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  2. So far I have not had any experience or findings to success such. I even went to do bit of testing just now to test if this was the case. Curiously though. While most western MBT's GPS and its stabilization seem immune to any effects like this... I may have found a case that's GPS and gun stabilization has something similar visible. T-55. It's GPS and "mediocre" stabilization (note not fully but enjoying like... 80% stabilization effect) seem to be affected somewhat similar phenomenon but in a different way. On T55 - vehicle orientation doesn't seem to matter. > But rather of what direction your turret is facing compared to hull. There seems to be somewhat visibly less swaying when turret is 90 to each side, compared to direct front or rear.
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  4. Many vehicle informations can be found in the Sb wiki http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Piranha_DF30
  5. Scimitar and Scorpion are two person turrets with bigger guns, radios, stowage and a fair bit of armour (relatively speaking) in the bustles etc. so I wouldn't be surprised that they are heavier than the BRDM / BTR turrets. I'd assume Warrior is a similar case. Certainly when I was on CRV(T) in the late 80's during exchange they had manual traverse (albeit with a two speed - course / fine gearbox). From memory this is modelled by using the mouse for "course" (pointing to the left/ right of screen) and keyboard mashing for "fine" - but I maybe thinking of a different vehicle (or it may only apply to Warrior).
  6. The BTR and BRDM turrets are particularly lightweight, and the handcrank gear transmission ratio is particularly convenient. We felt it was justified to give them that advantage, if nothing else.
  7. Understandable. I just wanted to know how he got the game working because id love to finally play steel beasts
  8. At this point I would not commit to purchasing new hardware until we understand better what the cause for this is. Chances are, it's not a hardware problem to begin with.
  9. Grind games, I'm out. Grind alpha/beta/early access games, I cross the street. Last one was Naval Action, back in 2016. They released it and reset everybody's grind back to stone age. I tried it a few months ago and noticed that they even changed their crafting system, making my lvl.50 basic useless. But hey, they gave me a nice frigate as consolation, although I can't crew it without first grinding for a couple of months.
  10. Red2112

    Tactical FPS

    I could not run SC with my old PC, so I never really got a chance to fully check it out. I made myself a new build some months ago, and just last week decided to install SC, which Iam happy I did. It just happen to be a week after v3.7.0 Live came out, of which all of the hardcore followers say is the best and most playable patch to date. They are fixing some bugs that came with the patch in the PTU branch (v3.7.1c), which most likely will be out very soon (maybe next week). Patch v3.8.0 will be Live next month 23th with the upcoming CitizenCon 2949... https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizencon With that out of the way, I can say that with the actual state of SC (v3.7.0) there´s plenty of things to do and discover. There´s about 250 missions you can take on to make money although SC is still not persistent yet, hopefully it will be very soon, so your status gets reset after every mayor patch. In other words your progression is lost and money (aUEC) lost when v3.8 comes live. For the most part, you can dogfight, hunt down bountys, do cargo runs, mine caves or astroids, rent ships, and there adding harvest in v3.8 and group missions for example. You also have a criminal stat if you decide to be an outlaw. There´s penty of things to do now and servers don´t crash like the past. It´s alpha though but you can definitely spend hours and hours playing SC IMHO.
  11. I think you can rule out memory. If you consider a CPU, it should have higher single thread performance (more cores won't help the frame rate, though they will help during map loading). A 1070, in theory, should be quicker. It has (afaict) more memory bandwidth which will be useful for high res displays. However, I couldn't tell you how much quicker, it may only be a few fps.
  12. I would be surprised if this hasn't been asked before but alas i could find no trace during a search. I understand the reasoning behind using the arrow keys to represent the awkward nature of manual traverse/elevation controls. In most cases this is for secondary weapon systems but a number of vehicles like Warrior and Scimitar seem unfairly hamstrung by this method of control. Especially when compared to the BTR series which has seemed to escape this fate (not sure why). Can someone shed some light of this discrepancy in manual turret controls?
  13. Question! Is there any description how to operate this PIRANHA DF 30? I have not found anything in the SB directory!
  14. Ingolf

    Tactical FPS

    I've kept my eyes on SC since the kickstarter days but never bought into it. I opted for Elite Dangerous at the time and have had a blast with that (and still do). However, I will probably get into SC sooner or later. At this stage, is there a solid gameplay experience or just demo sections? When would you suggest to jump into SC if I'm looking for a little more than just testing things out?
  15. OK, to hopefully prove that I don't constantly sit on the sidelines being picky, and very much thanks to Sean for sorting out my login and giving me some basic instructions, here's my first take at a Wiki manual for the JIM-LR. I put it in Vehicles - Others as I couldn't find a section for other equipment types such as ATGW, MGs and optical sights, RWS etc.
  16. OK, "often happened" ... I'm not being critical, just acknowledging that making vehicles, and playable ones in particular must be orders of magnitude more work than some of the other things requested, some of which have application right across SB, I am completely in awe of the vehicle interiors in particular. In fact, at 54 years old, I'm awestruck every time I play SB, and the only other simulation can say that about is Harpoon/CMANO.
  17. And..the LMW that ate roughly 40-50 35mm rounds and 3 120mm round before beeing deaded
  18. Some impressions 1. A66 leading from the front(one more...ahead of the front)...and driving right into the RPG EA...good that enemy RPG gunners are crappy
  19. Those are all current and in (sometimes widespread) service so relevant to current military customers as OPFOR. Not really nostalgia vehicles IMHO. AFAIK Jpz Rakete (HOT) and Spahpanzer Luchs by comparison aren't in service with anyone anymore and others are getting rare, or extinct, at least in Europe (Leo1A5, M60A3, M901, T-62).
  20. Yes, there are a bunch of "nostalgia" vehicles in there, but AFAIK none have been added recently and even minor mods to existing older vehicles (for instance an earlier Leo 1 with passive IR sights which keeps getting requested) have not happened - I hope that changes. My favourite and far and away most used vehicle in SB is the Leo2A4. I would not ask someone for a labour of love on my behalf, though. That's just me.
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  22. My understanding is that the older vehicles are done by eSim employees as a labor of love.
  23. Not sure I follow the logic. I don't think any government body asked for a Chiefton, Centurion, or AMX-13.
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