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  2. This one from Ssnake’s collected works made me laugh 😂 ... „Fixed bug #5909; politely asked to troops to die in buildings with more style, and not stick their limbs through walls“
  3. There's still a patch to build and to test. We're not delaying things just to torture you, as much appeal as the thought may have.
  4. We will change those dimensions in a future upgrade - naturally, at the expense of making them less effective. For a lot of munitions I had to estimate/interpolate, so I trimmed the targeted areas to make the rounds roughly similar in effect. You don't find data for everything. Now that here is something reliable, well, wel'll see a differentiation in effect (which IMO is a plus, the kind of development that I hoped we would trigger by switching to the new system). And Yes, 88 subminitions.
  5. Enough read. NOW RELEASE THAT DAMN THING! 😁😁😁
  6. I notice the sub-munition dispersion area for the M483A1 DPICM is slightly different than what the school house at Fort Sill teaches (accepting that in reality; sub-munition dispersion area and pattern changes with range, distribution of the sub-munitions is not uniform across the effective area, and there is a dud rate). Does Steel Beasts ~model (or abstract) 88 sub-munitions within the dispersion area?
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  8. Not gonna lie, that new particle system is awesome sauce!
  9. Big thank you for beta-testers! You have done awesome work by finding so many bugs! I am confident that we will have a very enjoyable version of Steelbeast waiting. Thank you guys! Thank you Esimgames, looks like there is one hellish awesome version of Steelbeast on its way!
  10. Indeed. This is probably going to be one of the most significant upgrades in long time, enough to dever its own number. However I believe it is already way to late to change the designation
  11. Naming the release 5.0 would be appropriate.
  12. Ok makes sense now, thanks. Just the way it was worded in the release notes
  13. Commander can override in both (Normal and Emergency modes)FCS modes by just grabbing his palm switch. Both Commander and Gunner Handles are in the same communication loop.
  14. Just curious about this: • Fixed bug #5745; all M1 series tanks now require to switch to Emergency fire control mode for the CDR to control the turret
  15. Fully intend to once i have downloaded 4.1 I will print out the section. and go through the changes (roll on the 29th)
  16. You should spend most time studying the changes in the user interface.
  17. Ooookayyy... here we go. Your assumption is correct; the reason the checkmark is show is a. to make it more obvious, and b. because when uninstalling Steel Beasts 4.0 the "options file" will remain, and with it your old preferences. In summary: Yes, you should consider enabling the use of navmesh routes by default, both in the Mission Editor and in the Planning/Execution phases. Yes, you should consider opening legacy scenarios to replace the old style navmesh (done automatically) and then save the scenario in the new format. The user manual describes, I think, a config file (for which we don't yet have an in-application option to edit it, maybe with the October patch) which contains several network addresses that Steel Beasts will automatically query (so you don't have to do anything, initially). If you want to set up your own map package server (highly recommended in a closed military network (that is, when thinking about the 4.2 classroom version)) we'll provide you with the meands to do so; in that case the XML config file needs to be adapted to use your own network servers (whether preferentially or exclusively is up to you). The Map Download Manager contains an extensive Help page (the blue circular icon with a question mark in it) which hopefully answers all questions I can see now how the impression of out-of-sequence placement of the reference images could be created (it actually is the result of shortening redundant text passages). Nevertheless, I think that the text itself is relatively unambiguous and in any case it will provide you enough clues to figure things out with two or three test cases. That may reflect my status as a naive German with the asscociated limited command of the English language. So "was" would probably have been the better choice (although the picture is not entirely black and white; the more modern a graphics card is, the more powerful it is, the more RAM it has the bigger will be the gains in framerate - older models on the other hand may not always see improvements, so what I wanted to say was that many (if not most) users will see framerate improvements over 4.0 in most cases, sometimes even dramatic improvements, but it very much depends on the scene, the CPU load and other factors so I didn't want to create the impression that improvements are guaranteed for everybody). OK "computer-controlled" is not "computer owned" but rather to be understood synonymous to "AI controlled" (I just don't like the use of "AI" because sure as hell it's artificial, but very often not very intelligent) Here we go. This is limited to DPICM (cluster) munitions with a specific covered area; but that still doesn't mean that they are absolutely identical in their effect on the ground, the O-23 sure as hell isn't, all others are with no less performance than 25% from the "227mm M26 gold standard": 152mm O-23 DPICM: 145 x 90m² 155mm M483A1 DPICM: 75 x 40m² 122mm M-42 ICM: 30 x 20m² 122mm M-42D ICM: 30 x 16m² 122mm M335 DPICM: 45 x 20m² 122mm Type83 DPICM: 45 x 25m² (a future round) 220mm 9M27K1 ICM: 75 x 35m² 227mm Rocket ICM M26: 200 x 100m² 227mm Rocket ICM M26A1: 200 x 100m² 227mm Rocket M30 GMLRS-ICM: 160 x 80m² Blast effects are modelled, yes. Not sure what kind of an effect you expect on ERA since these do not form a HEAT jet...? I believe it does, at least, I have no reason to believe that it doesn't. But I don't remember testing this personally. Shhh, comrade. (yes, it does) The exchange students have been held up in transit, and will be redirected to another unit. Now stop asking questions.
  18. Great work guys The bug fixes are particularly impressive. Like most guys i went straight for the new vehicles added munitions etc. But bug fixes are just as important.
  19. 11. Page 28: " BTR-50:oSoldiers #19 and #20 were elected to participate in a new Siberian student exchange program" Does that mean its capacity has been reduced?
  20. 10. Page 26: Concertina wire obstacles are now available as line object Does this apply to all the current types of concertina wire?
  21. 9. Page 23 (and 19/20): APS. Similar to the main armament, are the blast effects of these (and perhaps ERA too) modelled as well?
  22. 8. Page 20: Apart from the information for the 152mm and the M26 / M26A1, do you have a listing for the number of rounds required for the impact areas specified? e.g. 152mm 145 x 90. Requires 9 rounds M26 / M26A1 200 x 100 per single rocket But say the M483A1 DPICM (155mm Howitzer): 75 x 40m² requires ??? rounds
  23. 7. Page 18: Civilian vehicles, even if member of a hostile party, will be exempt from computer-controlled units firing at them if they are not equipped with a mounted weapon (Tech-nicals), or if the passengers are clearly visible (motorcycle). Can I just clarify, does " computer-controlled" mean units that have been placed under the computers ownership on the Mission Editor, or does it mean a player owned vehicle that the AI is currently looking after because the player is currently elsewhere (perhaps in a different vehicle in that platoon). Effectively the player needs to be in a given vehicle (I guess F7 or F6) for that vehicle to fire on any enemy civilian vehicle (even if its a HVT)?
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