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  2. Ok, this one is #7176.
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  4. I've already worked with stormrider_sp to create a map and he is aware of the current options (1. Post information in the thread for Dark, or 2. Find someone with the Mil Spec version). He just wanted to know if he could do it himself in the new version - and it appears the answer is "no".
  5. Looks good. Offer still stands if you need someone to connect remotely to show the multi player / Internet aspects (unsure if you have an internet connection though).
  6. Seems stable (or at least didn't crash during our 2hr 30min session).
  7. Dr hat aka Noctem aka Father Noctem grooming the future generation of Gamers
  8. What GPU are you running? If its integrated graphics it might be running out of memory as they rob from the RAM memory IIRC Could be an issue with DirectX 9.0c and your driver?
  9. To further expand on my original post, After further investigations. With the GPS functional When using the CPS and lasing a different spot to the turret orientation/GPS. (I.E. the CPS is operating independently of the turret, yeah, duh, but remove all doubt) Text message in the lower line says "C SURV XXXX" (where XXXX = Range) Overriding the GNR onto the CPS location enters this into the FCS (range now appears in both the upper & lower lines) However with the GPS (only) Lasing in the CPS does nothing. Except produce a "SELECT HIGH MAG" message if you're in WFOV Which is why I ask. One would assume from the above behaviour the CR2 has 2 x LRF but both stop working when GPS damage occurs. Que strange. Either way I guess I should say thanks for looking at this, and including the CR2. As its a unique vehicle in the armour world, only 2 countries use it. Even if its FCS causes numerous head scratching events.
  10. You need to supply Dark, with the Data though. Not sure where you get that though.
  11. Well, the good thing about digital datalinks is they are harder to jam as their bandwidth is much smaller 200hz as opposed to 3khz for a phonic transmission. There was a Brit Army exercise not so long ago where the powers banned voice transmissions, afterwards half the BG used text, and the older guys stuck to voice. Or you could use a digital voice mode. If you wanted to do jamming over a large area, you need either a few transmitters with lot of power (hello Mr HARM) or lots of smaller transmitters spread everywhere (hello logistics drain) Also there are backup methods to consider, like dispatch riders I would class jamming as a support package like artillery, good for tactical advantages, but poor as a strategic option, as you are also likely to jam your own comms.
  12. The SEP only has one LRF. So if the GPS is damaged then it should not work however range can be still entered into the FCS by the stadia reticle using the CITV but only after a designate. As far as the CR2 I have not idea. But the CR2 does have two LRF’s so IMO it should be able to still lase from the Cmdr’s Peri even after GPS damage
  13. Wasn't it more of a maneuver exercise than a competition?
  14. Yep it looks very very nice 👌
  15. So, the banner print came out allright? (if compared with the prize posters)
  16. Hi Everyone Starting up the day at Copenhagen Games, setting up the hardware, and with @Major duck tweaking the hardware and verifying the setup. The shop is open: It will be a good day 😁 Thanks to E-Sim @Ssnake Copenhagen Games and E-sport Denmark for sharing the game. From Major Duck and Nike -Ajax live at the old Locomotive repair shop in Copenhagen
  17. Done anyone know the full results of Iron Spear 2019? I know Germany won but would be interesting to know the full scoring
  18. Looked like a CO2 extinguisher to me, they tend to have a fair bit of a cooling effect too.
  19. I'm not familiar enough with the Challenger 2 to say if it has two LRFs; in the Leopard 2, you don't, and I'm not sure about the M1A2 SEP either. So it's at least quite conceivable that with a damaged main sight you would also lose the rangefinder even if the commander still has his independent sight. Periscopes for the commanders are not primarily intended for system redundancy but to allow tho independent observations of the battlefield with a smooth handover, or target identification (and permission to fire) by the commander. The redundancy in this context would be more of a welcome fringe benefit. But, you may just as well have found a bug.
  20. As for the video: There is a reason the last vehicle in the march-column is always the ARV 😉
  21. War is getting more technical and digital by the day. If there is a great power war, APS is going to be fielded. While it may fail, not having it means that you put your gear at increased risk of getting hit and killed, and as such puts you at a technical disadvantage. The thing I'm worried about with all of this technological development and advancement is that things like GPS and datalinks are pretty much relied upon. What happens in a war where GPS jammers are in use by the enemy? What happens when you are engaged in a ECM heavy environment and those datalinks are at risk of being broken, or worse, subverted?
  22. Probably a bad/worn seal. Need a foam or water ext to put that out, out. It's a heat fire, need something to take the heat away, powder doesn't do that. This type of fire destroyed "Cojone, eh?" in Iraq Cue anecdote about a racing car's turbo fire, inept marshalls and the deployment of 9 x 9kg powder extinguishers, all resulting in re-ignitions and a powder deployment up the exhaust, exploding the turbo. At which point the driver was ready to kill. And a small squirt of foam extinguisher to actually put the fire out, out. Anyway, short track it. It'll be fine.
  23. Challenger 2 with GPS Damage only The Cmdr's Peri LRF seems non functional. I had the Impression the CPS had it's own seperate LRF? Or do you need the GPS "Day view" to enter the range data even though the TIS remains operational in the GPS Sight housing? Seems a bit odd, the CR2's one redundancy "advantage" of having a seperatly mounted TIS head, you can't use the "backup" LRF when the GPS gets whacked.
  24. Yesterday
  25. My experience was, the "toys" usually don't break, it's the mechanical parts. And of course my remarks were a bit tongue in cheek to the extent that I was also lumping in regular maintenance and minor issues. At the end of the day I suppose we can agree that tanks are maintenance intensive. If the crew isn't lazy and takes good care of its tank, it will usually be combat ready. That doesn't mean that there aren't a few parts that need replacement (such as the proverbial lightbulb on the braking lamp). But even good maintenance can't fully prevent that you might develop a leak in an idler wheel axle and suddenly you have a tank on fire:
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