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  1. Jeebus, a human driver?! That'll be intense. Oh and can I have A22 plox?
  2. I like the challenge of Gunnery with the 72 All these modern tanks do it for you. No real challenge. But then I'm not having to fight a real enemy in them.
  3. Ok So open the callsign template before reading this. The Text section is how the unit's call sign will be represented in the small bopx in the lower left corner The Maps section is how the unit's call sign will be represented on the map The bit you want to concentrate on is the Section part of the "Call sign symbols" (Lower part) Open the default Callsign template (it will open by default when you open the editor) Edit the "Section" part to what you want as per above 1 4 2 3 5 Export as "Old Platoon" Done, Play around and see how things change, you won't break SB by messing around with templates. Edit: Or you could use the "US-Generic" included with SB as standard.
  4. of their designated best anti armour ammo type Example: A T-55 loaded with BR-412 will just sit their and take it if the fire is coming from over 1700m away as their designated best anti armour round is the BR-412 (which has a range of 1700m and is estimated to penetrate 240mm RHAe at 0m) They WILL NOT use HE which has a range of 3000/4000m as it is NOT designated as an anti armour round, being HE-FRAG. (Even though it is estimated to penetrate 300mm RHAe at 0m) A Sho't Kal WILL however use the L35 HESH round as it IS designated an anti armour round, out to 3000m or so (it might be 4000m) (P at 0m = 310mm RHAe) To add another example a BMP can shoot back up anywhere from 2500m up to 5000m depending on what ATGM it is equipped with, as the ATGM is the best anti armour weapon it has.
  5. @Ssnake remember having a conversation with @speckfire about this, Speckie calls it "Controlled Sinking"
  6. No the 1A7 is not amphibious The TPz Fuchs 1A6 is amphibious though The 1A7 upgrade has additional Armour (and other things) which takes it beyond the Fuchs' Buoyancy limit.
  7. Hello, me again TL:DR As per the Subject/title Line : Sho't Kal Pintle .50cal breaks with "main gun" damage Long version Just messing around with the Sho't Kal (as is my want) Wanted to shoot some BTR 70s at less than 1200m My logic: BTR at 1200m is a waste of a Main Gun round when you have a .50 I know I'll make the Sho't Kals use their Pintle .50s by damaging the main gun.... Damage > Main Gun The TC should use the .50 now. Tank starts using coax MG Go to Pintle .50 view, pulls trigger.....nothing. Huh, that's weird. Fixing Main Gun Damage fixes pintle .50 For the sake of Completeness: M240 Pintle has the same problem.
  8. Hmm, What is Bug #10,000? out of interest
  9. Hello I have observed the following behaviour when using the RCL in SB: M344 HEAT As ammo type Loaded when fired M344 HEAT As ammo type Selected/Indexed when fired No Tracer present (I Imagine this is correct as there is no "-T" in the ammo type name) M344 HEAT Loaded M346 HEP-T Selected/Indexed Tracer present (This is what piqued my interest) M346 HEP-T Loaded M346 HEP-T Selected/Indexed Tracer present (I assume this is correct) M346 HEP-T Loaded M344 HEAT Selected/Indexed No Tracer present (Incorrect) As you can see it appears the tracer function is triggered by the ammo type selected when the RCL is fired. This behaviour is present in both the Tojosa Pickup and the M113 RCL Included is a test scenario 4 x vehicles: 1x M113 with only HEAT 1x M113 with only HEP-T 1x pickup with only HEAT 1x pickup with only HEP-T #a RCL test.sce
  10. Well, with artillery you generally want to try and keep all the ballistic arcs the same. Helps with plotting fire missions.
  11. You can do that already, using the Theme editor, change the ground textures High and Low (I think low sets the colours used and high is the "picture on the colour" if that makes sense) and the ground cover (you get 2 of these).
  12. The Royal Navy is pretty strict on submarine secrecy.
  13. Bloody hell, the Tacbat is back! Where have you been hiding?
  14. In F8 you could also press the spacebar to deploy retract the mine plow. (Whether this still works .....)
  15. I could carry on doing the XO CSS FO thing, I guess? I see Irish has already nicked the back up tank (Typical cavalry man, if it's not nailed down it's fair game.)
  16. @Sean Are "Attachments" and files uploaded to the Download section seperate?
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Early Cold War 50s/60 "Somewhere in Germany" "A few days into WW3" Small Coop / Large Single Player. Recommended for Experienced Players. Needs roughly 30-40% map time. Difficult Sections of this scenario will affect Average & Lower end systems where FPS will drop to 10-15. (This is a non combat situation though) ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Scenario Summary: Take on the Warsaw Pact in 1950s “East Germany” in World War 3 Pre Nuclear scenario. For Single player use: Play as a Multiplayer session with yourself as host and pick player "Blue side." Pick the T31 callsign. Scenario Briefing: OPORD Operation MUPPET 18-09-1955 17:00Z – 18:00 Local Time 1. SITUATION: A. ENEMY FORCES: 1. S2 Intelligence estimates you will encounter a Reinforced Tank Company in prepared positions with Light Artillery and Light Air Support probable. 2. Enemy defensive capability is limited to damaged equipment collected from previous offensives in this area. Reconnaissance has identified a reserve soviet tank unit in the enemy's rear which is road marching into the area and might be deployed in reaction to any friendly force advance. There is a high likelihood of this happening. Enemy is currently adopting an offensive posture and has been attacking since dawn this morning, as part of this offensive they have used chemical agents as marked by the GREEN area (vicinity 69 northing and 30 easting) Enemy is not likely to withdraw or delay as they are currently on the offensive. 3. Enemy's Most Likely Course Of Action is an attack in full force from Objective MISS PIGGY westwards into friendly lines. 4. Enemy's Most Dangerous Course Of Action: As point 3. B. FRIENDLY FORCES: Friendly Forces in this operation will consist of Task Force 31, consisting of your Sho't Kal Tank Platoon, an M113AS4 Infantry Platoon. And 1st line CSS assets. 1. Higher's Mission & Intent: Ajax Squadron has been pretty well wiped out, only 3 vehicles made it back and they're all busted up in some way, Badger Squadron is taking over the fight and your troop is being used to plug any gaps we might have. 2. Adjacent Units: To the north is 5th RTR, to the south is 3rd RTR to our rear is 62nd Panzer Battalion ready to act as a Reserve. C. SUPPORT UNITS: 1. Artillery: Access is granted to the following artillery assets: 4 x 2S9 Nona 120mm SPM Battery with HE & Smoke - 25lbr battery Proxy 4 x 2S9 Nona 120mm SPM Battery with HE & Smoke - 25lbr battery Proxy 4 x 2S9 Nona 120mm SPM Battery with HE & Smoke - 25lbr battery Proxy 4 x 2S9 Nona 120mm SPM Battery with HE & Smoke - 25lbr battery Proxy 2. Aviation: Air parity is questionable, you may get air support later, but as of now, No air support is available at this time. D. Civil/Terrain considerations. NATO and WARPAC forces are in a state of WAR, Unnecessary killing of Non Combatant Civilians and destruction of civilian property is to be avoided if possible. Civilian convoys of refugee are present in the area, these are NOT to be fired upon unless posing a direct threat to friendly forces. 2. MISSION: Task Force 31 is to conduct a hasty attack on the enemy units defending Objectives MISS PIGGY, KERMIT & GONZO the Terrain Objective is for orientation purposes only. Primary objective is the destruction of enemy defending units with minimum casualties. Destruction of enemy command posts, artillery, logistics, or air defence units should be considered a secondary objective. 3. EXECUTION: Task Force 31 will operate in the zone defined by the following Phase lines. Left and right boundaries are shown as Phase Lines BUNSEN and BEAKER. Jump off point is defined as Phase Line FOZZIE BEAR, and the limit of advance is shown as Phase Line ROWLF. A. Commander's intent: Repulse enemy attack on own line by Badger Squadron with assistance from elements of Cyclops Squadron (Task Force 31) 1. Center of gravity: is likely to be Engagement Area (EA) BIG BIRD, Priority of fires are to be in this area. 2. Critical vulnerability: The area south of hill 329 is lightly held. 3. Exploitation plan: Bypass Hill 329 to th south and hit the Soviet Southern Flank as they attack into EA Big Bird. 4. Desired Endstate: Soviet Attack Repulsed with minimal casualties. Objectives MISS PIGGY KERMIT & GONZO cleared of all enemy forces. B. Concept of the Operations: 1. Scheme of Manoeuvre: Up to you, as you are the Task force Leader. 2. Fire Support Plan: You have priority of fires. Liaise with G10A with any fire mission requests. C. Tasks: Attack the enemy defending Objectives MISS PIGGY, KERMIT & GONZO D. Coordinating Instructions: 2nd Squadron will hold Devils Dyke laying fires into EA BIG BIRD, Friendly Infantry are dug in on the main ridge line running north south at this position. 4. SUPPLY AND SUSTAINMENT A. Enemy POW's are to be left in place or directed to a holding area* Casevac to be handled by own CSS assets. *Stay where they are or move as a group under script control. B. Regiment command has set up a replenishment point in the vicinity of “Bismark”. Task Force 31 will secure Class I, III,and V supplies at this location. (Your Tanks have a full Main Gun ammo load, and about 80% MG ammo, You have Low Fuel Levels) 5. SIGNALS: A. Signal 1. Primary -28.250 2. Alternate -28.350 3. Contingency -28.450 4. Emergency -28.750 B. Command 1. Location of Key Leaders: Command Post Able (Sunray Sunray Minor & Shelldrake) 2. Succession of Command: T31 > T31A > I11A > T31B > T31C (If present) End of Briefing. Scenario specific changes / mods: Engines and Tracks repair after 15mins "Field Bodges" / "Short Tracking" If the Tracks are short tracked in this manner suspension is damaged to reflect being short tracked. Each Combat vehicle (T31 & I11 platoon) has vehicle has 2 "Extra lives" (identified by "-" suffix) I.E. T31 has T31-a & T31-b T31A has T31A-a & T31A-b etc So if you lose: T31, T31-a & T31-b, you won't get another T31 callsign and will be reduced by one vehicle.
  18. Apparently the T-62 has a 4 round ready rack:
  19. And dont go top speed at NOE, helicopters tend to fly into tall things, because their collision box detection range is.... inadequate. E.G. "Wheeeee! F**k! A Pylon/Chimney/Soviet Prefab!" *leans on stick* "Too late!" *crash* *dead*
  20. New fire mission > rocket, ICM > 1km x 1km (Grid Square Removal system) (Subject to minimum range requirements) Helos, are tricky to use, they're not modelled to DCS level, that's for sure. (Flight heights on routes, and Q and Z keys for manual use.) MP technical is in game. Under Civilian > truck 3.3t Police NL
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