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  1. Hey Honcho, maybe it had a thing for you, you lucky guy :wink:
  2. You can say Arse, were all adults here, well mostly... some us have the mental age of a child
  3. Mag -> Mag mun num Dyselaxic (crap :rolleyes: ) numberplate man strikes again. Dyselaxic -> dyslexic
  4. So it has a top mounted magazine? Like a bren gun? This is probably why i'm confuddled. I'm thinking that the CV has a bottom mounted mag, like 90% of firearms.
  5. Shotgun CV90!! C models look better don't you think?
  6. Well, would you want your treasured £5,000,000 Tank's secret laid bare to the world? Be like saucy photos of your missus appering on the net. Thought not. I've played SB 1 for ages, trust me get SB Pro PE, its sooooo much better. well worth £60 considering an Xbox game is £40 new, SB blows it out of the water. www.esimgames.com (just in case you don't know already)
  7. Yeah just reading it, Zip is quite the novelist isn't he? Which is always a good thing Plus the pretty pictures (simple things please simple minds, i'm not simple, just bored, and tired)
  8. Somebody say AutoCAD??? Hmmmm, sweet software :mrgreen: Wonder if its compatible with solidworks??
  9. Okay well I'll research the coordinates and other stuff But i'm mainly after the Arun Valley area around Pulborough And the hilly area just above Brighton just west of the adur valley map For starters cheers for the help.
  10. I think the Tank in question was a little miffed, given that its 2 wingmen were dead, one claimed by the poor sod whos just had his arm shot off. And yes dismounts can be deadly especially when its just the one, properly employed vs an unaware tank The only reason that tank became aware of the trooper is because he fired his rifle when he should have put his RPG up the tanks arse.
  11. So in short, if I want to import a section of England I'm gonna need SB Pro. Dammit. What I was really after was how to make a height map, But as I may need Nils's say so, this could prove problematic One of my housemates has Software that he uses in his civil engineering projects, it works in a similar way to how GH_Lieste decribes. I shall have to have a play around with it methinks... Well cheers for the help anyway guys.
  12. Here we have a story: Picture the scene: SB Generals (red) Vs Panzer Btl 911 (blue) Pic 1: This guy here is merrily trotting through the woods, (insert tongue just behind lower lip when you read this next bit) On a real tank hunt, with real bullets, and a little purse to put them in. (okay you can stop now) When low and behold he spots a PanzBtl911 crewed Leo2, suitably distracted by Shady's M1, he whips out his RPG29 and lets rip. Pic 2: Results of the carnage. (along with several crys of jubilation, half of us have lost our vehicles by this point) Pic 3: Same guy different tank, only an outbreak of stupidity is involved, he fires his AK this time, the F**king numbnuts. Pic 4: Oh crap, he's seen me. Pic 5: Balance is restored.
  13. Mission editor new or existing scenario right click on the unit you want drop down list > set ammo, you get a list of what types it can carry. problems, just holler
  14. Erm says it all really. What I am after is how to start a map from scratch I.e. Can i take an OS map and scan in the contour lines? or Map pro(?) or Google earth? etc Also do i need any software for this? cheers
  15. I would love a trip to Sweden but no money... Take lots of pictures.... preferably embarrassing ones :biggrin:
  16. :drink: & :smilelove-1: to everybody, even though this now the 2nd of January now... better late than never
  17. Happy new year! £45 on the door for Honey(club)?!!! Ah don't fink so. Ah well, beers in the fridge.
  18. Fast Fire Fun with a Bofors 40mm in four easy steps. 1) Tank range (unlimited ammo) with CV9040 (B or C) 2) Use HE or 3P (sabot no work with auto) 3) Use auto fire 4) Time fire button presses = 40mm Machine Cannon + :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: (low range score but who cares as it doesn't count it) Not realistic, but very very fun. Mmm 40mm shooty death :mrgreen: Enjoy, I'm off to bed as its 3 am.
  19. Just like to say: Thanks for making my first online experince a good one and taking me through the basics without dying (too much) Cheers guys.
  20. I second KT, only with a Mk2 (when it arrives) with DL2 Armour.
  21. taht - that fo - of from - form form - from, two for the price of one got another one thughts - thoughts
  22. Lurker, that sounds a bit unsavoury. I'm kinda looking forward to a bit of online play. Sometimes I wonder whether the AI could organise a pissup in a brewery. But that could be down to my less than specific instructions. "Go sit on that hill and shoot anything Russian thats still twitching." Always ends in tears. Anyway, when you have space for a non ARRC player, pencil me in.
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