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    New update and game mode... Red
  3. Hello! is it possible to run SB with Vorpx? I read a thread about it, and the guy got it to work. Sadly he didnt explained how to get it working. Maybie someone can tell me how to setup vorpx to get it running
  4. "One way the soldiers in their smaller Strykers successfully overcame the much more powerful Marine tanks and LAVs was to hold them off with a 30mm cannon, which the Army began using last year. Meanwhile, dismounted soldiers moved into position to take out the tanks on their flanks with shoulder-fired missiles." Interesting. - I wonder how it was possible to hold away tanks with 30mm cannon.
  5. So starting a thread on Military news on training events and deployment. https://www.stripes.com/news/us-and-finnish-soldiers-go-head-to-head-with-marines-in-mock-armored-vehicle-battle-1.581398
  6. @Nike-Ajax put me in A11 instead of 14 please
  7. No, In the Gunner station you have three Electric Triggers that are monitored and have power provided to them when turret power is on. Those Triggers are Left Gunner Control Handle finger, Right Gunner Control Handle finger and Elevation Manual Handle Thumb press Trigger. The Master Blaster “red twist lever” creates electricity when twisted which it’s circuit goes through the Arming Handle straight to the Breech firing contact which then goes through the Breech to the Firing Pin. In manual mode you do not lose your Electrical Triggers
  8. This kind of reminds me with bulletproof cock from supertroopers
  9. I assume that is the red twist lever by the GAS?
  10. Will do - shame as the scenario is working out very well. Mac put a lot of effort into the plan. Enjoyed working with Sean as well
  11. Chris, I think we'll play it out just to see how it goes. But by all means add it to the list of Ver 3 updates.
  12. Guys A slight problem. I think Red is going to pull the plug within 10 mins owing to losses of objectives and fighting strength. It seem I need to tweak his response as we are going to win before counter attack which is great but reduces the scenario, I can fix for V3 ( Will give an hour now) Not sure what you want to do
  13. I did make a MP H2H scenario inspired by that battle(s), not a campaign though (its been played a couple of times at TGIF). I modified an existing map for that scenario, but will be updating it with the 'actual' Cuanavale map once the update is out. I found it difficult to find good proxies for some of the SADF vehicles of that time, hence my comment about the DF90=Ratel90. A video for people with nothing better to do than watch other people playing games
  14. you are fully right, that´s what I tried to say with "t-55 chinese versión". Anyway, I did not know that the main gun changed, I always assumed that they kept the russian calibers. Is this 105 "inspired" in the L7?
  15. https://taskandpurpose.com/army-m1a2c-abrams-brigade-summer
  16. a new cv9035 model with rubber tracks
  17. The trouble is that we don't model the electrical system or loss of power (much less loss of turret power) and will probably never go into that level of detail. Of course we can/should make it where the gun will fire with the normal trigger while in manual mode, but keep in mind that once the tank receives damage to the FCS of a certain type (I can't recall which type), then manual firing is required regardless of FCS mode. But yes, being able to fire the gun normally while in manual mode (when the tank is not damaged) is a very technical detail that could go onto the list of minor bugs to fix.
  18. LOL. Good job, this thread is another way to list all the same stuff from the wish list thread. 😛
  19. you are all wrong, that is the new test stealth tank. it is designed to make the enemy think it is destroyed so they will get close enough for you to kill them
  20. Yes, its already known and it has not been fixed. Its not high on the priority compared to other bugs, unfortunately.
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