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  2. You are more then velcome on our Discord but on sunday you should just go directly to our TS3 i will be there 3/4 -1 hour before so i can give rights and setup your comms Just put this in the address field of a new bookmark teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 MD
  3. Oki thx Yeah have done some tutorials already, Really cool sim so far, impressed! Thx mate! Thx again!
  4. I will not be able to this Sunday but the following I can make it. I will get on the discord early to get set up and to get a feel for how it all will work.
  5. Note that primary licenses need to be activated first before you attempt to activate secondary licenses. This may be relevant if you order everything on a single ticket.
  6. Thank you MD I was able to fix this and now have the maps, hope to see you soon.
  7. Yep invitation extended back at Post 6 in this thread. Of course these groups are not mutually exclusive so just pick the one (or more) most convenient for you.
  8. You will basically get: 1 x Temporary license for you to use while waiting for the stick to arrive in the post (the temporary / time based licenses do not need the stick but a linked to a specific machine). 1 x Permanent license on the CodeMeter USB stick - presumably on its way to you know. The 2 x Supplemental licenses need to be installed onto the stick when it arrives and after you activate the main one. This is a simple process of clicking on a URL contained in an email from eSim. Currently you can play "now" but your two friends will need to wait until the stick arrives.
  9. Hi Black1 Find your map packages installation folder its normally: C:\Programdata\eSim Games\Steel beasts\maps\packages\ If you have installed in another folder then find the folder Packages that's where everything goes from the rar pack which you need to unpack into the Packages folder if it ask just overwrite duplicates. That should do it. If you need further help come to Kanium Discord and find me i am mostly on in euro time zone https://discord.gg/2FrQ6EB Come there anyway and have fun if this is the first time you are playing with us then show up earlier about 1 hour and me or someone else will give you rights and explain how we use TS3 to emulate radios Best regards MD
  10. It works fine - just tested it: Press Download and then Direct Download @Major duck will post further instructions later
  11. I'm pretty sure you don't need anything other than the default mappacks for this scenario. @Apocalypse 31 could say for certain if I am wrong. Edit: the base Steel Beasts map pack is all that is required for this scenario. Be sure to request a spot on the manning list on the first page if you intend to play with us this Sunday. Gunners are always welcome if there is not a vehicle available that you want to use.
  12. Ok, maybe this won't pump you up, but at least you'll take some tension off with a laugh.
  13. I am not surprised at the pricetag. I only have limited experience with the Leopard 1A5 DK gunners grip but that thing is solidly build and is very heavy. I had a dream of getting a genuine grip, but I have dropped it. I am simply afraid that the weight and the centering forces will tear my desk to pieces. And then it would also be hell to swap when I want to do other kinds of simming. The good news is that I have been allowed to make a photoscan of one of our grips at GHRVPK and intend to share the finnished 3D model when it is ready. I am also going to make a much lighter DIY lookalike grip with the same funktions. I intend to share the files I make for 3D printing such as the handles and triggers. The rest are basically boxes and a pipe so they will not be 3Dprinted. I have looked inside a grip so I understand how they work, but I will not make any attempt to replicate the internals. Some of it actually surprised me. Happy Simming
  14. There are plenty of options under Multiplayer Engagements. BG ANZAC, and Kanium both come to mind for a more PVE experience, while there is also TGIF for more PVP. This list in not all inclusive, just what I have experienced. Play the tutorials (all of them) for the M1A1 or the Leopard 2A4/A5, run through the tank range, and play a few instant actions and you'll be fine.
  15. Secondary licenses go to CodeMeter stick
  16. So now its done! 1x Full licence 2x secondary 😁 Problem is that i have no friends to play with 😜
  17. By the way is the secondary licences working at day one of purchase or do i need to wait for the CodeMeter stick?
  18. Question about the mappack do I simply download it and run it and should be good to go or is there more to it, thank you hope to see you all online soon. Well I tried to DL the map package to no success, seems to be nothing there or bad link.
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