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Finnish Mechanised Battlegroup - attack 1.1

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About This File

Play as Leopard 2A6 platoon leader as part of Finnish Mechanised Battlegroup.

Fight a meeting engagement with Russian mechanised battalion in semi forested terrain.

Platoon sized mission Perfect for single player or co-op.


Enemy: T-72b3, BMP-2
Friendly: Leopard 2A6, CV9030-FIN

difficulty: medium / hard


The terrain can be restricting and the battle position not the greatest, its Finland after all...


if you're having trouble opening the scenario use the mission editor to 'replace' the map. Search for map Kouvostoliitto.
You may have different version of the map on your system, but the scenario should work with it as well.

In case what's listed above doesnt work and you dont have the map, download it below and then do the replacing process.


Map as as .rar file in case you dont have it, extract it wherever your maps folder is located, usually
C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages

Kouvostoliitto Finland 50x50km.rar

Edited by Maic

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


Fixed some bugs found in mission


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2 hours ago, F.T said:

Can you provide the map file(Kouvostoliitto Finland 50x50km )?

added. I thought it comes with the base game because as far as I remember I've always had it

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1 hour ago, Maic said:

added. I thought it comes with the base game because as far as I remember I've always had it

Thank you so much! I don't know why this map isn't in my software.

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10 minutes ago, mpow66m said:

I did that 1st,map pakg is in the MTT but for some reason doesnt recognize it.

Very very odd. Can't really help further with this unfortunately. Sounds like a bug.

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I had the same problem with the map. Querying for it in-game or entering 8baa3d95-7289-4af4-8548-a7346a2ad505 in the Transfer Manager brings back "Package Not Found."

I looked in my maps/packages folder and found I already had a map with the same name: Kouvostoliitto Finland 50x50km, a delta of Kouvola (50x50km) [autocreated base].
So I did the "Replace Map" function in the Mission Editor, and it loaded and looks fine.


Is it possible maybe the author has used an edited version of the Kouvostoliitto map ... saved with the same name but now with a different UID? The scenerio is looking for a different UID than the Kouvostoliito map on my drive.


I don't know the UID of the version offered as an attachment by the OP above, but, as I said, the one on my drive, part of the original installation -- UID 41537f18-8f1f-4f1c-bc2a-60dfd1e4cd62 -- works when I use that one instead. Don't know if I'm missing any edited differences. I haven't had a chance to play the .sce yet.

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