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  1. Wha? Mutually annhiliating typos? Someone should write a scientific paper on this, I nominate Zaphod. So long as it doesn't contain any typos though.
  2. @Ssnake Think there's a typo on the M1A1 entry. Both refer to "US 1980"
  3. Sure, OK, here you go. (It's big cos it has sound clips in it.) The basics: 3 (or 4 Sho't Kals, trigger) 4 x M113AS4s (no thermals) An FO in a VAMTAC "Ferret" with a, uh, "liberated" DShK (cos why not) Supply trucks, (If you're careful you can get by with a basic load.) Light Aid Detachment (Not that you'll need it much.) Takes about an hour - hour and a half, if you have daylight left at the end, there's a secondary objective on a trigger. You need to run it as a multiplayer and pick the "Player Blue" side (sorry, it just kinda evolved tha
  4. It does open opportunities though. What if Blue(or Red) has found the boundaries of two adjoining parties? 1 designer for each of the Red (or blue) allied parties? The other pertinent issue is who coordinates all this?
  5. What kind of scenario do you want? Should we take this to email correspondance? I have an example ready
  6. No. Why? Unless of course you want to buy the classroom version?
  7. Well, this is where I got them from. It's about the only source of 105mm brass sounds short of actually organising a private live fire recording session. (and the associated legal wranglings)
  8. Hello Having previous correspondance with Volcano I can now catergorically say: The 105mm Brass sounds are not working / implemented. (At least for me, anyway) Observe: (It's a bit on the loud side.) 2021-06-09 17-57-57.mkv In short, my understanding from correspondance with Ed, is the gun goes "BOOM!" and then the Brass goes "Clink clonky donk badonk." (Admittedly there is bit of Clinky noises but thats part of the "i_105Maingun" File. Apologies) But in the presented example it goes "BOOM! Clink...." no "
  9. I would say the other way round eSim takes a 30% cut (Other amounts are avalible) for hosting and distribution (& maybe playtesting by the already overworked Beta testers) With the amount eSim charges its military customers, scenario generation revenue is chicken feed. You want scenario makers to be motivated my 2 pennies worth
  10. This but Without this: Sure. But then you'd probably be employed by either Ssnake and probably working US hours (which are weird as fuck here in the UK or other GMT based Timezones, Portugal etc.) or some Government agency.
  11. But what's stopping the LAV from using the ASLAV / NZLAV FCS? And the ASLAV turret in SB is as basic as it gets, yeah yeah "classifed"
  12. Is there a specific reason as to why the ASLAV-25 is Crewable and LAV-25 is not?
  13. My post below is a bit rambly, I've kinda just text dumped on to the page, sorry. TL:DR / pertinent points: I'd like to see Red Map Diamonds with question marks in them at long range (depending on the unit but 2k plus), unless the Red Diamonds start shooting at the Blue Map Rectangles Circles. And if an enemy unit is not seen for I dunno 5* mins (depending on circumstances) he drops off the hive mind until spotted again, and a bit of code to tell said unit to cut his losses and bugger off (If allowed). Increasing the AI spotting area from 1 pixel to 3x3 or 5x5 pixels
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