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  2. Yes. We cannot automatize upgrades for secondary licenses as it would mean two different prices for the same license type). Therefore we have to charge full price for each major upgrade.
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  4. Well there were two icons on Ssnake's graphic. One is the T-55 shown in the first (I think) video. The other, who knows.
  5. That's been my experience. $X upgrade fee per licence, be it the primary or secondaries. I'm looking at 8 x $X for my upgrade to 4.1, embracing the pre order costing.
  6. I currently have 2 secondary licenses for SB 4.023. When I transition to 4.1 (payed upgrade) how would this affect the 2 secondary licenses of the 4.023? Would I have to pay an extra $25 USD for each again to go to 4.1?
  7. I generally don't like speculating about the content of updates and am grateful for the content that is included but, with 4.1, I'm genuinely intrigued by the two tank icons that I understand remain unidentified or revealed and what they might be, as I'm sure a lot of people are by this stage. I'm convinced one of them is T-14 Armata and here is my best guess at the remaining one in descending order of belief and/or hope: 1) T-72B3; 2) T-80BV or; 3) M1A1 SA. Am I close? Time will tell.
  8. Thanks @Ssnake I’ll make that change in the CS template. One last favour (I hope): can you please provide your recommended call sign for the M113 in the headquarters? I don’t have a “best guess” for this one and would like to finalise it before play-testing and publishing the scenario update, hopefully in the next week. Thanks again!
  9. Red2112


    Less Then 60 Miles..... Thin Red Line Games (home site): https://trlgames.com/tag/less-than-60-miles/ BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/259121/less-60-miles Red
  10. I have no qualms with modern technology in the hands of pixel truppen I might even look at the M1A2 if there's something to equal it now.
  11. Red2112

    Tactical FPS

    It´s just getting better! v1.3 is live.... rEd
  12. That last one has been in bugzilla since the dinosaurs were wiped out!!
  13. Dammit, spoiled again. Now I have to cancel that.
  14. Message To Observer. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_discipline
  15. Rich text in the briefing, and images (file size limited if need be). Also, 'dynamic' map graphics that could be set by the scenario designer to appear/disappear as events/conditions occur during the action phase
  16. I'm betting this tank will be in 4.1: http://blog.modernmechanix.com/super-war-tanks/
  17. Ha! It would have been a bit less jarring for me as a young FO if the gun bunnies/fdc had done me the courtesy of sending an MTO!
  18. Either you're qualified or not. The boys and girls on the line want the fire.
  19. Thanks! Tell me about it! My first 155mm HE call for fire in combat was at 400 meters danger close, which is about 600 meters closer than I'd called in training prior. I requested an adjust fire, and instead I got 9 rounds immediate suppression with a 100 meter radius.
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  21. With the PzH 2000 being an open secret, No. It's not used in real life and seems to be primarily a marketing gimmick. It's not used because of the loss of precision, especially in danger close situations (and these days pretty much all engagements are danger close) Not for this upgrade Not for this upgrade Will do; basically we're using a "general purpose mix" of proximity and impact fuze, with some exceptions (still tinkering with a few details, which is the main reason why I'm holding back with a video yet)
  22. more american tanks were destroyed or knocked out from side hits rather than frontally, suggesting that allies crews weren't seeing what was doing it. by the allied invasion of italy, overlord and beyond (excepting the battle of the bulge), the germans were on the defense where they could map out expected allied advances with ranges accurately estimated and sighted whereas the allied crews were blundering into prepared ambushes and often got shellacked. it came down to more than just which tanks had more or better situated vision ports. the main killers of allied tanks weren't german tanks anyway. in other words, as an allied tank crew, you wouldnt perceive the theoretical advantage like that
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