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  1. Version five hundred and twelvety.
  2. Huh, that is weird. I'd have thought the sounds would be the other way round? I guess it wasn't implemented as per convention. (if eSim even has such a thing, with vehicles added over 25 odd years) Eh whatever, it's their problem now. I do like the new HE boom boom sounds The Rh 20mm certainly has more giggle factor now
  3. No Because test mode is not avalible outside of the Mission editor. My main use of the discussed functionality is testing sound mods, and quick playthoughs to test scripted AI logic. Sitting around while a unit digitally restocks from an ammo truck would just slow things down, hence why I use this function. I noticed "Someone broke the resupply function" so I started this thread. Initially I thought it was affecting just the ATTV, and as I am not paid to investigate errors/bugs by eSim I left it there. I have only added to my thread as I have been testing with other units I have been using for my own ends Ergo: I have limits as to what I'll do free of charge. I'll write up a basic bug report & test case (if it's simple to demonstrate) but thats yer lot. I am not doing detailed investigations.
  4. M113 ATGM, M996, and curiously Inf Missile teams seem to be affected (all types) MG teams on being resupplied are very happy bunnies with a 1250 round "belt" and 0 "stored" ammo. <- further investigations / stumbling this is the default level for LMG teams (+210 rifle ammo)
  5. Vector ATTV Mission editor bug (Resupply) When in the mission editor and using the Right Click resupply the ATTV ammo is changed to "Unknown 0/0" Tested = all ATGMs and M240
  6. SB v5 Will it have a ranging machine gun implemented?
  7. The manual (with a default installation) can be found in the folder here: C:\Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\docs It is labelled "SBProManual.pdf"
  8. a = Ambient (Your vehicle exterior EG when your main gun fires it will play this sound) x = Exterior (3rd party vehicle exterior EG your wing man fires his main gun it will play this sound) i = Interior (EG you frie your main gun from the GPS it will play this sound) m = multipurpose (Will play this sound no matter where you are observing from.) The files with a prefix are newer filenames the ones without a prefix are generally older filenames before V implemented the new naming convention. 8 amdropen.wav < ammo compartment door open 182 10x.wav < switch to 10x zoom 183 3x.wav < switch to 3 x zoom 140 smallATGM.wav is the infantry's RPG launch sound 377 i_120Maingun0.wav < T72 or Challenger 2 371 i_120Maingun1.wav < Challenger 2 or T72 589 i_120Maingun2.wav //leopard 2 2 inthit.wav <when your tank (specifically a tank) are hit by a maingun round 5 intmain.wav < ask Volcano 9 ldbrch.wav < loader manually loads the breech/gun 16 seclunk.wav < CV90 FCS Clunk 46 silence.wav < plays when engines are off in addition to other environment sounds 4 static.wav < plays when AI sends radio traffic (red text at bottom of screen) static2 < PLays when a human sends a text message in a multiplayer session 202 static3.wav <Plays when an event message is triggered, can be replaced by an event sound in the mission editor. 10 stbclnk.wav < ask Volcano 11 stbuclnk.wav < ask Volcano 123 tis.wav < ask Volcano 203 unldBrch.wav < unload main gun 146 wounded.wav < Plays when you position you are manning is disabled the main person to ask is @Volcano as he wrote that table and is generally "the sound guy"
  9. Dear eSim In the F8 observer view of the Piranha V AAAMS, when it fires the main mortar it is using/calling the "x_MortarHvy.wav" when logic/continuity dictates it should be using the "a_MortarHvy.wav" Side by Side test with all other 120mm platforms, they appear OK (Have added to test scenario) Here's 2 different mortar sounds for you a_MortarHvy.wav x_MortarHvy.wav I've even written a test case for you Fix / Raise bugzilla entry Edit: Added zip folder with sounds and test sce Mortar test.sce Mortar test.zip
  10. Make a back up your SB executable and put it somewhere other than your SB folder. Reason: If you make and save control key changes while in a SB Multiplayer via internet network connection, (aka Network session) as soon as you hit "Save" your antivirus will identify SB as malicious software (because you made a configuration change while connected to the internet) and nuke your SB executable from orbit.
  11. I take something in A3 Avoid Troop leaders if possible, lots of voices, bleurgh. Will take leader if needed
  12. Well, can get IED Capability for the light stuff like PCs, BMPs, trucks etc? That way if we, as mission designers want to simulate kaboom we can (Apparently the BMP 3 is very good at tearing itself apart if hit) With the understanding that if you start abusing it you're going to get weird results.
  13. This is what I was thinking. It'd be a good first step. Do HE and HEAT warheads use "Insensitive" explosives? (I.E. won't go bang by being getting too hot)
  14. When tanks cook off ammo apart froma fireworks display nothing else happens (No shrapnel / overpressure) As a temp fix a hard wired IED device using remaining ammo? AS a way of teachin softskin and inf to not hang around Tanks. We had a Kanium game where @Major duck's tank blew up from a AT-11/AT-14 hit and my teeny tiny recce jeep was just like "Meh" parked about 50 meters away. Think a 60 tonne tank going boom might at minimum rattle some heads? @Lumituisku's image
  15. I hope Rheinmetall is going to fix the CR2 protection levels on the CR3 upgrade.
  16. Yeah, that one Fuck's sake. *rolls eyes*
  17. GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE! Nice Did you fix the "trench shifting after a save" bug?
  18. Ah, I remember this one. The ole' Soviet Steamroller. I'll have a Luchs I mean ASLAV (Not all of them though)
  19. A hot key to tell the Platoon to swap sides. In the context of platoon layout. 3 1 4 2 to switch to 2 4 1 3 Or 1 2 to switch to 2 1 Is best used when using a partially manned platoon
  20. Yeah it is probably this, I've seen it in the mission editor too The flying tree is a new one though.
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