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  2. So speaking of all this "gaming", and going back to the prior question I raised... I am sympathetic to your limited resources situation, and having to prioritize certain developments over others. For example, rather than asking E-Sim to "Make me an FV432" for British scenarios, I instead asked for the M113 to get the M240 as an optional weapon. This was done. I've now made at least two scenarios (only one released as yet) where M113's with M240's are in the scenario and the player is told "Those are not M113s you're looking at. Squint harder at the FV432!" because it's close enough. I understand that getting enough information on something like the T-90 or the T-80 to make it playable means it's gonna take a long time to get it done, if ever. So what about making a few "gaming" enhancements to vehicles that are already included so that we can leverage off of them? For example, I would love to have a Leopard 1 with early Passive IR night sights. What I've suggested in the past was essentially a copy/paste of the Leopard AS1 which is already done and in game, and which I frequently use as an "Ersatz Leo1A4" quite happily, slapping in a quick PZB-200 style night sight, and renaming it "Leopard 1A4" or something. Code for the night sight should be pretty close to what we have for the T-72's night sights, perhaps with somewhat better picture quality. In fact, this is essentially already implemented on the Warrior IFV. Quick, dirty, and now we can throw the T-55/62/72 up against something that isn't going to slaughter it with thermal predator vision when we play around with the wonderful new night time environment. Similarly, why not leverage off the existing T-72s to fill the gap for a "modern OPFOR" tank? It doesn't have to be 100% correct to be put in as a "Stand in! Deal with it, use it, don't use it, either way, here!" vehicle does it?
  3. Are you sure you are putting it in a folder which matches the nation you have it on?. Lets say you are using the Cobra and your nation is US 1970s. There is no Cobra texture in the US 1970 folder then SB WILL use the texture in your woodland folder in the game install. I am not sure the same is true for mod textures. You may need to put the file in a Woodland\US 1970 folder in the mods folder.
  4. Ok I'll elaborate. So my example is the texture for the AH-1Q Cobra helicopter. The file name is "AH1Qcobra.dds" and if you look in the main programs folder you will see this texture occurs for the US Army variant under the folder "woodland". So from this one would gather that if I put my modified texture in the Mods\textures\woodland folder the program would load the modified texture which it doesn't. So I decided what the heck, I'll put the same modified texture not only in the Mods\textures\woodland folder I put it in the Autum, Camo and Winter folders as well, just in case but again I'm not seeing the new texture no matter what. The name is the same and if I replace the existing and only example of the AH-1Q texture in the main folder (the green US Army version not the desert or Turkish or Israeli versions) the modified texture file shows up just fine in game, so it's not a simple case of the file being misspelled or the file being the wrong format. It just seems that for whatever reason my personal mod folder isn't being looked at by the program. Perhaps there is a registry issue that comes into play after uninstalling and reinstalling the new versions over time?
  5. My friend threw me a challenge asking what IFV is this. I am guessing that it might be some BVP M-80M variant
  6. I had assumed so. Thank you for a fast reply.
  7. I had the same issue here. Most propable a previous crash supressed the usual cleanup of a locking mechanismn. To solve the issue please remove the file %AppData%\eSim Games\Steel Beasts Map Tools\IPC\PackageDownloadManagerMutex The MapPackageDownloadManager should now start.
  8. Thanks, those problems are kind of known, but not easy to fix
  9. When player is in the vehicle as Commander, AI gunner behaves differently than when player is just observing. I have observed following happening from non moving vehicle to static targets that were 1500m away on wide open fully exposed. With player commander AI gunner only shoots single shots, and often loses accuracy after first shots When let alone for several shots, AI often ends up aiming off the target. Sometimes very high above When player is on external view, AI gunner shoots twice, observes and engages. And seems to good accuracy on first two salvos and sometimes after that accuracy goes wildly random. Burst mode makes AI use burst mode only when player is on F8 view. Static target mode seems to make AI to forget to use Laser range finder, and instead to adjust based on where shots land - often ending aiming very high and firing over target. AI manages FCS system like a monkey, ending up trying to laze, but ends up lazing below and above target getting no or false values. - And then seems to adjust firing based where shots land, and moving reticle according to that and sometimes firing when doing so getting constantly higher and wider dispersion. Also... AI gunner even when he sees target and says "on the way" doesn't engage when target isn't fully visible (even when player sees and could kill target with relative ease) or is partially concealed (even when player sees and could kill target with relative ease) As above but sometimes even when target is able to fire at cv9030. I remember having had this happening even on " almost fully" visible targets. cv9030 AI gunner just seems very unwilling to engage targets that are not fully exposed. And will lose tracking very easily if targets are even momentarily obscured.
  10. There's a 4.159 full installer available; there is no need for patching after installing that one. But if there is confusion about whether a patch was applied and where the software is installed, I agree, the best is a clean slate. Use the uninstallation tool, then download and start the version 4.159 full installer (and the version 19 Steel Beasts Map Tools), per recommendations laid out in the 4.159 Release notes. All of that is available here.
  11. No problem. That was just a quick and dirty test. If you want it darker/lighter/different in any way, let me know (maybe by PM). I'll try to make it exactly what you want.
  12. of course it shouldn't do that, but i have seen it do this. it should be the same installation for you as it is for me, but i have seen what monkie describes
  13. I use a lot of texture mods. A lot. My Mods/Textures folder weighs in at 2.3 GB. (That's about half what the stock installation folder, with all the game files, weighs.) I mention that because I've checked most of them in 4.1x, and I haven't seen any issues at all with individual files or folders -- beyond the normal quirks already known and discussed elsewhere here. @Captain_Colossus, I didn't see any evidence the sim ignores the new prototypes. I was able to successfully put a test glob of red paint on an Armata's hull as Russia 2020 .. no problem. So I'm not sure what's wrong there. I do know a number of vehicles draw their textures from multiple files. Sometimes that can be a headache when you can't find the right one or, in some cases, when a texture file for an attachment to a vehicle needs to be outside the nation folder to show up. Maybe the turrets on the Armatas are like that. I don't know; I didn't test it. As for @Monkie putting a file in "every conceivable folder" and not seeing it in sim, maybe he could elaborate. I'm sure there's just a simple error at work here. Seasonal theme; nation choice; file naming or formatting error. Could be any number of things. As for the folders being carried over from the previous installation ... That shouldn't effect whether you see your mods. Folders/nations were added, but none were taken away or renamed. If they worked before, they should still work. (Mine do).
  14. Für Fragen oder Tests stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung.
  15. Yeah, like I thought: it's easy to adjust ... File attached. drv.zip
  16. Just checked and on the same scenario and terrain, in 4.023 the AI gunner does a pretty good job of keeping the gun on target but in 4.159 the gunners aim point jumps around as if it's turning the stabilization on and off randomly. The terrain theme has little bumpiness, and the stabilization worked perfectly when a human is gunning.
  17. To be sure, I would uninstall 4.156 completely, then do a full reinstall and patch.
  18. How are you starting this? Perhaps you have a copy of 4.156 lying around somewhere on the machine (perhaps activated via a desktop shortcut or similar)? Depending on where you installed the 4.159 patch, you may actually have 2 copies now (4.156 and 4.159) as opposed to the 4.159 executable replacing the earlier 4.156 copy.
  19. Completed the update install and it still,shows ver. 4.156. What now?
  20. You are right. The version is 4.156. I thought I installed the 4.159 patch but when I went to run it it apparently did not finish. Question. I have SB on my G drive. Unser Steel Beasts. I changed the path where the update I to be installed to G:\ Steel Beasts\
  21. Well spotted! So download the patch 4.159 http://dl.steelbeasts.com/SBProPEUpdate4_159.exe Problem should be solved
  22. Yes that appears to be the problem. From the second line of the log he posted: [21:00:51,234] CGame WARN : Steel Beasts Log File v4.156 @rkracht are you sure you are starting 4.159?
  23. Maybe the forum admin can change the Thread Report Name. I tried to when I tested the Leopards, but there is not an option to change it. Only option is to delete it
  24. First thing to check, make sure you have Steel Beasts 4.159 as that’s what I made the scenarios with.
  25. OK, thanks, then it sounds like something else - not just the normal AI gunner "error".
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