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  1. Don't forget to add it to "Prototypes"
  2. https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/13718-kanium-sunday-12th-of-january-operation-street-sweeper-by-apocalypse/?do=findComment&comment=200745
  3. Just be aware if you use this feature it can increase the scenario file size considerably. Which is worth mentioning if/when you distribute it for multiplayer games.
  4. So this is, for example, an M1A0 using the T80 3D model in game?
  5. I guess that's one of the reasons why you took the Queen's shilling
  6. I can do the CSS / FOO Engineer's as well was a bit too much I can keep them up with the BG but using them last time was too much I can take them initially, but if you ned to cross a bridge clear a minefield, expect to be handed an engineer vehicle
  7. He had a very impressive Mustache.
  8. Ah, OK. Just you started waffling on about Fire Control Systems, and I'm like: "What Fire Control Systems, it's a Sho't Kal."
  9. You do know the engagement in question was in 1966 / 67, right?
    Bad file upload. Won't load, system hangs.
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