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  1. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone in the SB community. It's been a month and a half since I bought the sim and joined. Since then I have switched my licensing check over to my Codemeter stick for permanent SB goodness. I've learned the ins and outs of both the M1A1 and M1A2 and am relatively comfortable in most versions of the Leopard. It's funny that I am now seeing features on one tank that I wish was in another model. I have played four multiplayer Sunday Kanium battles and a couple different multicrew missions with other SB enthusiasts and community members. I am truly awed at how welcoming and helpful everyone in this community has been and how easy it is for new players (that are willing to learn and take the time to get into the game and work with others) to be a part of the bigger picture. I am so impressed by the knowledge and experience all of you have and bring to the table. And I am blown away at how incredible and realistic these battles are in progress. I feel like I am really in a Steel Beast and part of something bigger. I love watching the pieces and parts come together in the overall battle plan. It really changes your perspective on what actual tankers experience in the field and gives you a hit of what they actually experience. There is no equal to that, imho. SB has become an immediate favorite and a new addiction and I don't see myself ever getting tired of it. Very few games have that kind of draw and longevity for me. So thanks! SB is awesome!! Truly, there is nothing like it.
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  2. Hi Gladiator, As Gibsonm pointed out, the map is being worked on. It's actually a massive update that includes adding roads and buildings to Hannover Mitte and the surrounding areas. I'm trying to make it as close to realistic as possible within the constraints of the limited building models but it will look a lot more like the actual cities. I've also been connecting roads, adding some cities to the Northwest and East, fixing railroads, moving buildings off of roads, fixing bridges, cleaning up strange artifacts, and so on. I'm trying to get it done by the end of this month or middle of June at the latest, but it's been a huge amount of work. I've been spending about 4 hours a day of and on working on it since the beginning of December. It's just a lot of picky tedious work so hang in there as it is coming. By the way, there will still be some areas of the map that will be incomplete. There are just way too many actual map object and areas in real life and it would take a lifetime to fill all that in. I'm focusing on the most important populated areas and some of the smaller towns. The map can always be added to in the future but it will be a much better starting point. The reason the map is so goofed up currently is that it's been converted many times and some of the original objects were substituted in those conversions. So I've had to splice roads in a lot of cases and then use the bridge tool to make the proper one. There are many rivers so it's time consuming. I'm about 80% to 90% done I think. Here are some shots of the work in progress. (notes on the map are for my reference only)
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  3. Thank you for your kind words, I'll be passing them on to the team.
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  4. I'm here since the first SB. Never got bored, always excited for the next patch. The only thing that comes close was the Harpoon series and the current command:modern operations. Welcome!
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  5. Poland just signed contract with MBDA for license production of Brimstone ATGM for new 4x4 tank destroyer. https://newsroom.mbda-systems.com/pgz-mbda-uk-agreement-for-tank-destroyers/ Vehicle configuration will probably look like this graphic: However it will use new chassis codeveloped by HSW and Tatra. Here some graphics of Tatra/HSW 4x4. Ex-Polish T-72M1R's upgraded with ERA. in Ukrainian service.
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  6. Yes... the problem with export law as it applies to simulations like Steel Beasts, there is not that sharp dividing line that says, "if this of that feature is in it, it's export controlled". Effectively it's the sum of features that make the difference. Also nobody will give you a clear answer when you ask for advice, including the same authorities that are supposed to control your exports. Instead, it's the vendor's duty to self-assess and act accordingly, and export control authorities (US or Germany, no difference) reserve the right settle in court if your assessment was wrong. And that works like this: Someone decides that you are in violation of the law, then alers the state attorney across the street who then mobilizes the police, they raid your office and seize everything of potential utility value, including all backups that they can find. Then they start a forensic process that can take years, then the court proceedings which will take years, and finally the court might rule that eSim Games was innocent after all, or more likely, that the case is moot because eSim Games filed for bankruptcy right after the raid simply because: With computers and backups gone, you can't continue your business, without business you can't pay programmers and 3D artists, so everybody went for a new job the day after the raid, and their passion of working for future eSim Games has been substituted by passion for the reliable paychecks they get from Ordinary, Inc. This in turn curbs my enthusiasm today to see how far I can go teetering the edge of the grey zone. Sure, if I were a shady arms dealer supplying an army of aggression I would probably deserve to go to jail for it. But the practical reality is that the office raid is the punishment, and the office can't be unraided, the business cannot be restored.
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