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  1. Ah colonial atroc...I mean liberation efforts! I wish I could be there to suppress the natives, but alas, I shall probably be busy elsewhere. Have fun though
  2. Especially if the Pie in the Sky is a deorbiting Lucrehulk
  3. Wish: Ability to designate (is so desired) a firing location for off map arty support So rounds land like they do for on map arty, but scripted And ability to set number of rounds in a fire mission
  4. I think I spent 400/500hours making a scenario once (OP Muppet) Which mat actually be broken with the update, (racetrack AI pathfinding) So that would be £5000 @ £10phr And I should also probably update valley of heros
  5. Aw, should buy them a company expensed beer though
  6. Bags of Suppression FIre Bags of Smoke Go Left Flanking. Just Ask @IrishHussar, I'm sure he's covered a few infantry assaults in his time.
  7. @Ssnake Is it ready yet? Does it need more pepper? Pinch of Salt? Curry powder? Chinese five spice? (That'll set @DarkAngel off ) (I hope everyone at eSim is getting some time off after the release? )
  8. ***ALL HAIL the_List!!!*** Also Meh about the Heli routefinding yes its better and rocket runs are a thing. But ZOMFG!!!!! DID I SEE AN ACTUAL FUCKING INFANTRY TRENCH???????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH INFANTRY USING SAID TRENCH????????????? 🤩 THE SINGLE BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT IN SB EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I demand more videos of trenches. Now. Please.
  9. I would be, but it's more of a pain in the ass this side. I have to get across London to Stansted Gatwick would be far easier Hopefully next year
  10. A [UK 1970] party Like UK but with SLR/FAL and funnier hats
  11. Maybe, But they'd have to big and replicate a burning tank. Which I suspect may be counter productive to "not being seen"
  12. Got mah license. Pretty painless really, pays yer money, click a link, click a button, done. Now. GIMMIE MY (offically licensed & rented) SOFTWARE!
  13. Why are you invading the Isle of Wight? Is there something I should know?
  14. Well you can either turn dustiness down or add a little water to ground at mission start. Mission editor > weather > ground saturation > more than 8%
  15. DEATH! BY! SNU-SNU! Oh. No. . . Wait. That's amazonians. Sorry. My bad. 😬
  16. Until Ssnake and co have written a better smoke physics optimisation. You have 4 options 1) Reduce your graphics settings (Alt & G) 2) Reduce number of BM-21 Launchers in a fire mission 3) Buy better hardware 4) Endure low framerates OMG! Gasp! The horror!
  17. Sorry imma have to give up B66 I have a medical issue and I am in a lot of pain when I sit down. I'm on antibiotics and hope it clears up soon, but as I said I can't sit at my PC for very long. (At least while trying to think straight) I'm disappointed as it the one different scene we have had lately.
  18. Dang it If I didn't have to get across/around london to get there, I'd be over every month or so.
  19. Might be that T-64 has Composite armour And T62 has a smoothbore gun both have a late 60s in service date leo 2 didn't enter service until 1979 So that's about a decade. Unless theres another type that entered NATO service we've missed.
  20. I'm in! Don't know where though. Maybe CSS? Maybe Cmdr? I'll take D32 for now
  21. Eh the problem lies in synchronisation of the discounts and vehicle, as they are 2 separate entities. There was a bug (circa 2010) where if the discounts were killed in the back of a CV90, the bodies were drawn hovering in mid air. Looked really odd.
  22. Well, build a better engine then. I started a build of Berlin centered on Checkpoint Charlie, seems to work OK (Cept the pathfinding, before i learned how nav mesh works) Biggest challenge is how 1960s Berlin looked What kills frames is fire and smoke in excessive quantities
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