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  1. P66/65 Someone greased the wheels at Division to get a hold of M1A1s this early Strictly speaking the M2's would not have LRFs (Think they were a crash upgrade program after Op Desert Storm)
  2. @TSe419E might be able to help you, considering "He was there"
  3. Well the Recon Mission was Fun Captions: Map Ford (By A12) BRDM (Pic taken from tree line just to the SE) T90 Platoon (Pic taken from A12 Inf team as shown on map) 2S6 Under the tree (Pic taken from A12 Inf team as shown on map)
  4. @Grenny You seem to have put me in A14, when I requested A12. If yourself and Duke want to stay as a team, I am happy to do a straight swap A14 for A12.
  5. Further to Mirz's request. Alt T = UAV returns to Inf team (Like inf teams mounting up into a vehicle.)
  6. Thom's New Yorkshire accent is hilarious.
  7. Even SPGs have "Ready racks" @Ssnake I have noticed in the mission editor when 1st place down and Arty Target Area (ATA), you do not get the "Precision" options But if place you any other ATA and then right click "Set Type" they "Precision types" then appear in the drop down. Also I didn't know you had implemented the Copperhead Presicion Mortar rounds. And do MLRS carry precision munitions? I don't know if this is a bug or not.
  8. "Shift + P" = Sticky P key. There's a joke / medical condition in there somewhere.
  9. Are we ever going to get shiny new maps that really go all in with this new terrain engine? And are they likely to be released in this decade?
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