the low quality it *might* be useful to give it a specific high-value target to hit. Destroying an enemy HQ in the town could activate an event that causes certain elements (as mentioned under the spoiler) to arrive much later, or not arrive at all, for example. 


Anyway, a good mission overall. I look forward to some updates and some of your future work. 

Response from the author:

Thank you very much for taking the time to play this scenario and for the very detailed review. I will embark into editing a second version with all the feedback.





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