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  1. Yeah it is probably this, I've seen it in the mission editor too The flying tree is a new one though.
  2. Hello So as per title. I've noticed RPGs tend to fly in an arrow straight line. (For some this would be true) But for things like the M72 and Carl Gustav (they use all their fuel before they leave the tube) would they not follow a ballistic arc to their target?
  3. Well trenches shifting willy nilly between save states is less than ideal. At least eSim have fixed it.
  4. Hello I've notice Trenches shift around in their purple box/area Specifically if they have 3 or more nodes (That I have noticed) unsure if the effect is present with 2 node (probably) I have made a misison with trenches with a bend in them and every time I open the mission to edit it some more the ends of the trench have shifted I keep the legs of the trench the same distance from the middle bend and when I come back the next day to do more editing one end has shhrunk back to the middle (there are still three vertexes though) The map is the Oksbol map (The specific area is the plantation SE of Hennebjerg, West of Torbol) The image: The trench the infantry are occupying should be an even north south zig zag, not this.....mess. Even the Southern East West Trench is looking a bit weird
  5. Wait, What? Not Al, right? Or are you talking about Manteuffel?
  6. Aha, same thing is happening to me. I was going to ping an email to ssnake, but I see it has been addressed. Oh well mini randomised battle it is
  7. Thanks for hosting I had fun! And the most kills (Mainly recon and a tank)
  8. Ah, you need wingmen to keep their friends occupied. Divide and conquer Good luck in your quest!
  9. It is so annoying when they want you to do stuff in return for money. 🙄 Maybe you could try that "Year Out" thing you did a decade or so back? (Or maybe 3 months is more realistic?) It is up to you. You are the GeschaftsFuhrer after all.
  10. The Bravo 2 story: ( AAR ) As a certain someone would say "A Significant Emotional Event!" Driver Peri is made of stern stuff. @Higgs keeps watch, can you see me? Hello! *waves* BMPs turning up on force now. Time to Leave? Definetly time to leave. Aren't the trees Lovely? Higgs got stuck, Recovery time. Charlie Platoon / Troop along with other Bravo section covering our right. Our only Loss End state Bravo 2 Section started at S2 (Railway Line as our Northern Boundary) and moved back to 1.2 Bravo 1 section stayed in 1.2 Charlie had S3 and 1.3 (Der Englischer Panzer Zug) Alpha had S1 and 1.1
  11. @CharlieB Let me know if you need a hand with mission making testing etc
  12. I'll see what I can do if you want?
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