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  1. M1A2C

    Yeah, well, so were the L60 & 5TDF Engines. These ACE units are likely going to have issues. Higher stressed engines are going to go pop more often. Well by your definition the M1A2SEPv3 shpuld be called the M1A3 New Armour arrays on the turret, a new FCS with a new FLIR system Were these not all changes made between the M1A1 & M1A2 ?
  2. M1A2C

    Love how they are carefully avoiding any connotations with the 5TDF and L60 series of opposed piston engines that went before..... And their reliability issues in the early years. I am also curious as to when the US Army is going to give up calling it the M1A2ABCDEF etc and call it the M1A3.
  3. Operation Sledgehammer

    Busy M1A2s aren't my thing anyway
  4. Arjunk Mk1/Mk2 "Kanchan" Armor.

    A simple "No" would do.
  5. Arjunk Mk1/Mk2 "Kanchan" Armor.

    Still not Kevlar though, is it?
  6. Questions about the Challenger 2

    I'd say a Gen 2 system as there is no British vehicle using the Gen 1 era system currently implemented in SB (The Chieftain is a Mk5)
  7. Arjunk Mk1/Mk2 "Kanchan" Armor.

    Well Kevlar(r) fibres have a tensile strength 5 times stronger than steel. (well that's what DuPont rekon) And GRP is a construction material. So. You know. There's that too.
  8. Can I be a CV90 Gunner? 40mm Bom Bom sounds like fun
  9. About that deleted thread

  10. About that deleted thread

    Oops, someone's dropped a ball here. Am I right in assuming "restricted" = "secret" ? I'm going with "yes"
  11. Obsession for enemy infantry

    I'd like the TC in this scenario to consider loading HE in the main gun too, as well as using the coax.
  12. Hungarian Leopards

    I guess your Government just remembered 1956 and Russia's involvment, huh?