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  1. Hello While playing around testing my latest mission I noticed the if you reduce the Sho't Kal's HESH load and replace the empty "space" with APDS, When you park it next to a supply truck, at the start of the mission so the APDS rounds haven't been used, the tank takes on ammo to fill the HESH rounds to it's default loadout. The Issue: These rounds are in addition to the APDS rounds already loaded. So you end up with (Going off the top of my head here): 9-45 APDS 7-36 HESH 1-2WP 100 rounds, Hmm. I guess Gallifrey and the Timelords have expanded into the defence business? When I found this happening I did do a @TankHunter style "Huh, OK, that's odd." It wasn't quite a "Oh. Oh, Wow." though. I can't say if this happens with other vehicles though. Just thought I'd mention it.
  2. In short, It was an experiment. 3 to 4 "platoons" of a single vehicle each, intended for each vehicle to have a player controlling it. So 1st platoon = T11 vehicle 2nd platoon = T11A vehicle 3rd Platoon = T11B vehicle etc The idea being that you couldn't link them together, as you could in a normal platoon and rely on the SB AI formation control. It is intended to focus attention to troop level manouvers, command & control. And I wanted the artillery to bombard them so you'd get the hint of "don't stay in one place too long."
  3. Think this was the Issue. Targets can be engaged by a human FO, On map Arty can bombard the Targets OK. All units can call for fire, and AI Call for Fire are on.
  4. Huh, Ok. Further investigation has occurred. I will need to test this theory first Looks like it maybe a specific vehicle the RED AI doesn't like to engage with indirect. The Sho't Kal.
  5. Hello, Are there any known issues with getting the RED AI to call for fire? Because I have on map arty howitzers with ammo, any AI unit can call for fire but they aren't even where there are blue map icons showing. They call one fire mission, that's it for the entire scenario. There are scripted calls for fire on the Red Side. Am I missing something here?
  6. Hello Again @TankHunter Simply put: Concertina wire laid down as 0% in the Mission editor exists as a fully complete obstacle in the 3D world (you just can't see it) I.E. Vehicle AI tries to avoid the invisible obstacle. When you run over it, it makes the twang sound And running over it will immobilise your vehicle. Placing Wire in the Action Phase this behaviour doesn't happen. However if you dismount inf and they start building "Placed in Mission Editor" wire obstacles this behaviour still persists. Hedgehog
  7. Hello, Thom. @TankHunter From my observations the eSim pixel munitions factory has been producing out of spec munitions. Specifically the L36A1 APDS is being manufactured with Tracer Elements. My understanding is that this would be notated as: "L36A1 APDS-T" NOT "L36A1 APDS" (I note every single other 105mm AP round has a "-T" ) Can someone have a word with the Shop Foreman about his people showing initiative? Or maybe they could start Stamping "-T" on the Crates? Thanks. Hedgehog P.S. I have tested with Sho't Kal, Leo AS1, M60 , All have L36A1 with a Tracer.
  8. Vegetation based camoflague (And attendant masking of thermal signatures.) Might need editing / adding to the 3D models though.
  9. @Ssnake Ready rack speed variations. 1st 2-3 rounds very fast loading. (On par with or just slightly slower than "Lap Loading") "The Sweet Spot" Next 3-4 rounds is a slower reload, "The Sweet Spot Emptied" Last few rounds take forever and a day, "Digging around in the corner of the ready rack for that spot that's bastard awkward to get to" Reload Action Modification: Loader Restows Ammo into the Sweet Spot first (In the M1 with a faster progress rate) Then starts to fill up empty ready rack slots. (in the M1 standard progress rate) Intended training outcome: "Restow ready rack often." Is an incentive to Top up / restow as often as possible. And adding fidelity. As at the moment there's no real disadvantage to running the ready rack dry (Other than exhausting ammo)
  10. So, Delta Testing phase now? Or is it Gamma? My Ancient Greek is a bit rusty.
  11. Hello, I emailed Ssnake about this problem, but appreciating Ssnake is busy managing things. And in subsequent conversations with Minions/Beta Testers (they are a useful bunch, quiet, uncomplaining, kind of ) told me to post here and tag, Tugg, I mean @TankHunter Anyway, to the point. The Vehicle in question is the Challenger 2 (Someone has to fight for it, may as well be me.) And the F3 / GAS view. This is after the Left Hand Spin of the HESH was fixed in 4.1xx: Email to Ssnake: Anyway, Ssnake in a follow up email assured me that A) I was right (Whoohoo!) and B) It was fixed But. It isn't, at least not in 4.162, the above condition still exists. I am not trying to appoint blame, just stating that it isn't fixed. So @TankHunter work your magic (My hypothesis is that the reticule pattern and the spin drift are sharing a common value/setting/argument (as they both inverted in 4.1 fix) and that "link" needs to dissolved and both values need to be set to "right hand drift" whatever that is in SB source code) Anyway, our resident Oddball knows where to find me, and to use clear, objective, analysis. Much Love, Hedgehog. A.zip B.zip
  12. Since there's more than enough on Blue, put me down to Help Grenny
  13. Don't forget to add it to "Prototypes"
  14. https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/13718-kanium-sunday-12th-of-january-operation-street-sweeper-by-apocalypse/?do=findComment&comment=200745
  15. Just be aware if you use this feature it can increase the scenario file size considerably. Which is worth mentioning if/when you distribute it for multiplayer games.
  16. So this is, for example, an M1A0 using the T80 3D model in game?
  17. I guess that's one of the reasons why you took the Queen's shilling
  18. I can do the CSS / FOO Engineer's as well was a bit too much I can keep them up with the BG but using them last time was too much I can take them initially, but if you ned to cross a bridge clear a minefield, expect to be handed an engineer vehicle
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