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  2. Big thanks to the team. Really looking forward to the finished product.
  3. I have an idea for next Sundays scenario... BUT ... Any chance anyone have a SB map of Khafji Saudiarabia? OR know where I can find one?
  4. Make no mistake, "polishing the legacy" is pretty painful for the team as well. If we didn't have a customer base to maintain, starting from scratch would make a lot of things a lot easier. The problem is, when you start developing an entirely new product category for a market that doesn't exist yet, you can't know where you'll eventually end up, so you can't know which mistakes to avoid. In a way that's a luxury problem in that you have to be successful in the first place to face the consequences of a legacy design that isn't so easy to adapt as if you had implemented a more flexible, easier to maintain code base from the start. But what's easy to maintain is something that you usually identify only in hindsight. And if you create "the perfect software architecture" first, you may run out of money before you have a marketable product, or you might come too late. Luxury problem or not, it's still a problem, even if it beats the alternative.
  5. Agreed. Anyway we'll see what the votes are - who knows, they maybe scope to run it "soon" (May / June) in 4.023 and later (October) in 4.1x? Guess we'll now in a week.
  6. Has there ever been a release thats not 😛 Anyway...I have all fingers crossed that it will run ok even with ze bugs...also until 5th of october(provided release goes as planned) is a good timespann to: get used to new features...learn bug workarounds...of have a patch if need be
  7. I know - that's why I wrote "If Option 3 is selected the activity is likely to run in SB Pro PE 4.1.x." You're also assuming its not riddled with bugs, etc.
  8. Oh I didn't offer because you asked for one and received an offer before I read the thread. If you want multiple testers then happy to help too.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I like your strategy of constantly polishing the legacy stuff and I think it's kept SBProPE reliable as a product and reassuring to its fans. With the upcoming update, you are addressing some things I think were becoming graphically dated, and also addressing some badly needed functionality in the map editor. With these items fixed, and a few more Cold-War era vehicles 🤞, personally I could accept SB as a "finished" product. Keep up the good work! 👍
  10. Thanks Nike-Ajax. PM on the way. 4 eyes are better then 2
  11. @Mirzayev Latest from HQ: "In light of your mission requirements, and availability of other assets, then you have been assigned with 2 x Bieber Bridgelayers for optional use at your discretion. Be advised that the Combat Engineers have stated that there seems to be multiple possible natural crossingpoints of the waterway to the east of your present position, without the need for fording equipment."
  12. You shall be missed: I hope you spend the time on something well-earned like a good holiday.
  13. Tell me if you need another set of hands
  14. Thanks to the programmers and testers. Fingers crossed
  15. 05.10.19 is best suited for me. Also this would be after the planned 4.xx release...and this will give much more interessting gameplay
  16. Thanks for the updated state of things Ssnake, looking forward to all the new goodness incoming ASAP 😊 Good care <S>
  17. Received. I'll be able to provide feedback by this weekend. The week is fairly swamped with "fun" activities.
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