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  1. Well you're playing at 1800 GMT then Not 1900 GMT as advertised.
  2. I'd have made tutorials myself a long time ago, but my pc is waaaaaaay to shit to do anything worth while with. (Any video capture I'd do would basically be fuckin' slide shows.)
  3. You also need to traverse the cupola in line with the turret for it to lock E.G. cupola looking left of gun Traverse cupola right (slowly) It'll go "Klunk" and then follow the turret.
  4. I've only managed a paltry 14.
  5. Wonder if that upgrade pack includes power traverse and elevation. And I see they've lost their Belly Wheels.
  6. Did this and there was no mention of the GTX - 520MX, and I thought, "Hmmm, that's odd." Further digging and well, see above.
  7. Ok, will do. Thanks Huh. For some reason the Dedicated Graphics card has uh, vanished (Not physically though as its hardwired in) That might be the problem. Edit: It is (The driver was missing, reinstalled drivers, all worky now) I'm trouble shooting now, thanks for pointing out where to look Can mark this one as [RESOLVED] Thanks
  8. Any news? Starting to get SB Withdrawal here.
  9. Well. Every scenario I have tried so far has failed to load with the same error. I have picked scenarios that I know use a different map, I have used different "User profiles", I have setup a new Admin account (Something weird was going on with the old one), I have done a full reinstall, I have installed the patch and the map tools. To no avail. About the only thing I have not done is reinstall the 17GB of map data. Which is probably what I'm going to have to do next. DebugLog.txt DebugLog_0.txt DebugLog_1.txt
  10. Uh, yeah. In 6 years we'll be on version 6 or 7 probably.
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