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  2. Hmm. Might make me reinstall arma3
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  4. In the scenario editor it would be nice to have some form of vehicle information card/panel, with armour, armament, weight, speed etc. I know the information is around on the WIKI and elsewhere, but it would be helpful when designing scenarios (and the maps for them) to have all that info at your fingertips. Something akin to the attached image, but with less/more relevant data
  5. Congrats. Hope you get some sleep in the next few months.
  6. 19 APR scenario: Border Dispute 2013-4010-MAD SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Draft? Yes. Random CO selection? Yes. NOTES: Avoid studying the enemy's side; only gather intel from the briefing and exposed enemy unit icons (enemy intel), and briefly looking over both sides to figure out which one you want to CO. Anything beyond that ruins the fog of war element. To avoid passwords, open the scenario in Network Session as HOST and choose the side you want to play and go to planning phase. You may briefly look at both sides like this to see which side you want to play or CO on. As CO, once you choose a side, go to that side and create your plan. Remember to play within the TGIF House Rules and SB.com community rules. Border_Dispute_2013-4010-MAD.zip
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  8. thanks for the news! the more Cold War the better, insta buy for me
  9. Jaguar

    Tactical FPS

    Yep, IL-2 BOS is a MUST in VR. It's a fantastic experience. Now, how about this one? http://vira.design/index.php/portfolio/82-interactive-spaces/181-steel-beasts
  10. Naaaa he was just trying out how it felt as the police had a stand 5 m from us 😁 MD
  11. Arrested by a cop in a manbun is embarrassing !
  12. You wanted pics (sorry about the blur but i had to be fast and not to obvious): Look how big the hall is and how small the girl is: Year the one with the red hair And in other news Dr. hat was arrested and taken away: Or he has a dream of getting handcuffs on by the nice police lady and getting manhandled by her. Best regards From Copenhagen games Nike-Ajax / MD and the rest of the crew
  13. Guess not. Thanks Dboy for dropping by. I guess TGIF is the next option.
  14. I would happily volunteer to help run a stand at any UK events. If it helps I've got a XXXXL Cat Woman suit if that helps on the Cosplay front too
  15. You can clearly see that the winter in Denmark wassent very harsh 😖
  16. I am not entirely certain if that wouldnt scare off the paying customers... ? 😝 Also some of the Cosplayers today: Not entirely sure what the second from the left has in the ways of Superpowers ... Something that involves food maybe? But the ones on the and left flank are tasty
  17. October 9th - IDF 143rd armored division battles: IDF Chief of the General Staff rebukes the Southern Command CO and the division COs for their poor performance and orders to hold positions, engage at long range and to postpone any further offensive. However, attempts to extract the IDF men from the besieged strongholds are approved. The dissatisfied and mistrusting 143rd armored division CO, who wishes to maintain the offensive initiative and to regain the lost grounds, resorts to active mobile defense tactics. Accordingly, in addition to the successful Purqan stronghold men extraction, the 143rd division battles the Egyptian 16th infantry division over Hamutal, Makhshir and Televiziya, in order to "stabilize the line" and to support the extraction, and takes heavy losses. OTOH, the Egyptians fail again to take Hamadiyah. Right - morning: IDF 600th armored brigade assaults southern Makhshir (Kathib Abu Tarabush) from the SE with its 410th armored battalion, but the assault is repelled. The IDF battalion CO is wounded, so as the brigade XO sent to replace him. The map mistakenly depicts the Egyptian 112th brigade as deployed on Kathib Abu Tarabush in addition to Abu Waqfa and Kathib Al-Khayl, while the Egyptian battalion at Kathib Abu Tarabush is actually from the 3rd mechanized infantry brigade. In order to cover the Purqan men extraction, the IDF 421st armored brigade (264th, 599th & 257th armored battalions) assaults the Egyptian battalion at Abu Waqfa (112th infantry brigade) and engages the Egyptian 4th infantry brigade forces at Nozel. The 599th battalion misidentifies Kathib Al-Khayl, which is defended by the two other Egyptian 112th brigade battalions, as Abu Waqfa (the 198th battalion did the same mistake on the day before), takes heavy losses in close range engagements (Egyptian infantrymen climb on the M48s who try to run them over) and retreats. The map mistakenly depicts the 599th as attacking Abu Waqfa. IDF Purqan stronghold men retreat eastwards on foot and meet the extraction force (3 M48s & 5 M113s from the 14th armored brigade, including the brigade CO and the 184th battalion CO tanks) at Ghard As-Samar, south of Nozel. After 3 M113s are lost, the 33 Purqan men hang onto the 184th battalion CO tank and reach safely to Israeli lines. In addition to its battalion at Kathib Abu Tarabush, the other Egyptian 3rd mechanized infantry brigade forces are at the northern part of Missouri (around At-Talia) and at Televiziya. The brigade (BTR-50s & T-55s) assaults Hamadiyah, reaches zero range but repelled by the IDF 409th armored battalion (600th armored brigade) with heavy losses, including its CO. The map mistakenly attributes this assault to the Egyptian 14th armored brigade, which had crossed the canal but is still at the 16th infantry division's rear. IDF 407th armored battalion (600th armored brigade) stays at Kishuf. A downsized company takes observation position at the previously-unmanned Horvah second-line post. Egyptian 16th infantry brigade is on the 16th division southern flank, around Kafr Al-Gala'a (known by the IDF as The Chinese Farm, code named Amir). IDF Matzmed stronghold men surrender to its forces. IDF 500th (162nd armored division) & 14th armored brigades park at the rear, west of At-Tasa. The 14th brigade CO decides to reflag the 196th armored battalion (which includes remnants from the 79th armored battalion) as the 79th armored battalion, in light of the honorable battle heritage of the 79th (established in 1948 as the first IDF armored battalion with halftracks and White scout cars, re-established in 1965 as the first IDF M48 battalion). When Lapidot hears about this, he flags his own TF (part of the 460th brigade, 162nd division) as the 196th armored battalion. IDF 143rd armored division HQ is at At-Tasa, along with the 424th infantry reconnaissance battalion, which is tasked with hunting down single Egyptian forward artillery observers behind the Israeli line. Off the map, Hizayon stronghold is taken by the Egyptian 2nd infantry division forces. IDF evacuate Botzer stronghold, although it was only attacked by artillery. Left - after noon: IDF 500th armored brigade (green), under the 162nd armored division, passes through Hamutal with no resistance and engages the Egyptian 4th infantry brigade forces at Nozel (Ash-Shajara) and Halutz (Katib Abu Kathira). The Egyptian 112th infantry brigade had abandoned Abu Waqfa, but the IDF 500th brigade is not ordered to hold on to it. The map mistakenly still depicts Abu Waqfa (and Kathib Abu Tarabush) as held by the 112th brigade. IDF 421st armored brigade (blue) retreats to Ziona. The map depicts it at western Hamutal (Kathib Ayfan) and south of it, west of Ziona. IDF 600th armored brigade (blue) assaults Televiziya with its 409th battalion (along with a single company from the 410th). It retreats back to Hamadiyah after taking heavy losses from Saggers. At the same time, the 410th armored battalion (less one company) assaults Makhshir again. The 410th meets light resistance at Kathib Abu Tarabush, but takes heavy losses in close range engagements over Kathib Al-Khayl (the unreliable M85 & M73 machine guns were removed from the M60A1s before the war, but Browning .30 cals weren't yet installed) and eventually retreats to Kathib As-Sana'at. The Egyptians capture a M60A1 for the first time and drive it to the rear. Later on, the IDF 14th armored brigade (green) replaces the 600th at Hamadiyah and Kishuf. The 14th brigade is reinforced with the 106th armored battalion from the 164th armored brigade (Shot Cal), which advances from Kishuf towards the Chinese Farm, but retreats after taking fire and its CO gets injured. Then the 14th brigade is authorized to assault Televiziya, in order to retrieve missing 409th battalion men. The 14th takes Televiziya with its 184th (which loses its CO) & 79th armored battalions. 3 409th battalion tankers are saved, found near their destroyed M60A1 who had its turret upside down. IDF 87th armored reconnaissance battalion (green) reaches the deserted Laqeqan stronghold from the south after a wide bypass, advances further north with no resistance, but it is unauthorized to reach Matzmed (Matzmed men were already captured, but their fate is unknown yet to the IDF). This gap between the Egyptian 16th infantry division positions at the Chinese Farm and the Greater Bitter Lake will later be used as the IDF bridgehead across the canal. Off the map, Nisan stronghold is taken by the Egyptian 19th infantry division forces. Budapest and Masreq, still besieged, are the only IDF front-line strongholds left standing. The 143rd armored division CO Sharon is heavily criticized for disregarding direct orders. However, the criticism on the Southern Command CO Gonen is even stronger and the decision is to appoint the former Chief of General Staff Bar-Lev, whose authority would be better accepted by the 143rd & 162nd division COs (Gonen was subordinate to both in the past), above Gonen. Officially, following the "don't change horses in the midstream" rule, Gonen would keep his position until November, but from now on he is pushed aside to a large extent. Bar-Lev official role description, made-up for the instance, is the Southern Front CO.
  18. I would happily volunteer to help run a stand at any UK events. If it helps I've got a XXXXL Cat Woman suit if that helps on the Cosplay front too
  19. Hmm, If you an duck squeeze into your old tank-jumpsuits, does that count as cosplay? 😛
  20. Pics or it didn't happen... Otherwise, I'm glad the event is going well for you gents! This is certainly a major step for Kanium!
  21. Possibly ... And also new Cosplayers have arrived here. Not quite on the level from yesterday, but still good 😁
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