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  2. Nice and useful video series. I am watching them now to refresh my SB knowledge before 4.1 is released. Thanks !!!!!
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  4. Thank you, a very helpful video! Eager to shoot first I often killed the dirt instead of the opponent.๐Ÿ™ˆ
  5. Indeed esim have been very clear about WWII but a number of tanks from the war had a service life long after the war was finished. T34/85 and M4 being the obvious ones. From the Arab Israeli wars to Yugoslavia I think there could still be a place for these vehicles in a modern tank simulation.
  6. OK, you are welcome to fill your missions with as many audio snips as you like, but IMHO someone with a thick country X accent is not going to come across as being someone from country Y.
  7. Far from limited. I think its great to add even to the general atmosphere of the mission. Maybe we should ask Barbara Streissand instead ๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. Sure but I suspect the T-34/85 was "the pinnacle". I'd suspect it wasn't even base camp. If you don't like the T-55, I doubt very much that you'll embrace the T-34/85. Quite apart from the very clear previous direction that eSim isn't interested in a Second World War version.
  9. That reference is about to trigger the heck out of someone lol I think the reason why people hate the T-55 and such is that it's basically a step BACKWARDS from the pinnacle of WW2 era gunnery. I swear I have always had an easier time with Zeiss style optics than that Soviet made garbage.
  10. Vikingo

    Tactical FPS

    And... the mighty BMP-2 finally arrives
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  12. As I understand it, he is offering to provide the voice, not recording others. Personally I think unless someone is fantastic with accents its application is limited. For example my Australian accent would never pass muster as a Russian / Finn / Swede, etc. Therefore with all due respect Lumi, I think I'd be only asking you for "Scandinavian" voice content. To achieve the range of accents required, you're going to need a pool of people.
  13. Maybe I went too far ahead of myself in the technical department but it is as @Mirzayev described. I'm no audio giggety expert but you could add the in/out after radio beep/whoosh from SRS into this and export to a recognisable format for sb and you're good to go. For voice, I'd be cautious around here because alot of the guys are active service military personnel, and afaik their voice must be obtained with a prior consent. I once had a cultural misunderstanding with @Gibsonm when I recorded his voice in a session and later displayed it on youtube. I was a bit fuzzy on the rules. Just saying obtain peoples permissions if you're recording them too in any session so you dont step on nobodys toes. I'd be happy to help if you require my voice audition samples, also as @Mirzayev suggested.
  14. rgr that! I guess that for assassin itยดs better me than none, jeje.
  15. As pr our standard setup you will be the PSG or Platoon sergeant in A14 that means helping the PL with reporting and sometimes commanding your own section and making sure everyone is ready with ammo, when to change pos because you have been in a place for too long maybe moving the ambulance/recovery vehicle. Making sure everyone is in the right pos in a formation etc... MD
  16. Yes custom voices add a lot to the immersion. Enjoyed them the first time when playing Operation Scorpion from @cobrabase. For total happiness just add a subwoofer (done) and maybe ButtKicker (wishlist).
  17. Ok guys thanks - message received and understood!
  18. Well, primary purpose of this system is a protection against mines and IEDs with magnetic target sensors. Hypothetically it also can mess-up fuzes of some top-attack munitions, but so far this isn't verified.
  19. High pass filters cut low-end frequencies, allowing the highs to "pass." Low pass filters cut high-end frequencies, allowing the lows to "pass." These are normally used during music production, to "clean up a mix" by getting rid of unwanted low and high frequencies. With creating a radio sound, what you are doing is narrowing the output frequency to make it more within the mid-range, giving you more of a lo-fi radio sound. You'll have a much more aggressive cutoff for frequencies on the low and high end. You'll get something like this without much effort: Obviously, it works a lot better with a good voice actor who can "sell" what he is saying.
  20. There is zero content about weapon system specific aspects. It's 221+ pages exclusively about Steel Beasts itself, and some addenda about armor technology in general to explain our approach to modelling combat vehicles. To learn about the vehicles we have tutorials (not enough of them, admittedly) and the SB Wiki (not enough of it, admittedly) but we simply don't have the manpower to take care of this without cutting our software development speed in half. You can simply download it, as already explained by Mirzayev. Some people like to own items, other have a crappy internet connection. Also you can store this and future versions of Steel Beasts on it, plus your most important own scenario files or whatnot. The thing is 32 GByte large, only about 20 are filled with the Map and the Steel Beasts installers
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