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    er, Tanks funnily enough. And sneaking around the Virtual Battlefield.
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  1. Not like it has a shit tonne of ammo in the back though. But there is a diesel tank.
  2. Plus the fact that you might be being shot at, and be more interested in running away.
  3. Only the 2A4 has a gunner modelled though, i think
  4. That's the plan In a Scimitar! (I'm a glutton for punishment, and frankly if you need to shoot stuff in a scimitar, you're better off running away)
  5. After a 70 year Reign, HM Queen Elizabeth the 2nd (aka The Boss in serviceman parlance) passed peacefully this afternoon. Long Live the King!
  6. People would rather watch a video on how to do something rather than read up on how to do something.
  7. It is not relevant. Because all antivirus should all do this. And if they do not, they are not much of an anti virus program.
  8. Word of advice DO NOT alter controls while playing in an internet multiplayer session. Your Antivirus will Identify SB as Malware and delete the executable file without warning. Single player alterartions are fine though.
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