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  1. Second Maj Hans points Also can we get ammo trucks to replenish to what amount the mission designer specifies rather than what REMF oik says we need? Not that I'm complaining about 90 rounds of ammo on the Sho't Kal but the loader is finding it hard to do his job with all those extra rounds squished in.
  2. Could you not put these special cases in the "Prototypes" category? And if we start doing silly things...."Prototype" I mean we have the TTB....... who has ever used that, out side of demonstration purposes. I guess it could be a 120mm AT gun, but they are heavy.
  3. Schweben wie ein Schmetterling. Stechen wie eine Honigbiene.
  4. You need to add all units required (reinforcements) into the scenario / mission using the mission editor. If you need to, you can use the "Spawn if..." command The "Spawn if" condition will only place the unit(s) into the mission once the conditions set by the designer are met. To set a condition use the "Right Click Menu" (A dialog box will appear under the mouse cursor) > "Options" > "Spawn if..." > set a condition (The circles on the left) E.G. "Mission time > 1:00" will result in unit spawning after one minute of mission time has elapsed. To use the "Right Click Menu" you need to "Right Mouse Click" on the unit you wish to edit. To add units, "Right Click" on unoccupied map
  5. Got it Basic plan, "move east and kill shit" Details to follow
  6. Banished to the land with no Internet. Aka reality. I thinks he's scared, confused and wanting to go home
  7. Hedgehog

    M1117 Stryker

    Isn't that what Mr @Mirzayev is currently doing over in the NTC? Bombing around the desert in his company issue HMMWV aside I'm sure he'd prefer his Jeep, but I'm not sure his insurance will cover "M88 ARV malpractice"
  8. And it only works once per scripted Arty box (unless you script more, where do you stop? 2? 3?)
  9. Hedgehog


    The blue circle is on the map view (F5) And the text in the bottom left (in the 3d world) will flash "resupplying"
  10. Impossible. F8 is the "default" view in multiplayer and is hard coded to be "on" regardless of mission design settings
  11. You still wouldn't want to be hit by one though.
  12. So it's not a standard sight pattern then? Well that's useful isn't it?
  13. You have them already. M1, M60 (& M48) Primary sights? https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=File:M1A1(HA)_GPS_reticle.jpg https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=File:TTS_Daylight_8x.jpg They all use the NATO standard sight grad pattern, yes? Leo 2 has the slightly different Grad pattern (M1 Minus the outer horizontal lines) British? Well, we use our own system. As a broad brush stroke implementation: I'd suggest reusing the Leo AS1 ballistic computer model as the Range Drum (Which is effectivly an Analog Ballistic computer), rework it to remove the LRF and Lead functions replace the Grad pattern with that of the M60 and voila. And while your coding these changes, if you could "port over" the existing Sho't Kal sight and crew ability to the Cent Mk5/2, (only Mks 10, 11 & 12 had a Ranging Machine Gun.) as well that'd be a a reuse of prior work, which wouldn't be wasted, and B, gets us users another playable vehicle. (The pintle .50 would need addressing too, not sure the RAC was as fond of welding .50s to the roof like our American friends are..) I understand easier said than done but what I'm saying is eSim should have all the parts needed already. The issue is the "Out of work hours" programming time to code the changes. (Maybe I should learn C++ ? ) Also the M60 FCS programming is a bit broken. Turn off the LRF and everything else FCS wise seems to stop working. But then I think that's on the_List already ***ALL HAIL the_List***
  14. Just a reminder that 70 years ago "now" (more or less) over the past few days. 29th Inf Brigade was in a pitched fight for its survival. Along with the rest of the UN Forces in Korea. Today is the mad rush south and the covering action by Major Henry Huth and Lt John Lidsey of the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars. (think @IrishHussar is familiar with this regiment.) 2 x Centurions holding off an entire Chinese Army while 29th Brigade "Bugged out" to the next line. Just thought I'd mention it before it passes us all by.
  15. I stick by my request for a wider variety of ammo types in the Sho't Kal.
  16. Which needs importing from the old map system. IIRC
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