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  1. @speckfire @Tibbs lookit, your old company car
  2. Hmm, there's no Danish skin for the Centurion / Sho't Kal. Bit Odd, considering all the other Danish kit in the Sim.
  3. In my instance that occured when I had put the computer in "Sleep" or "Hibernate" and not restarted before joining multiplayer.
  4. As a scenario maker, I object to this most strongly.
  5. Yeah, your PC will run it on minimum settings. For 6 years I had a 2nd gen i5 laptop with a GT520M, took 5mins to load anything, but it ran SB @ 5-10 fps
  6. Not to nit pick but I can see a possible issue Try starting this in an Adhoc and check to see if the Amphibs actually float at mission start. I have a feeling they might not react to well when starting in water. Stuff spawns levitating above the ground then drops onto it So you might end up with this: Water Level Start Level Ground Level Like I said, might want to check. Especially with Multiplayer. If you have checked this out and its ok, let me know I have a beach landing idea.
  7. Which realm do you inhabit?! 'cos it's not ours. (Also how do I join? asking for a friend)
  8. Sorry. Great minds think alike and all that.
  9. I'd be concerned if Ssnake didn't, as would Ssnake, I suspect. (Ssnake has a thing for John Carpenter films if you hadn't guessed already. )
  10. A pointing stick. The tool of officers since time immemorial! For the best effect I recommend Goldfinger's pool cue. (Brings a bit of polish to the scene) 🙂
  11. Light sources are one of the things missing
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