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  2. Sorry that's 0400 for me - have a good time.
  3. No. Just a window of "sometime" before June.
  4. Does anyone have a TO&E for a mid 80's Panzer Grenadier battalion?
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    IDF 252nd armored division M60s near At-Tasa, June 1975:
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  7. We are in TS now waiting for you Dboy.
  8. I don’t know about M1s but the M60A1s manual travrse was directly connected to the traversing gear box. If the turret was moved with hydrolic power and the manual traversing handle was not in its detent the gunner would most likely have a broken jaw if he was looking through his primary sight as the handle would be spinng faster than he could move it. The manual elevation handle was only connected to a pump that allowed the gun to move up and down.
  9. The M1A1 50 Cal copula can be traversed and elevated at the same time and can be used at anytime even during turret movement which you would not be able to hit nothing and would be traversing all over due to not having any stab at all. The reason is it has it own electrical drive system and manual system in azimuth. The elevation system is mechanically driven. The Elevation handle is locked in place and when you press up it releases the handle lock which then the TC rotates the handle left or right which can be difficult at time while moving the copula. Now for Gunnery use and faster engagement times the TC uses the Turret to help with azimuth and just uses the elevation to adjust range while engaging a target. It has always been standard practice to not use both at the same time. So during zeroing the TC will adjust his copula in Azimuth to be a lined with Turret direction. As far as the Hydraulic systems on the Abrams. You can only use your manual elevation handle while having your palm switch pressed. There is part of the processing for bleeding the hydraulic system that you have to actively use both. The Azimuth Drive system is Mechanically driven which if the gunner grab the Azimuth Handle during a slew it would destroy the azimuth manual drive system and could hurt the gunner's arm. So you cannot used both with Azimuth.
  10. Assasin told me that it is in theory possible to use hand cranks same time with hydraulics (with danger of dislocating ones arm) - I believe that this what you just said, is reason why. That gunner can rabidly switch between hydraulic and manual handles for final adjustment if necessary. Perhaps more likely if there is some combat damage to tank -wonders.-
  11. When I was a gunner on M60A1s my first master gunner taught me to use the manual elevation handle for fine final inputs and firing to correct my habbit of jerking the cadilac when firing. It made me much more accurate.
  12. I hope that one day the machine gun improvements are applied to the M85 on the M60A3 as that is how the TC would use it in most cases.
  13. I´ll put it this way... For some of us flight sim fans, which Japo32 is a developer for, the transition from one version to another (be it X-Plane or P3D), has meant a PAID for upgrade for most of the payware airframes. In return we got a slightly better performance, with minor addition to the over all package (version). Which means that those of us who had alot of quality payware add-ons had to re-buy those add-ons, be it full price or at a discount if we wanted such payware in our newly installed version of whatever sim (X-Plane/P3D). So it´s funny to even read a rant like that coming from such a background. We all have bad days thought... --
  14. October 15th: Northern sector: On the night of October 14th-15th, the Egyptian 103rd commando battalion, reinforced with an OT-62 company of the 135th independent infantry brigade landing from the sea, cuts off the road (code named Mikhpelet) SE of Budapest stronghold once again. Halftracked Israeli mechanized infantry forces (first a company from the 204th brigade, later a company from the 11th brigade) take heavy losses, but eventually wipe out the Egyptian force. This battle is not marked on the map. IDF Nammer TF takes responsibility for the whole front-line all the way south to Hamutal. The 274th armored brigade and the 429th armored battalion (belongs to the 500th armored brigade) are now under its command. Egyptian 10th mechanized infantry brigade, of the 3rd mechanized infantry division, waits on the western side of the canal, west of Al-Qantara, to the rear of the 18th infantry division. Egyptian 23rd mechanized infantry division HQ (not marked on the map) and its 118th mechanized infantry brigade wait on the western side of the canal, north of Ismailia, to the rear of the 2nd infantry division. Central sector: IDF 143rd & 162nd armored divisions prepare for the crossing operation, which will take place in front of Deversoir and will be named Abirey Lev (can be roughly translated as Stouthearted Men). Utilizing the gap found by the 87th armored reconnaissance battalion between the Egyptian 16th infantry brigade defenses and the Greater Bitter Lake on October 9th, the 143rd division is tasked with establishing a 4-km-wide bridgehead (Sagger range is 3 kms) by uprooting the Egyptians from the Amir - Missouri area, crossing the canal and heading west. It will be followed by the 162nd division, whose task is to head south towards Suez and the Suez-Cairo road after crossing, and to destroy the Egyptian 4th armored division. IDF 500th armored brigade is held as the Southern Command reserve near At-Tasa. IDF reserve 247th paratrooper brigade, which was kept at the rear until now, joins in under the 143rd armored division, to cross first by rubber boats before the 143rd division tanks. As the Israeli forces and bridging equipment flow towards the central sector, enormous traffic jams are created around At-Tasa. Egyptian 116th mechanized infantry brigade, of the 23rd mechanized infantry division, waits on the western side of the canal, south of Ismailia, to the rear of the 16th infantry & 21st armored divisions. Southern sector: In Sinai, IDF 252nd armored division faces the Egyptian 7th & 19th infantry divisions. Egyptian 4th armored & 6th mechanized infantry (not marked on the map) division HQs, along with some of their forces, are west of the canal. IDF intelligence identifies 830 Egyptian MBTs in Sinai: 87 with the 18th division, 155 with the 2nd division, 225 with the 16th & 21st divisions, 168 with the 7th division, 195 with the 19th division. 375 additional MBTs are identified near Cairo - 3rd mechanized infantry division, Republican Guard, Armor School forces. Another IDF source claims 787 Egyptian MBTs in Sinai: 84 with the 18th division, 153 with the 2nd division, 221 with the 16th & 21st divisions, 156 with the 7th division, 173 with the 19th division. Operation Abirey Lev starts on the night of October 15th-16th: The road from At-Tasa to Laqeqan stronghold is code named Akavish. Roughly parallel to Akavish, the road which leads from the Artillery Road (west of Hamadiyah) to Matzmed stronghold, through the Chinese Farm irrigation channels, is code named Tirtur. The north-south road along the canal, about 3 kms east of it, is code named Lexicon. The road leading west from the Chinese Farm (Amir) to the canal is code named Chic. IDF 162nd armored division, with its 460th & 217th armored brigades (~70 tanks each), assembles SE of Hamadiyah and waits for its turn to cross. IDF 429th armored battalion is at Ziona, under Nammer TF, facing the Egyptian 112th infantry brigade of the 16th infantry division, which is positioned at western Hamutal and northern Makhshir. IDF 500th armored brigade (~70 Centurions including the 429th battalion) is held as the Southern Command reserve near At-Tasa. IDF 143rd armored division: IDF 14th armored brigade, heavily reinforced (97 tanks: 44 M48A3s, 53 M60A1s), advances west through the sands, from the Artillery Road (north of Kathib Al-Habashi, which is code named Edra) to Laqeqan stronghold, then heads north on Lexicon road and assaults the Egyptian 16th infantry division southern flank, Matzmed - Amir - Missouri area: IDF 87th armored reconnaissance battalion (22 M60A1s) leads through the Tirtur - Lexicon junction with no resistance, turns west to the waterline and takes the area between Matzmed and Chic road. The place is crowded with Egyptian logistic soft-skins, easy prey for the Israeli armor. No trace of IDF soldiers is found at Matzmed (surrendered on October 9th), and the Egyptian 16th infantry division HQ is not there either, in contradiction to the IDF intelligence report. IDF 79th armored battalion (22 M48s) follows through the Tirtur - Lexicon junction with light losses, advances deep into the Egyptian rear west of Lexicon road and destroys many soft-skins and artillery pieces, but the Egyptian resistance starts to grow rapidly. IDF intelligence is found to have another mistake - an Egyptian AFV bridge is not found west of Missouri. IDF 184th armored battalion (21 M48s) is tasked with advancing towards Amir and Missouri, east of Lexicon road. The shocked Egyptian 16th infantry brigade (T-54s), thought to be at Amir by IDF intelligence, awakens at last and the 184th loses half of its tanks at Tirtur - Lexicon junction. Some tanks step on landmines off-road while trying to bypass tank corpses on the road. The Tirtur - Lexicon junction is blocked, but the 184th keeps advancing and stops NE of Chic - Lexicon junction (NW of Amir). At dawn the 184th redeploys SW of this junction. Under Egyptian pressure, the 79th retreats back to Chic road, in line with the 184th, and the 79th battalion CO is wounded on the way. Egyptian 21st armored division starts launching counterattacks southwards against the IDF 79th & 184th battalions. Unlike the Egyptian T-55s, the Israeli M48s don't have a gunner night sight and they can identify targets only at very close range, but the Egyptian armored assaults are repelled with heavy losses for both sides. An Egyptian armored brigade CO is injured, and apparently the 21st division HQ takes casualties as well. IDF 407th armored battalion (downsized, M60A1s, from the 600th armored brigade) splits into two companies to clear Akavish and Tirtur roads from SW to NE. Akavish road is opened with no resistance, but Tirtur road is blocked by the Egyptian 16th infantry brigade. The 407th takes heavy losses and its CO is injured, but it repeatedly keeps trying to open Tirtur - Lexicon junction and Tirtur road. IDF 424th infantry reconnaissance battalion (downsized, but reinforced with 5 M60A1s from the 407th battalion) is tasked with clearing the waterline between Matzmed and Chic road. After losing one halftrack, whose burnt corpse blocks the road to Matzmed, the 424th stops south of the Tirtur - Lexicon junction under heavy fire. IDF Shmulik TF (two paratrooper companies from the 35th brigade with 4 M60A1s from the 407th battalion) is tasked with clearing Tirtur road and Amir after the armored battalions, but stops south of the Tirtur - Lexicon junction under heavy fire. IDF 582nd paratrooper reconnaissance battalion (from the 317th paratrooper brigade) is kept on Lexicon road south of Laqeqan as the 14th brigade's reserve. Later, along with 407th battalion remnants, it assaults towards Tirtur twice, but repelled with heavy losses in both times. In between the 582nd battalion assaults, the 87th armored reconnaissance battalion assaults Tirtur - Lexicon junction from the west and repelled as well, taking heavy losses including the CO. At dawn, Tirtur - Lexicon junction is still blocked by the Egyptian 16th infantry brigade. IDF 14th armored brigade CO, on his own M48, is north of the junction with the 87th, 79th & 184th battalion remnants, under heavy Egyptian 21st armored division pressure from the north, while the brigade XO is south of the junction with the 407th battalion remnants and the 3 infantry battalions. IDF 600th armored brigade (downsized, ~75 M60A1s) battalions raid Missouri from Hamadiyah one after the other, in order to draw the Egyptians' attention from their southern flank. First the 410th armored battalion engages Missouri, turns back, engages the Egyptian 3rd mechanized brigade forces at Televiziya from west to east, enters a hastily-laid Egyptian minefield and eventually returns to Hamadiyah, under ineffective (night...) Sagger barrages from southern Makhshir on the way back. Later the 409th armored battalion advances towards Missouri with almost no resistance. 4 M60A1s from the 410th battalion observe the Bitter Lakes area from Horvah post. IDF 247th paratrooper brigade advances SW on Akavish road to Laqeqan (their halftracks are prioritized through the traffic jam), heads NW to Matzmed and reaches the waterline unharmed. Around 01:30 the paratroopers cross the canal on rubber boats towards Deversoir, with no resistance. Egyptian 116th mechanized infantry brigade forces are several kms NW of the Israeli bridgehead. Tasked with accompanying the 247th brigade, a single M48 company from the 599th armored battalion, 421st armored brigade, is destroyed at Tirtur - Lexicon junction after arriving there without preliminary coordination with the 14th armored brigade. IDF 421st armored brigade (~60 M48s) is ordered to tow the vehicle fording equipment through the enormous traffic jam on Akavish road and to cross on it after the paratroopers. Despite the order to tow it in 3-4 pieces, the 200-meters-long Cylinder Bridge (605th fording battalion), considered as the only reliable fording equipment, is slowly (2.5 km/h) towed in one piece, partially off-road, by the 257th armored battalion. The movement is secured from the north by the 599th armored battalion, which is planned to be the first to cross. At dawn the Cylinder Bridge breaks down, while Tirtur road, on which the bridge is planned to pass, is still blocked by the Egyptian 16th infantry brigade. The Uniflote pontoon barges (630th & 605th fording battalions), towed by half of the 264th armored battalion (with the XO), are stuck in the traffic jam on Akavish road. Towing the pontoons off-road is impossible. Only the self-propelled Gillois amphibious tank carriers (634th fording battalion), accompanied by the other half of the 264th armored battalion (with the CO) manage to bypass the traffic jam through the sands and take the 264th battalion AFVs to Africa starting at dawn. The Gillois were considered the least reliable fording equipment - they were bought as scrap-metal in 1971 and in early 1973 the IDF had canceled their ongoing refurbishment, so only 19 out of 62 were operational for the war. IDF 214th artillery regiment pounds the empty western bank from its positions east of Hamadiyah, in support of the crossing paratroopers. The 14th armored brigade, which struggles against the RPG & SLS equipped Egyptian infantry in Tirtur - Lexicon junction, gets very little artillery support.
  15. Mission today, same time:18:00 GTM (20:00 CEST)
  16. 30 Euro is ok for me 😉 Sorry, i`m on the run: Is there a realease date now? Thanx, Hafer
  17. Hmm, towed artillery..M777?
  18. No, you discovered inconsistencies, so it's not about just one thing and everything else is fine. Most of your observations are quite valid.
  19. The new machine guns are a pretty big deal IMO. Its something that I kinda knew could be "better", and now it is, and I think it's awesome. It's actually now a tool that can be used to teach. Whereas before it wasn't IMO, wasn't anywhere near good enough for that. Not surprisingly, the new improved sights/views make them much more effective weapons. The new views, peek, zoom, different sight selections, sight adjustments.., mean that you will need to learn the new keystrokes associated with these new features. Relearn how to use heavy machine guns in SB. They are a lot of fun to use, and I find that now I want to use them, before not as much. I don't think Grenny mentioned it in his video, but these are core updates. So that means the flex mount 50 on the M1A2 "pimped", BTR-50 "pimped", anything you can currently attach these weapons to, pimped! This a a vast upgrade to a whole horde of vehicles, as well as the infantry teams.
  20. I am terribly sorry that I didn't notice your full reply and made you repeat yourself. I am sorry. Sometimes I forget that I am not a tanker myself, even when I very much would want to be one, one day. There are things that only true professionals / equipment users know. Old saying "pride comes before a fall" Proves to be true once again. from a game or simulation, it is very easy to assume things to be possible. Truth, is much more complicated. Yes, I can understand what you mean. And so many of those vehicles have fairly different systems as well, there are bound to be conflicts. Umm. Perhaps this topic should be about why down arrow doesn't have effect that up and side arrows do. Though. Maybe retaining mix of some smoothness and clunky behavior on this simulation would be desirable.
  21. The deciding factor would be - something that I cannot answer right now - whether hand crank and powered traverse can be used simultaneously. It's quite possible that the powered traverse in the T-72 is only intended as a quick and coarse change of turret facing, and then you'd be supposed to use hand cranks only. The bug might be that the horizontal powered traverse can be operated in Steel Beasts with too much precision. Yes, but that's intentional because M1 tankers told us that you can't do both at the same time. a. I already wrote that this was a bug, I'm not disputing this. b. This may be intentional if it's possible to use some form of powered traverse qhile simultaneously working a hand crank for elevation. This very much depends on the ergonomics of the individual crew station. Needless to say, it was easier to stay consistent with everything in the UI when we didn't have more than 120 different vehicles with individual crew positions.
  22. Um, yes I can understand that. However... There are at-least two vehicles that this affects very badly. T-72s, on emergency mode where it can power traverse turret (with mouse) and has to elevate or depress main gun. Where elevating main gun with arrow keys makes you to lose mouse input. M1 abrams commanders 50 cal. Commander can turn 50 cal with mouse input but has to elevate or depress it with arrow keys. once again, up arrow key makes you lose mouse imput, making tracking target very difficult. Also on Leopard 2 - Commanders periscope using up arrow key makes you lose mouse input. (inconvenient if you are tracking target) Oddly, this doesn't happen on t72 commanders antiaircraft machine gun. Up arrow works perfectly there.
  23. To the extent that arrow keys represent hand cranks and the mouse control represents powered traverse control handles, this is intentional. Unless you're a horrible space mutant with four arms/tentacles/manipulator appendices you can operate only one at a time. So, "a feature" (if maybe a bit nerdy). A second function (NumPad 4,8,6,2, which also register as arrow keys thanks to convoluted decisions by IBM and Microsoft in the mid 1980s) was intended as very quick checks to the left/right/front/rear when being unbuttoned; arguably there it would be justified to keep the mouse focus (but we don't; the decision could go either way). Leopard 2A4, CRD Peri view: Yes, that is a bug, at least as far as the up and down arrows are concerned. These would represent buttons on the handle, and left/right should be ignored, so that's indeed a bug. M1: Not a bug; there's two modes to control the heavy MG, powered traverse (simulated by mouse operation) which however only steers left/right, and arrow keys (=hand cranks) that can also control elevation; arguably it's inconsistent that the loss of focus happens on the up arrow, but not the down arrow. We'll discuss this internally and see which solution is most appropriate; los of focus for left/right arrow is intentional, see my first remarks T-72 sounds wrong as well, but I have to check your video a few more times to understand what's going on there.
  24. When using mouse to control turret or sights, pressing UP, LEFT or RIGHT arrow keys makes you lose mouse input.
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