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  1. @Ssnake remember having a conversation with @speckfire about this, Speckie calls it "Controlled Sinking"
  2. No the 1A7 is not amphibious The TPz Fuchs 1A6 is amphibious though The 1A7 upgrade has additional Armour (and other things) which takes it beyond the Fuchs' Buoyancy limit.
  3. Hello, me again TL:DR As per the Subject/title Line : Sho't Kal Pintle .50cal breaks with "main gun" damage Long version Just messing around with the Sho't Kal (as is my want) Wanted to shoot some BTR 70s at less than 1200m My logic: BTR at 1200m is a waste of a Main Gun round when you have a .50 I know I'll make the Sho't Kals use their Pintle .50s by damaging the main gun.... Damage > Main Gun The TC should use the .50 now. Tank starts using coax MG Go to Pintle .50 view, pulls trigger.....nothing. Huh, that's weird. Fixing Main Gun Damage fixes pintle .50 For the sake of Completeness: M240 Pintle has the same problem.
  4. Hmm, What is Bug #10,000? out of interest
  5. Hello I have observed the following behaviour when using the RCL in SB: M344 HEAT As ammo type Loaded when fired M344 HEAT As ammo type Selected/Indexed when fired No Tracer present (I Imagine this is correct as there is no "-T" in the ammo type name) M344 HEAT Loaded M346 HEP-T Selected/Indexed Tracer present (This is what piqued my interest) M346 HEP-T Loaded M346 HEP-T Selected/Indexed Tracer present (I assume this is correct) M346 HEP-T Loaded M344 HEAT Selected/Indexed No Tracer present (Incorrect) As you can see it appears the tracer function is triggered by the ammo type selected when the RCL is fired. This behaviour is present in both the Tojosa Pickup and the M113 RCL Included is a test scenario 4 x vehicles: 1x M113 with only HEAT 1x M113 with only HEP-T 1x pickup with only HEAT 1x pickup with only HEP-T #a RCL test.sce
  6. Well, with artillery you generally want to try and keep all the ballistic arcs the same. Helps with plotting fire missions.
  7. You can do that already, using the Theme editor, change the ground textures High and Low (I think low sets the colours used and high is the "picture on the colour" if that makes sense) and the ground cover (you get 2 of these).
  8. The Royal Navy is pretty strict on submarine secrecy.
  9. Bloody hell, the Tacbat is back! Where have you been hiding?
  10. In F8 you could also press the spacebar to deploy retract the mine plow. (Whether this still works .....)
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