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  1. As requested: 1. Day sight: 2. F8 just above turret: 3. F8 same location, but "zoomed in": 4. Same as "2" but using Thermal channel. 5. Same as "3" but using Thermal channel.
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  2. Version 1.0.0


    Limnos Island Map Commonly known as ALTIS in the game ARMA III. This project is maybe 50% complete, but I've been working on it since 2018 and I wanted to finally just get it published. This is with great help from @MatsW, who kindly provided me the height map of the blank island of Limnos many years ago. 1. Every object you see in game is hand placed with the exception of the road network, which I also had to replace. Every bush, tree, house, and stream has been hand placed with consideration for the scale and terrain of the real life island but also adapted to the fictional island of Altis, which is just under 1/2 scale of the real island. This map has taken so long that I've actually had to revert back much work to update certain areas to Steel Beasts standards - for example - in 4.1 we were given terrain alteration tools which helped drastically, but that also meant going back and re-do much of the work that was already done. Recently, Custom Line objects were also added - this caused me to go back and deleted hundreds, maybe thousands, of standard Line Objects that I used across the map. This has taken a lot of effort. 2. Some of the villages are modelled accurately to ARMA III, but in many cases it wasn't possible due to many factors. The terrain in ARMA is smaller than 1/2 scale, so there was much more room in the 1:1 Steel Beasts version that I've made. The designers of the Altis island also made some drastic adjustments to the real life terrain, flattening many areas that aren't flat on the real life island of Limnos. 3. This map is an ongoing project and I assess it to be about 50% complete. The main area where the ARMA III campaign takes place is 'good enough' at this point, but everything on the west and northwest side of the island has been untouched. Areas that are incomplete show small streams as house outlines. To Install: Download the zip file and drop the contents in your Map Packages directory C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps
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  3. OK thanks, that helps. Yes, its a common theme among the winter versions, because its hard to get the similar density with the bare branches on the lower LODs while still reducing them dramatically to allow for reasonable performance (it is the ugly tradeoff). But perhaps it can be improved with more panels on the LOD2s, we'll see...
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  4. This one is on my wishlist - let's see
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