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  1. Version 1.0.1


    (YOU NEED UTAH BEACH TO PLAY THIS) OPERATION RECIPROCITY: PART I 30 JUNE 2022 US Combined Arms Training Exercise ________________________________________________________ Map Design: Apocalypse Scenario Design: Rooks & Kings ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ 1) SITUATION: a) Operation Reciprocity is a series of U.S. Army Europe and Africa multinational training exercises in Western Europe. The exercise demonstrates U.S. Army Europe and Africa’'s ability to conduct large-scale ground combat operations across multiple theaters supporting NATO. b) For this scenario, the enemy is represented by French and German armor forces. Working to improve NATO Nations' interoperability is vital to the overall defense and stability of the alliance. c) This operation will have you using forces from the; 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, 1st Marine Raider Battalion, 101st / 2nd Brigade Combat Team. It is a multi-phase operation with time sensitive taskings. You have 3 Hours to complete your tasks. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2) MISSION: a) Neutralize Anti-Air Assets and supporting forces ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 3) EXECUTION: a) Air Assault into "LZ Apoc" with Chalk 1. Link up with 5th Special Forces Group and set up a defensive posture. Intelligence indicates an enemy probe approximately 15-25 Minutes from 5SFG's position. b) Approximately 10 Minutes into the operation, 1st MAR. RAIDER BN will insert at "LZ RAH". Choose to proceed either West to OBJ KANIUM, or North to OBJ Black to coordinate fires and support 22nd MEU's Landing. c) Armor Support will arrive in the South-West indicated on the map at approximately 20 Minutes. Reinforce if needed at 5SFG, before proceeding North to OBJ Tanksim / OBJ Kanium. d) Armor Support will arrive in the North, indicated on the map once OBJ GOLD has been secured by friendly forces. Utilize them and push off the landing area further inland. e) Two additional Air Assault Chalks can be activated via triggers; "Air Assault Chalk 2" and "Air Assault Chalk 3". You are free to use them as you see fit, though expect the enemy to make attempts to retake OBJ TANKSIM and OBJ KANIUM. f) Once you have cleared and held OBJ TANKSIM, KANIUM, GOLD & BLACK; Proceed to OBJ CLANCY and eliminate all ANTI-AIR ASSETS. g) TAKE NOTE OF MINES NORTHWEST OF OBJ GOLD OPERATIONAL TIMELINE: * FRIENDLY SHORE BOMBARDMENT / 10-25 MINUTES INTO MISSION * 1ST MARINE RAIDER INSERTION / 10 MINUTES INTO MISSION * ENEMY PROBE ATTACK / 15-20 MINUTES INTO MISSION * 101st ARMOR SUPPORT / 20 MINUTES INTO MISSION * 22nd MEU LANDING / 30 MINUTES INTO MISSION * UTAH BEACH ARMOR SUPPORT / OBJ GOLD IN FRIENDLY CONTROL FIRE SUPPORT: a) 3 TUBES x 6 BATTERIES = 18 TUBES (HE) ------PRIORITY FIRES--------- (Bravo / Oscar /Delta) b) AIR - NONE / ANTI-AIR THREAT c) UAV - NONE __________________________________________________________________________________________ 4) OBJECTIVE INTELLIGENCE & ENEMY COMPOSITION: OBJ GOLD x 1 PLT / LEOPARD 2A4 x 2 PLT / MARDER 1A3 x2 PLT / ENEMY INFANTRY _____________________________________ OBJ BLACK x1 MECH COY (MARDER 1A3) _____________________________________ OBJ KANIUM x2 PLT MARDER 1A3 x1 PLT / LECLERC _____________________________________ OBJ TANKSIM x1 MECH COY (MARDER 1A3) _____________________________________ OBJ CLANCY x1 TANK COY (LECLERC) x1 MECH PLT (MARDER 1A3) x4 ANTI AIR ASSETS _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 5) FRIENDLY FORCE STRUCTURE AIR ASSAULT x3 CHALKS (UH-60 BLACKHAWK) _______________________________________ ECHO COY. (22nd MEU) x4 MECH PLT (ASLAV-PC) _______________________________________ DELTA COY. (22nd MEU) x4 MECH PLT (ASLAV-PC) _______________________________________ 5TH SPECIAL FORCES GROUP x2 M2A2 (ODS) x2 M113A3 x4 M966 (TOW) _______________________________________ 1st MAR. RAIDER BN x3 CH-146 GRIFFON _______________________________________ 101st ARMOR SUPPORT x2 PLT M1A2 (SEP) x2 PLT M3A2 (ODS) _______________________________________ UTAH BEACH ARMOR SUPPORT x1 PLT M1A1 (HA) x1 PLT M2A2 (ODS) ________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 6) SCORING: a) Scoring is currently turned off until I figure out the best solution to score it accurately. For now, end the mission once you've completed all briefing objectives and then evaluate yourself on your success / failure. 7) DESIGN NOTE: a) ASLAV-PC used instead of LAV-25 to simulate USMC due to wanting the player to have more control over their forces. b) Second scenario I've made so please give feedback and report all bugs / quality control issues to ROOKS AND KINGS on the Steel Beasts forums or the TankSim discord. SPECIAL THANKS TO TANKSIM DISCORD FOR TESTING SPECIAL THANKS TO BEN & APOCALYPSE FOR DESIGN FEEDBACK AND TIPS GOOD LUCK COMMANDERS R&K
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  2. Version 1.0.1


    SNOW WHITE FINLAND VS RUSSIA 2028 ____________________________ 1) SITUATION: a) Russian forces have surrounded Fox Company. They are currently engaged in battle, consisting of a regimental reconnaissance company and 2x Enemy Tank Platoons. Expect enemy reinforcements as soon as twenty minutes from H Hour in the form of; 1x Tank Company (T-72 Variant Unknown) 1x Mechanized Infantry Company 1x Motorized Infantry Company - Intelligence indicates Russian reinforcements from the East b) Fox Company is encircled in the town North of your initial deployment zone. You have a Leopard 2A6 company with a BMP Platoon at your disposal. c) Attached assets include mechanized scouts and UAV support. Artillery x3 Batteries. 540 HE, 216 Smoke, 540 ICM. FASCAM/CAS Unavailable. Priorities of Fire; F Co, A Co ----- TRPs have been marked for priority fire missions. 2) MISSION: Time is critical in your tasking. You must break through the enemy screen in order to reinforce Fox Company. Failure to hold the town will result in the user's failure of the mission, regardless of statistics. Russians are commencing an assault on Fox Company and can be expected to attempt to overwhelm within the first few minutes. 3) EXECUTION: Player's Discretion. 4) NOTES: a) This is meant to be a harder mission for veteran players. It is currently being tested. Please give feedback to Rooks And Kings, and help me tune it appropriately to a challenging, yet fair experience for the Steel Beasts Community. Good Luck and Enjoy! -R&K
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  3. Version 1.0.0


    US Army company team attack on a Syrian held village. Your equipment: M1A1, M2A2, ATTV. Enemy equipment: T72BM, BMP2, BTR80, BRDM2. Time limit: 90 mins. Original concept by @UlyssesSockdrawer
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  4. Version 1


    The rar file "Wolfsburg_Dahlum" contains a new basic-map. To download this map, enter 83b496f3-2e61-490c-99c1-9af48903c8e2 as the map package into the steel beasts map tools UI. If this map is used in a scenario, it will prompt the user to download as long as they have SB Pro Map Tools installed. The map section is located in the lower right area of the map. It's the area of the scenarios JERXHEIM and Dahlumer Roulett!
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