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  1. * Well, that's what the dust bins are for. 😁 (Sorry, not sorry)
  2. I thought that was why the TTB was included?
  3. Yeeeeeeeeeeees! "Field Repairs will void the Tank's Warranty." LoL
  4. I have no qualms with modern technology in the hands of pixel truppen I might even look at the M1A2 if there's something to equal it now.
  5. Have the russians come up with some crazy new mineplow mounting method? Keep shooting until it changes shape and/or colour
  6. LoL, Good Luck. To scratch your WW2 Itch, I suggest Sho't Kal (L52) vs T-55 (BR-412) and Squint a bit. *Slap* That is a Dad Joke, and has no place here!
  7. @Ssnake which maps are in the map pack? Specifically are the: Sinai / Suez Canal Golan heights Cuito Cuanavale Peine / Brunswick "New Iron Curtain" / baltic states Areas included?
  8. Oooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  9. Yep, Bicarbonate of Soda is a catalyst of superglue
  10. "Land Surface" might be better terminlogoy, gah, can't spell. Bah, 66%. Decimal places, never been my strength.
  11. Coming black to this point quickly. You could reduce that number by 0.66% As most of the Earth's surface is covered with water, and tanks do not make very good water craft. Yes, some of them float, but it's more like controlled sinking.
  12. This Girlfriend sounds like a keeper The Gepard is probably low on the list. use the 2S6 with guns only for now. (Squint a bit) I'd like to see a Marksman SPAAG (55% hit rate)
  13. Gaffa / Duct Tape works best for hands / non hairy bits. Seriously.
  14. As it was explained to me: "If the AI can see one pixel of your unit, they know what unit you are, range, azimuth, what tactic you are on, etc, all from seeing one pixel." I.E. if they can see your antennas they know everything. I think the AI "sees" in various arcs, not 100% about that though.
  15. This sounds like a fundamental change, and a headache
  16. That was fun. Not sure about T 55s packing BM20 though.
  17. Provisionally P65, I might move to a tank later.
  18. This gonna be nasty, all those nooks to hide in.
  19. Well if there is anything SB has taught me as a humble Civvy is: "Don't get caught in an Arty strike." And if you are: "You're doing it wrong"
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