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  1. Float like a butterfly. Sting like a Bee. Or maybe a Wasp. Those things are evil little fuckers.
  2. Doesn't look good, does it Mr Grenny? 😞
  3. That's not Grenny / Ronin. Might be Christoph? Ssnake who is this person? We must know! Grenny's kneecap is in the bottom right. And Grenny is, uh, particular about appearing on the internet.
  4. An edit to the behaviour where if an MBT / IFV is on a retreat route driving forwards in the absence of a "seen" threat the Turret is pointed over the back deck.
  5. Yes, Grenny is your man. He is or was (promotion is a fickle thing) a Panzer Grenadier, which helps 🙂
  6. Good men who were willing to do stand up to evil.
  7. So long as it's not in the normal TGIF spot and at a euro friendly time, yes.
  8. Shipping might be a tad expensive though. 😮
  9. Have you tried holding "Shift" and Left / Right Click? Also if you want units to move after a set time period use the "Embark If..." and set [ Mission > 0.00 ] to [ Incremental time < X.XX ] (X.XX is the time you want them to wait) You can randomise this by adding another element/condition/variable and using the [ 0 <= Random variable New < 0 ] where [ 0 <= Random Variable New < 25 ] will result in a 25% chance it will use this route Where New is used you can set X1 through X63. This is good for synchronising unit movements as you can tell them all to use the same variable (X1 - X63) E.G. Tank Platoons in a Tank Company "A" are to use Route A/B/C/D the platoons will be told to use variable X1 Tank Platoons in a Tank Company "B" are to use Route A/B/C/D the platoons will be told to use variable X2 etc With a nominal 25% chance of variable X1 falls within that range. Route A = 0>25 Route B = 25>50 Route C = 50>75 Route D = 75>100 You can of course fiddle the numbers to increase / decrease the chance that Variable / Route will be picked. SB can accomodate a lot of randomness, you just need the paitence to set it all up. Oh just remeber if you have set Waypoint Tactics to "Defend" or "Guard" set an unconditioned retreat route or they will default to "Hold/die in place" tactics. Generally I have 3 retreat routes 1 unconditioned 2 Incremental time 3 Unit XYZ has reached waypoint ABC or 3 Friendly units in Area DEF = GHI numbers - this way in unit XYZ gets whacked by the enemy they don't F**k up the whole AI script.
  10. Cool you get a "Free" Thumb Drive. Will it have SB Pro PE "Marketing" on it?
  11. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dear Grenny! Happy Birthday to you!
  12. Think I have. Tony pointed it out to me. (What that says about Tony is anyone's guess )
  13. Oh Ed's been branching out for a while now.
  14. Typical past experience is about $40, i think But Ssnake sets the price
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