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    I believed it, and again and again, restart and restart .... ho my god...
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    This is an excellent small scale scenario which pits the player controlled balanced company team against an enemy dug in around a small urban environment with an attached military compound to the South-East. As per usual I will avoid talking specifically about the scenario to avoid spoiling the action but I will attach an image of my general plan of of attack. The time limit of 90 minutes is generous enough to allow a methodical approach while stopping the player from taking an unreasonable amount of time for a deliberate attack on an enemy strongpoint. The timer incentivises the player to continue to press the attack and to obtain the dominant position in overwatch of the objective. The scenario provides the player(s) with a balanced M1A1 + M2A2 combat team with attached mortar and supply platoons. Off map artillery is also present in guise of 155mm tube artillery which provides the bulk of your pre-planned fires and is best employed against the objective and to fix the enemy in place. The terrain featured in this scenario is a dune heavy desert - this rolling terrain provides plenty of interesting opportunities for manoeuvre, but be aware - the enemy have many surprises for you as well! It is important to be cognisant of the fact that the enemy are equipped with ammunition which is capable of destroying the M1 at combat ranges. The advantages you will be leveraging are high accuracy, lethality, and superior sighting systems (thermal sights are a major advantage). Overall, I highly recommend this scenario. It provides an excellent introduction to company sized manoeuvre against a dangerous enemy while not overwhelming the player with massive scale or large opposition. unknown.png.url
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