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  1. Yeah, that's me. And that was a long time ago too! I was also known for introducing both the M1A1 "drifting" lead reticle and the manual elevation on the .50 cal. Both of which caused quite a lot of FAQs back in the day. Credited SB1 "Technical Consulant"
  2. That was one of the realism suggestions I made during v1.15 I think. It has been driving people crazy for years!
  3. I rememeber that I had made a PLT defensive mission for the original CD for learning basic tactics. If so many enemy tanks got past the break point, you could select bound to alternate positions by section (covered) or by platoon where everyone would pop smoke when the FPF hit depend on which trigger you selected.
  4. I was in Iraq then, missing all the changes. I fired up SB2 the other day on my PC using an old beta CD which led me back here to look around at what I've missed.
  5. Hey old friends! I Haven't logged on to this site in over four years! Have I missed much since SB2 beta? It's good to see alot of the old usernames are still alive and well. I notice my post count didn't carry over from the old forum that we used along time ago, oh well.
  6. Cobra

    Snow mod

    Version 1.0


    Light snow fall. Only has skins for the M1A1, T-72 and BMP-1 so far.
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