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  1. I'd be more concered when it's taking HEAT rounds to the face and laughing back at you.
  2. Hedgehog


    Didn't they have a quick release toggle the driver/commnader could pull that would dump the drums?
  3. Where do we get this elusive "data"? That's what I want to know.
  4. Ok I'll play around with it.
  5. Right click on unit go to "Spawn if" Unit B Spawn conditions Unit C Spawn conditons Pt 1 Unit C Spawn conditons Pt 2 Unit D Spawn conditons Pt 1 Unit D Spawn conditons Pt 2 Unit E Spawn conditons Pt 1 Unit E Spawn conditons Pt 2
  6. Hello. The SB AI appears to regressed in the obstacle handling dept. They are attempting to drive from the right to the left in the above image As you can see the small concete barriers have been demolished by carefully placed IEDs, to remove said obstacles Same again in the map view As you can see they have nice, neat routes in column across from the assembly area (right hand grouping ) across the border (marked by the red line) annnnd.....well.......then it all goes to shit. 🙄 As I recall, the AI could handle this in version 4.1 (We even played a multiplayer game, which cavgunner recorded, so we know it used to work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biuhdmy8tZI )
  7. That's why I started a Poll Saying that this would need as mcuh notice as possible for CO planning, Distribution of said plan etc
  8. Ok Ok, Finnish Marksman: *Heavy Breathing*
  9. So, @12Alfa & @Mirzayev mentioned printing maps recently. And...... well you know how ideas spring from seemingly no where. Who's up for some old school navigating? *Evil megalomanical laughter* 😈
  10. Yes. Using the method I posted before You need to do this for every unit you want to generate. Spawn conditions: Unit B > Spawn if > Unit A > is > Destroyed Unit C > Spawn if > Unit A > is > Destroyed =And= Unit B > is > Destroyed Unit D > Spawn if > Unit B > is > Destroyed =And= Unit C > is > Destroyed <----Repeat this line to your desire, increasing unit callsigns by 1 (you will eventually run out of spaces in the call sign matrix at 16P, but, if you have lost 255 units, you may want to reconsider your planning abilities.) Translation by Google: Sì. Usando il metodo che ho postato prima Devi farlo per ogni unità che desideri generare. Condizioni di spawn: Unità B > Genera se > Unità A > è > Distrutta Unità C > Genera se > Unità A > è > Distrutta =E= Unità B > è > Distrutta Unità D > Genera se > Unità B > è > Distrutta =E= Unità C > è > Distrutta <----Ripeti questa riga a tuo piacimento, aumentando i nominativi delle unità di 1 (alla fine finirai gli spazi nell'identificativo di chiamata matrice a 16P, ma, se hai perso 255 unità, potresti voler riconsiderare le tue capacità di pianificazione.) Traduzione di google
  11. Played this one before. I can take the new guy if you want. @Nike-Ajax Last time I played this I they were DF-30s?
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