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  1. Somewhere in Irish, Jag, or Cavgunner's platoon Preference for Cavgunner (if he's coming), haven't tanked together in a while, plus he can regale us with his "I was there" war stories
  2. I think the plan is to pause every hour or so and "Trim the fat" Dlete dead out of sight vehicles etc.
  3. To answer @Apocalypse 31's specific question, the 2S9 Nona is a self propelled Mortar. Same as the M1064A3 & Piranha Mortar carriers. (well, sort of, the does Nona have a turret) To elaborate on that answer: The AI in the action phase will only use "tube artillery" (I.E. Howitzers and SPGs) in the "action phase" Both off map "orbital support platform" and on map. The Support menu needs to be set for Allow AI to call for fire, in the mission editor. Rockets and Mortars are human use only. (Either by call for fire in the "action phase" or Mission editor scripted) "action phase" = the dynamic 3D (shoot things) environment where sounds play, vehicles move around and things blow up.
  4. How do you think I did the airstrikes in OP Muppet? It wasn't wishful thinking
  5. @DarkAngel Appreciation for your hard work. (Other than the cold hard Cash Nils pays you.)
  6. The biggest thing lacking for infantry in this sim is fortifications. Specifically ones that can withstand artillery bombardments. But a "shoot rocket here" or crosshair for RPGs or RRPGs (even if they fly in straight line) would be much more welcome now as a "here is a workaround until we can fix it" thing. Like has been done with the map engine. I actually feel we've gone a bit backwards with that one. Certainly the choice of maps avaliable has gotten smaller. And most of the ones we have now are "rough" versions of the old maps anyway. But that's for a different thread.
  7. Huh, 10044 got fixed then 👍
  8. Hello HE bug? Leo2A4 killed by a 105mm HESH round to the right track Evidence attached HE Bug.zip
  9. Oh it was a choice to have your map "Updated" when you got past the supply dump/area. (AI blue goes from "Neutral" to "Allied") I might make a version 1.1 where the updates when you meet the CO (Which was the original intention but got dropped for some reason that I can't remember.) To fix it I'd have to copy down and (re)write logic, events conditions and event messages etc, after forgetting it all. (and shoehorn it in around the AI Blue logic.) And the work around, well, works. Not ideal, but we deal with worse in SB on a daily basis. Maybe, who knows in the future I'll address this. But right now, after an 9 hour work day in a warehouse being bored shitless and my brain dribbling out my ear going "Imma check out now, have fun." Let us just say "it is on hold for the foreseeable future" Again, thank you for the feedback
  10. Awwww, shucks guys 😊 Thanks I dislike the "Sterile" battle field with just you and the enemy. I'm like, no, this is World War 3! It's not just you and the enemy, it's Eeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrryone! Medics, Supply, MPs, Refugees, POWs, Airpower, Artillery, literally everyone! Once you cross the LD, and you're short of everything but the enemy...You're in Combat. (Though I did tone down the REMF factor to seeing just what you drive past.) My responses below: Other things that drew critisim from eSim testers was the in game order messages: Was that a draw back for you guys? Or was that OK? *My logic on the RPG29 use: 1 extra reach over a typical modern RPG 800m as opposed to 300/400m 2 Against a T-55/T-62, an RPG-29 HEAT round with 720mm RHAe will do the same amount of damage as a HEAT round with ~260/300mm RHAe (Which is the RPG-7 capability) 3 it looks kinda like a super bazooka. For the next one I have various ideas floating around. Berlin 1961 (which would be, uh, interesting, I'm making a map, but it's on hiatus, untill I get my mojo back for that one) or Yom Kippur 1973 (but that's been done already) I might scratch a Vietnam itch. But I'd have to make a/the map first. Thanks for the thread though guys, much appreciated. 👍
  11. Good Game all Tanks to @Grenny for making the scenario Thermals would have helped. Not sure an M60 using M735 at 2km + would do much though. What didn't help was my shitty comms, loader must have left the feeder unplugged or something. Think I need to get hold of a Teamspeak expert and find out WTF is going on with this thing. Was trying to get hold of everyone at some point (usually the pivitol one) and no one answered. Thanks to @Nike-Ajax for being my comms relay. I hope everyone had fun.
  12. Immediate action plan / rough plan pending Final Sce: Subject to change, improvements etc. Concept of operation for Phase 1 1B move to Support By Fire (SBF) pos 1 2, 3 & B to move along Purple route 4B & 3B to clear MARGRETENHAUN with 2B support if required 4B to hold on line 3 (On own judgement prepare to move to/hold short of SBF pos 😎 1B to move to SBF pos 2 (depending on the situation move to SBF pos 7) 2B to pass through 4B and hold on line 4 3B to clear and move to Attack By Fire (ABF) pos 5 1B to move to SBF pos 7 (see above) 2B to assault to SBF pos 6 and clear any ENY Recon 3B to eliminate any retreating ENY Recon Depending on ENY Course Of Action: 3B move to ABF pos 9 Move to Phase 2: Concept of operation for Phase 2: Phase 2 will be either a manouver to get flanking shots on area GEKKO (White Circle) and murder REDFOR as they cross GEKKO (Hopefully) And, if it goes really, really well we might have a look at moving East of HOFBIBER and club Ivan round the head. (not likely though) The other option is dependent on what we find in/swarming out of HOFBIBER, but will most likely be holding our choke point as long as we can. (There will be a bit of organising so we're not all up at once blazing away making a nice big fat artillery target.) In order to buy BLUEFOR time to fight a valiant tactical withdrawal in the south. Phase 3: Phase 3 to be implemented once BLUEFOR to the south has signalled they are clear: Bug out west. (Specifics to be determind) Anyway Platoon leaders, digest and table any suggestions you might have. As @Nike-Ajax is in the FISTV of 4B he'll be defacto FO. (I'd like to save the DPICM for the ENY Tank Battalion attack, please.) Oh, and, congratulations on your promotion. CSS I envisage to be in MARGRETENHAUN once it has been cleared.
  13. Provisionally CO. (Need a look at the map on something other than my mobile)
  14. To add to this, setting a level of "burnt out" to destroyed vehicles. Both manual and randomised.
  15. Good game, had to go to bed for early start, hopefully Nike didn't have a complete meltdown.
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