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  1. Realism in the past couple of kanium online games where Nike has been hosting has been set to "Low" Boxes in corners of GPS sight (F2) Crosshairs when overriding from TC hatch in M1A1
  2. I'm not leading a platoon. I'm tired and have a headache. I may not even play tonight.
  3. Old school sim systems inc.* Brutal Doom (so much more functinality than vanilla Doom) as the infantry side (Like VBS 3) SB1 as the Armour side C&C95 as the Map interface Simmer on a low heat for 2 years Wonderfully retro graphical simulation bonanza *Not a made up name. One thing about SB 1 Guarenteed 60 FPS on any system post 2005
  4. Another one?! eSim is turning into Squad. Aw CR2 issue not addressed. Booo!
  5. Some source code is probably still being used in SB 4.1 Trade Secrets dear boy. Be nice if as a hobby project (M60) could patch it to work on modern windows and do a limited re release on its 25 year anniversary. Just an idea Is there an ISO disc image floating around for those wanting to indugle in nostalgia?
  6. Where you been hiding? Guess that answers that then Think @daskal lurks around here. Billy vanished off the face of the earth. Chuikov was banned, permanently. @ChanceBS went off sailing. Fidel & Shady, I dunno. I can't remember anyone else.
  7. I have only ever seen this damage inflicted by direct fire in the past. I'll check my AAR & get back to you.
  8. Same, Probably first 2 scenarios only though, we'll see. I'll have a word with Crusty, see if he can make it. Edit: No, Crusty can't make it
  9. Crusty says he's in A33 / 32 = Crusty
  10. Myself A31 and Hoggy A34 & maybe a third TBC please
  11. New Unit > Others > M577 > Unit specific Options > Deployed TOC Formation the M577s need to be placed Manually (They're immobile if "deployed")
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