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  1. Well done, it’s a really large scale scenario for a new player to manage! You are absolutely right about infantry. That’s what it’s like fighting tanks against dug in troops.. Artillery is the answer, especially mortars as they have a short call in delay 👍🏻 (A Tip for Steel Beasts is use 100Mx100M and increase the number of rounds per gun to 12 or something. Much better lethal effect on a known location of troops) Thanks for the feedback!
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  2. I've been playing this scenario to get my feet wet with SB. I've played it 4 times, and the 4th time, I was finally able to complete all four objectives, as well as the extra objectives, all within H+2 expiration. I like this scenario because it gives me a lot to work with, doesn't constrain me, but doesn't give me too much workload Admittedly, when I first played it, it was indeed too much for me - I was having trouble juggling all the units. As the scenario has a lot of replay value, I'm able to repeat tasks (which is needed, as the repetition helps memorization of how to command units to execute tasks), as well as see some things I missed the last time I played the scenario (last time I missed one of the extra objectives). I flanked quite a bit in this scenario; it's almost a requirement - if I follow those major highways as avenues of approach to the objectives, I pay the price. The scenario taught me to hate unmounted infantry. That's a frustration of mine that I need to learn how to counter, as well as use. I always got beat up by unmounted troops (they chew up my tanks) but when I used unmounted troops against armor or IFVs, the troops always got devoured. The exception is at the beginning where the infantry is entrenched. I immensely enjoy this scenario, though!!
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