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  1. Guess I'll go C34 Someone has to show Mirzayev the intricacies of the boiling vessel. Add Water. Add Power. NOT the other way round. Someone tried it once: Ooops. I don't think anyone was seriously injured. Think the tea tasted a bit metallic though.
  2. Hedgehog

    Bug #0001

    Is that the one the launches the firing post instead of the missile?
  3. Hedgehog

    Bug #0001

    Some how I think you've missed your calling. You should try stand up sometime.
  4. Hedgehog

    Bug #0001

    I am curious..... What was Bug #00001 ? And has it been fixed?
  5. I recall we played something similar a while ago but with US gear. Ronin was in an engineer's bradley started his breach and then Nike 'Lit him up' prompting a "Fuck this Shit!! Imma engineer not combat!!" *Hasty retreat*
  6. And of course all that would be a "Pet Project"
  7. Is it the same kind of issue as the T-72 gun return? Where it's so bloody awkward to fix that the "we can live with that" factor comes into play?
  8. I always try and take a moment to listen to the T-72 idle. Though I notice the suspension is a little 'too' quick in springing down after going over a bump. Its like there's no mass/inertia to the arm/wheels setup I mean don't get me wrong I appreciate the bouncy roadwheels and stuff But It could do with a tweak to get it 'just right'
  9. Oh Poo. Here I was thinking that I was being funny. Ooooh Noes!!!! Apparently I need to up my game! I think I'll manage. Allow me to supplant my original post: Personally I think there's been: A) Like you say, Hoggy, a severe sense of humour failure here. and B) Not enough supplications to the_List. The rodent sacrificial quota has been abysmal in recent years. The faithful have wavered. ****ALL HAIL the_List!!!!**** OK, Fine, whatever. It was aimed at Nils rather than the "Team" Which is where "the Joke" comes in even if it did die on its arse for the intended recipient. I thinks some Clarification of the graph may be needed Having previously worked in a software company QA / Test Dept. I can attest this is a flippant, HUMOROUS (Looking at you, Nils.) but accurate representation: The Kick off meeting = "Update Time! What's ready? (Feature list presented) This, This & This. Not That. OK, Get on with it." White stuff in the middle = Other projects (And shit like Customer complaints, Holiday allowances, "Running the Company Stuff" "Trade Shows" "Life") interspersed with the following for whatever is up for release next: Anaylsis = Uh huh / you want what?! / Are you quite mad?!* / *Insane Giggling from "Somewhere"* Design = Hmm. / I wonder if.... / *Developer Stare* Code = It Works** / Yes, it Does!!** / Auuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!!! / *Headdesk* / You can't do that!!****** Test = No, it Doesn't!! ** / That's Weird. / It's fucking fucked!! / Oh.....Oh, Wow. / *Burned out whimpering* / It's okay!**** Release = No CTD Bugs, that we know of. / *Elaborate release ceremony* Bugfix phase = All the small stuff we forgot/overlooked/were too busy to fix*** / "SQUINT HARDER!!!!" / That CTD bug which was hiding until the time was right. / We found the Giggling. It was Thom. *True Story. ** Repeat as necessary, NOW can you see why it takes so long to release / test an update? (I imagine Nils must feel like a tennis umpire at times. Pock. Puck. Pock. Puck. 15-Love, Test Dept.) ***Delete as applicable. ****Rarely heard and only in hushed, reverent tones, lest it fuck everything up. Again. ******Again, True Story. Well, knowing one or two of the team, a minor hissy fit would feature fairly high on the possibles list.
  10. So, you may be curious as to what is actually happening at eSim right now. There you are. The project plan is how Ssnake envisaged the process. (Not too sure on the "kick off" meeting, that seems like a luxury. ) The reality? Well, that is what's actually happening right now. This is why a release/update is always delayed.
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