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  1. Hmmm, Whose Dacha did all that money end up going into? It doesn't surprise me though MBT-70 Sgt York Ajax and now T-14 a long line of failed defence projects.
  2. Gotta love main menu music, right? Personally I think he's been watching "The Beast" a bit too much 🤪 Though I admit to using the C&C 120mm (Mammoth tank) sound in SB It has a bassy thumpy kick to it
  3. Go with E65 & CSS Revenant needs a clear, focused mind to implement his hunter killer doctrine. (He just needs to spew task verbs at the enemy in a verbal diarrhoea until they surrender)
  5. Have you Emailed Ssnake? If not I'd highly recommend it. And maybe @Volcano as well?
  6. Good Luck! Hope you get some traction with this
  7. Oooo, colour me interested. Can I be @TSe419E CavGunner's gunner? (If he'll have me) Otherwise "anywhere needed"
  8. Agreed Think Ukraine army is a bit busy at the moment
  9. Agreed Think Ukraine army is a bit busy at the moment
  10. https://tenor.com/view/prosocialites-gif-25400777
  11. It's getting to the point where it has too much crap bolted to it. Start again time.
  12. Leopard 2A0 Or version with LLTV in place of TIS
  13. Lumis photo Periscope, go left, the downwards protruding switch with the guard
  14. I think this answers your question You might have to derive your own formula. Sorry.
  15. Ah so if they change the Gun (again) that would be an A3
  16. Wonder why they don't just call it the A3?
  17. East of the purple line, the Inner German Border, there are no roads, rivers or villages/towns. Wasserkuppe has that area populated.
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