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  2. might not be easy because of Wargaming? All the more reason to go. Hell... for that I could try to get my ass there too, even though it might be painfully expensive to get there from Finland. Though... I suspect I might have friend over there to host me... and who I might be able to pull into Steelbeast even more. Though... I do worry what would happen to Nicholas Morans future youtube videos that use Steelbeast. That... is nice publicity SB has got from there and I enjoy his videos.
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  4. Not quite a "paper" but useful, now unclas, videos:
  5. Authorities may shift depending on the theater, nation, combatant command, etc.
  6. Unsure if there is any interest in a session at this time: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20190419T2000
  7. One-day or two-day event insurances can be had for maybe 300...400 EUR, I'd expect.
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  9. Oh, it is just a watered-down version of a Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet. That shouldn't be hard to fill out at all.
  10. Yep, they're all working now, thanks!
  11. You normally need a MAJGEN (2 star) to sign a bridge demolition order. That's the level where people determine if you need that specific bridge for the counter attack next week or not. Many bridges are prepared for demolition (or indeed built with it in mind - e.g. South Korea since 1950s) as concurrent activity to save the initial time, plus you often have different phases to the demolition (first you crater it so its still up but less effective - say 6 lane road bridge reduced to 2 working lanes, then you drop it). That way if someone changes their mind even at a late stage the demolition is part way completed.
  12. Hmmm , 28th of june? Shall we do it 😉 Edit: Might not be that easy....as one has to provide: Entertainment Application - Apply HERE - Copy of Public Liability Insurance up to £5million - Copy of Risk Assessment (a template can be downloaded HERE) ...
  13. "Iron spear" 2 thoughts: Looks like the BN's technical officer pulled the short straw and had to go in front of the camera 😛 Also, see the shooting: Sabot pedals are dangerous!!!
  14. First aid and track maintenance:
  15. Why its like comparing a Mercedes with a pair of roller blades 😎 MD
  16. Hi Rotareneg @Rotareneg Thanks for the heads up i have republished all my pics on imgur so they should work now please tell me if you cant see them MD 👌
  17. Yes, it does look good. I like the idea of a Steel Beast stand at Tankfest. It might piss off the sponsors though (World of Tanks) 😃
  18. This looks awesome. I always wondered how an SB demo stand would go down at Tank Fest at Bovington and other Tanky events around Europe
  19. Duck, not sure if you can see it on your end, but a lot of your pictures aren't working.
  20. The add on armour looks wrong. The rest is indeed very very nice. They even put tape on the tools and the camo net poles 🙂
  21. New Arma DLC: Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1042220/Arma_3_Creator_DLC_Global_Mobilization__Cold_War_Germany/ For those who can't click: Willkommen! It's time for you to return to the Cold War. With its bombastic amounts of new original content, the Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany Creator DLC for Arma 3 invites you to live and breathe the military conflict between the two Germanies in the 1980s. Ride into armored combat against a determined enemy that easily outnumbers you. Experience warfare from the perspective of infantry reinforced with APCs. Or breach the historic inner German border to force the enemy’s hand in battle. Which side of the wall will you fight for? Besides the West and East German armies, this DLC pack also includes Denmark as a smaller but viable military faction. Key Features Weferlingen Terrain Located in the northern plains of Germany, Weferlingen offers the largest Arma terrain released so far: 419 square kilometers of usable area. It's modeled after a real-world location in 1983, and uses entirely new assets – providing you with a unique experience that gives Arma 3 an entirely fresh look and feel. Explore nearly 50 fully destructible settlements in both West and East Germany, prepare your ambushes from scattered wooded areas, or have tanks battle each other at great distances on farmland – with each presenting its own major challenges. The Weferlingen terrain is also available in a special winter variant. After all, the Cold War should stay cold. Each of the available multiplayer scenarios can be played on this version of the terrain as well. In addition, be sure to check out the terrain’s largest dominating feature: the inner German border – a part of the famous Iron Curtain that was faithfully recreated using formerly classified documents. As a result, the Weferlingen terrain lets you take Arma 3 and turn it into a digital museum. 42 Vehicles & Vehicle Variants Pitting the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) against the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), you will encounter 42 new vehicle assets on the battlefield: West Germany KPz 1A1A1 and KPz 1A3 Main Battle Tanks M113 series of tracked Armoured Personnel Carriers in various roles TPz 1 series of wheeled Armoured Personnel Carriers in various roles FlakPz 1A1 Self Propelled Anti Aircraft platform BPz 2A0 recovery tank 0.5t Truck as fast attack vehicle and transporter 2t Truck in transport, medical and supply variants 5t Truck in transport and support roles 10t Truck heavy transporter K125 Motorcycle East Germany T-55A Main Battle Tank BMP-1 SP2 tracked Armoured Personnel Carrier SPW-60 series of wheeled Armoured Personnel Carriers in various roles SPW-40 scout vehicle and command post variant ZSU-23-4V1 Self Propelled Anti Aircraft platform Truck 5 series in transport, tractor and supply variants Truck 5 Mp series in three support roles Civilian P601, a car produced in East Germany (also available as police patrol) Typ 1200, a car produced in West Germany (also available as police patrol) Bicycle 21 Weapons Carry 21 timeless classic weapons (including weapon variants) into battle: West Germany G3 Battle Rifle and variants MG3 Machine Gun MP2A1 Submachine Gun PzF 44 Anti Tank Rocket Launcher PzF 84 Heavy Anti Tank Rocket Launcher Anti Tank Guided Missile Launcher P1 Handgun P2A1 Flare Gun East Germany KM-72 (East German-made AK-47) Assault Rifle and variants AK-74 Assault Rifle and variants RPK Light Machine Gun RPK-74 Light Machine Gun PKM Machine Gun RPG-7 Anti Tank Rocket Launcher Fagot Anti Tank Guided Missile Launcher PM Handgun LP-1 Flare Gun All of the relevant optics and binoculars are also included. More Infantry Clothing & Gear Global Mobilization: Cold War Germany introduces various new character assets: West Germany Summer, Autumn, and Winter Field Suits Tank Crew Overall Bundesgrenzschutz Field Suit Police Officer Uniform Police Patrol Uniform Firefighter and Postman Suit Standard Issue Compass East Germany Summer and Winter Field Service Suits Tank Suit Officer Dress Uniform Police Officer Uniform Standard Issue Compass Denmark Summer and Winter Combat Suits The uniforms come with all of the helmets, hats, vests, and backpacks that are needed to equip the faction's soldiers for all situations. To make the experience of Cold War Germany even more immersive, the DLC also includes 8 voices for the new German radio protocol. 10-Mission Singleplayer Campaign “State Scarlet” Witness a fierce battle over the inner German border from two different perspectives: Pvt. Klemmer, a draftee in West German military, and Sgt. Brandt, the leader of his Leopard 1 tank platoon. Developed by people with real-world military experience, "State Scarlet” is designed to quench your thirst for Cold War military action with authentic combat operations, which sometimes overlap to show how the battle develops. This singleplayer campaign is fully voiced in German (with optional English subtitles). 17 Multiplayer Scenarios To ignite the Cold War right away, you and your friends can choose from 13 co-operative scenarios and 4 adversarial game modes. This includes a not-so-classic deathmatch mode called “Fashion Police”, in which teams can quickly change based on the clothing you wear. ABOUT THE DEVELOPERS The Arma 3 Creator DLC: Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany was created by Vertexmacht – a tight-knit team of developers who have poured thousands of hours into what can only be described as a true labor of love. Drawing from their experience as developers in the game industry, respected members of the Arma modding community since 2001, and veterans of military service, this project has been tailored specifically to the strengths of Arma 3 and the needs of its awesome community.
  22. Nope trying to get some sleep sitting up Kknispel from Wednesday unpacking pc's Narach beeing the smallest got to fix things under the table
  23. This is what I'm after @Ssnake OK, so judicious use of Dragons teeth is more accurate for Cold War Germany, thanks (I was going to blow everything up ) I'd have thought there was unclassified US Field Manual on the subject. Oh Well...To Google!
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