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  1. Bump. Oh yea, I can do tags now too! @Zipuli @Kingtiger
  2. Like it has been said, you need to directly connect the units with routes and waypoints. "putting things near" in this context only works with: Recovery vehicles and their tow (Not the AT Missile) AEV "BullDozers" and tank emplacements These are the only units that will seek out said objects (within their radius) and interact with them.
  3. So are you going to brief them on how well we do? I might be persuaded to take a recon M3 I am NOT doing the WHOLE platoon though.
  4. More Centurions as crewable Mk 6/2, 9/2, 10/2, 11, 12, 13 were the ones with RMG. After all we seem to have all the Leopard varients under sun.
  5. Aw, man. Hope it doesn't take too long.
  6. Or Exercises. In War, they'd have all the toys added. (All the scenarios I make are generally War Scenarios)
  7. The Vanilla version is only a range / training area thing (Saves on diesel wear etc) so that would pretty much fly in the face of Ssnake's "thing" about "Range Targets" in SB. I.E. the only place you'd see a CR2 Vanilla is on the Firing Range.
  8. Yep, first I've heard of that.
  9. Hello apprantly you can move fortifications outside the deployment zone (by drag and drop) and when you "drop" them out side the deployment zone you can't reselect them (to drag them back in) "My expected behaviour" = The fortifications should not be able to be taken outside the deployment zone. Otherwise what's the point in the deployment zone in the first place? Illustration: the 8 (2 rows of 4) bunkers on the left of the blue circle started in the deployment zone. Dragged them outside the DZ and now i can't select them. This is the mission editor "test" mode if that helps or is a known anomaly.
  10. If they do go through with this idiocy, well, I guess I better start learning Russian or Chinese. If they get rid of our tanks, they may as well scrap the Nuclear Deterrent at the same time.
  11. Dude, you're old enough to be her father. But yes, I see what you mean. (Apparently they use Girls because Boys might listen to them more, that is when they're not thinking with their dicks.)
  12. So E31 synopsis: Outflanked Ronin's northern attack, and it turned into a gun fight in a phone booth. In that engagement (Pink Circle) E3 traded 2 Tanks for 5 Tanks 2 BTRs We lost E34 futher on but we exchanged it for another 2 Enemy Tanks I humbly request 9 x Mannerheim Crosses for those who died under E31's command repelling the Red invaders.
  13. Sho't Kal is where it's at.
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