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  1. I am assuming by "a good flash drive" you mean a Code Meter stick? (small grey thing has a WiBu marking and a red/green flashing LED) Proceeding on that basis. This one: Upgrade License from version 4.0 Requires CodeMeter stick with valid license for SB Pro PE 4.0. Delivery via email, NO SHIPPING NECESSARY and this one: Manual and USB Stick 32 GByte USB “Installation Stick” Printed version 4.1 user manual FREE SHIPPING *Shipments will be delayed until approximately Aug 4.* If you get stuck try here in the first instance: Failing that try emailing Ssnake (Hisname at "company that makes the software" dot com.)
  2. Hetzers gonna Hetz. Sorry. Haters gonna Hate.
  3. Why stop there? To Lisbon! The Party Elite must have their Alantic coast Dachas!
  4. With inert cars as map objects, the load on the game engine would be easier, no LOS calcs. Also scrapped / long abandoned cars (Broken / Green Windows, Wheels missing etc) would add immersion. (Bad neighbourhood) Ooo Ctrl + 1 , Nice. (Old Command & Conquer reference, you used Ctrl + a number to create a group in that game.) They said that about the T-72, once upon a time. Now we have 7! M A/M1 B B ERA B1 B1 ERA M4 @Volcano they sound awesome. (I take a moment to listen to the idle when i'm in the range.)
  5. Agreed @matsimus 1st point, apologies for the butthurt going around, it happens when an "Outsider" streams SB Pro PE. All the critics appear. To try and patch things together. The critics here have valid points, presentation, tactics, gunnery are all fine art taking many hours of practice blah blah blah. But, what they are forgetting, Everyone has different abilities/knowledge/whatever. Quickest way to learn is Mulitiplayer (more on that later) Right now Gunnery: I usually have a warm up before the sunday game. I would recommend using one of the older tanks start with the T72 and work towards the sho't Kal and then the T55. (To the critics of USSR Kit. SILENCE! Teaches ballistics.) Then when you jump into a mopdern tank, you have aids to the learned fundamentals. Well that's my view anyway. However, I do think mission design creep may have been an issue..... (I know I do it all the time, literally ALL the time!) 1 player controlling a company conducting FISH.....Yeah, that's "Crossing the streams" bad. (I have a mission you could try, it's older kit, And it's bastard hard. But turrets pop with frequency. And fulll disclosure Tankhunter made it, I uh, edited it.) Anyway. To my point. Try jumping into a Kanium Game, Sundays @ 1800 GMT (Details in multiplayer thread.) Reasons A: They / We / Us Speak English (and somtimes Bad English) B: Been doing it for 2/3 years now, seem to know their shit. C Can join my platoon, even if you might get the odd, "No! Your other Left!" "See those Trees off to our front left? Go there." and maybe if it goes sideways "Maaaaatt! We! Are! LEAVING!" D Only downside is we might be staring at trees for 45 mins, but thats what happens sometimes. That way you can get trigger time, leave all the planning / organization / micromanaging to others. Focussing on your own tank, would allow you to..... I dunno "Youtube" I guess? (How does one youtube? Some have a talent, I don't I guess. Anyway....) Even if the community is a little, uh, abrasive at times. (Which I understand, they / us / we care about their / our hobby. ) Hedge (Liaise with me and/or Nike, via PM, Nike is away for 2 weeks though.)
  6. I guess the idea is to make the enemy go: "Is that a tank?" / "Where is that tank?" And in that split second hesitation you zap 'em.
  7. Yeah, where's [UK 1980] ?! Seriously, make it happen, it's THE only one missing.
  8. We had an agreement where we rotate platoon leaders. I'll take A54 Roerbaek can uh, "step up to the plate" 😁
  9. I'm a maybe If I am around something in 2nd platoon
  10. Something to tide you over for ten more days (or 12.5 minutes)
  11. I got a feeling it was through M1TP2 that I found SB, but by that time you were onto Version 2.235? (Or Something, was 2 versions before the Public Beta came out.)
  12. Go with the US Method - Vietnam Era Nuts & Bolts, UNC thread
  13. I expect 32nd of July.
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