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  1. CPU for SB 4?

    Think I got you all beat, mine is a GTX-520M Core i5 something or other
  2. Kanium 18nov18 game, "10 hour war"

    Go with A24, Me & Cav can practice Platoon Level Gunnery
  3. Kanium 18nov18 game, "10 hour war"

    What Ammo have the T-55s got? BR-412?
  4. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Still had to take the doors and windows off to do that though.
  5. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    That's the Para's / RM's Version
  6. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Allow me to clarify I am not happy with using the M113 as a FV432 stand in. Esp the A1 / A2 models, That back end looks like the designers just gave up, A3 model is OK Any addition of crewable vehicles is a good thing.
  7. I'm out too Got too much stuff to deal with tonight.
  8. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Not Me Well Challenger 2 with GPS only for an early CH, but the Armour is a bit on the heavy side for the late 70s Mission editor, the ability to go straight to the variable selection with needing to use the radio buttons on the left. E.G. Embark if... Box opens Left Click to set 20 out of "20" <= random variable "X63" < "80" Activates Button for above variable in the dialog box Also hitting enter to close dialog box / "OK" Button would be nice (Speeds up my randomising ability)
  9. Where needed (Except Fuchs) I would like to go east, all the times i've played this one I've been north.
  10. TOW Missile stuff + An Update on my training

    The Cavalry lends class to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl. Also, you don't have to walk (much), and you get a roof over your head.
  11. If Cav Gunner Pops Up, I'll be a member of his platoon. Or One Might Lead it if Cav fancies a break
  12. Sunday 30 SEP 18 game - 1800GMT

    Can I take the JagdPanzers? HOT, 2nd Gen TIS, quick reloads, what's not to like?
  13. ETA on terrain patch?

    Gregorian, Mayan or (Insert other here)?
  14. Sunday 16sep18 game?

    I take a Tank? If Cavgunner is tanking too
  15. Eurgh! That is one Fugly tank.