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  2. That's not fully correct (unless changed in 4.156). Large maps created in SB Pro can be used in SB Pro PE. e.g. Rolling Thunder '18 and the upcoming Rolling Thunder '19.
  3. Yes, classroom version is not available to general public. Well, first of all, map editor of PE version allows user to create terrain maps as large as underlying height map is, but it doesn't have functionality to import DEM data to create new height map replicating on real-world location. Also there is now ability to import GIS data for the terrain map. But still you can create your own terrain maps based on existing height maps manually, or you can ask someone with access to Pro version to make them for you: And speaking of this: Play area larger than 21.97x21.97 km is Pro-specific feature.
  4. Yes. If you want a larger map you could post it in the map request thread under ”Scenarios and Maps.” It might take a while and you will have to provide the needed information.
  5. Yes. Using the Pro PE software itself, No. However, if you have say an area in mind you can ask on of the people here who can do it, to help you out. Option 1: Post a request in the thread within the "Scenarios and Maps" section. This will take a while as it requires the terrain (the underlying shape of the ground) map to be created - this in turn requires the underlying data and you'll still need to add buildings, etc. Option 2: If its a map that came with the Sim, but you want to use a larger section, then that's pretty quick to do - just send me a PM detailing the map and the relevant corner grid squares.
  6. Folks, I'm a big fan of the platform. Great simulation ! The 4.1 work looks really cool. I've been using a time-limited 4.0 for awhile now. Question on 4.1 and "PE" (Personal Edition) v.s. "Pro"... As I have come to enjoy the sim so much, I want to get into making maps and getting a larger play area than the 22 SQ Kilometers. I am looking at the 4.1 Pre-order screen on the site, and forgive me if I am being thick, but it appears to me the only product offerings are 4.1 PE (not full blown "Pro"). Is "pro" only offered to commercial/gov/mil clientele ? Do I have any large-size map-making options with PE grade ? Jim B. (Former Sgt, US Army Cavalry / Aviation)
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  8. Didn't David Lagettie create Titanim all by himself? Before that he created Virtual Battle simulator for military https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLduhu5wclM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvR1HU1IHcY Skilled dude I think the crowd for this is a little bit different than world of tanks / war thunder arcade crowd. This is more for flight simulator enthusiasts, a modern game like this one currently does not exist.
  9. my guess is that teams of artists and programmers would still be needed to create man made facilities, bases, towns, ships, ground threats and targets- outerra doesn't fractally generate those. if on the other hand, warbirds is intended to be exclusively air to air, that may not sustain a player base for too long, a giant empty planet with no opponents anywhere sounds boring even if it looks good. and on that score it sounds as if they are attempting to compete in a free to play with paid addons market a la world of tanks/ warships / what have you. can they make an impression on those players with such sketchy ideas and development goals
  10. Well, probably there is a temporary issue with credit card verification server. Try to place an order again a bit later, please. P.S. Just made a try myself- seems to work now.
  11. Hi I'm attempting to place an order. After the Order Summary appears and I click on Continue Ordrer a page (Payflow Link) opens with the "Error: Invalid Required Domain"? Any ideas? Thanks
  12. I remember chatting to a high ranking British army officer who liked SB And seen its potential as a training tool. Tip for selling to the British MOD. Hire a couple of posh boys who went to Eton /Oxford chances are they will have gone to school with the guys in the MOD Make sure you over charge for the product stick a made in the UK sticker on dongles. Job done. LoL
  13. ok, thanks. So the most likely change is a graphic card, and I understand that that should not affect the license. That´s great! The most dangerous one is a micro/MOBO change, isn´t it? I´ll contact you, ssnake, if that´s the case. You never know when you are gonna win the lotto! Gibsonm, thanks a lot! but I hope that´s not neccesary. In the worst case scenario that may be the push that I need to finally buy a full license...
  14. We have set the CmACT license to be "pretty tolerarant" to hardware changes. To the extent that the Windows installation survives the change - unlikely in the case of a mainboard change, unless it's the exact same type - I expect no trouble with the license either. If in doubt, notify me by email in advance of the change and we can work out contingency options.
  15. Sir... that's extremely kind of you! I'll let you know if needed! Many thanks!
  16. Yes, that's the "TitanIM/Outerra engine" part.
  17. If your license is rendering invalid, happy to loan you one of mine while you sort things out.
  18. Send me a PM and I can arrange to "loan" you access to one of my licenses to cover the gap.
  19. quick question, which hardware changes may pose problems for the temporary license codemeter? I guess that a MOBO and or processor almost for sure but, what about a graphic card? Memory?... And for the affecting changes, can them be done provide I send an email in advance alerting of the change? I have a hardware renovation in the midterm future, or short term if the stars align themselves properly, so I want to be prepared..
  20. These are the first symtomes of an addiction😎
  21. One thing about that MicroProse site..... when you go into the page source, there is hidden in the code: '3D planetary engine for seamless planet rendering from space down to the surface. Can use arbitrary resolution of elevation data, refining it to centimeter resolution using fractal algorithms.'
  22. Got awesome fiber, so all good for download. Although my main issue is that my 30 day license will expire i 12 days so not sure if the stick gets here in time.
  23. They should have invested in some marketing in the new Stranger Things series.
  24. Nos gratias ago vos pro tempore illo plurimos MD 😌
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