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  1. Science is life. And chemical reactions.
  2. LoL You're assuming they have the supplies, capability and simple 2+2=4 intelligence* to move them. As has been shown since Feb 2022, they do not possess any of these qualities. As one Ukrainian soldier put it: "We are lucky that they are so fucking stupid." *SB AI route finding is vastly superior as has been demonstrated. This actually happened, for real. Youtube: "Russian Kamaz supply truck drives over Ukrainian TM-62 AT mine" SB AI Cmdr: Through the Land Mine! SB AI Driver: No, no, no.....get this.......Around the Land Mine! SB AI Cmdr: "Wow!" (Like Owen Wilson)
  3. Sure there are. You just need to hit the ground. Trees and buildings "neuter" the big fireball effect.
  4. I imagine it is because they bailout and peg it at the first sign of serious organised trouble. Like an ATGM ambush
  5. It's common to all Vehicles. There are times when the AI is a fucking idiot E.G. There's a BMP hiding behind a house (let's say a non destructible one) AI TC will INSIST on using a HESH round. Jump to TC position double tap Insert (for AP) Now, If you immediatly jump back into the Gunner's seat, Tthe AI TC takes over and swaps the round to be loaded type back to HESH while the Loader is switching out the loaded and to be loaded types results in a HESH being loaded again. Maybe an AI override delay on double tapping round buttons as per the "T = Identified" delay works, that would be my suggestion. Though the AI may adopt a "No! Shan't!!" *sulks* attitude. Which would be odd because it is cold hard logic, but stranger things...
  6. That'd be nice. But I imagine it would casues the SB AI to pitch a fit. "You want 2 LRFs??!!....Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" *CTD*
  7. A Global setting for infantry quality (as per the Shortened wait time in the mission editor "options" menu.)
  8. I strongly disagree with you. And you really are missing the point of the Tank Range. Tank Range is a good quick fix of SB, no setting up, just hit start and blast away. You could, in theory use degarded modes. It's probably my most used feature of SB.
  9. T-72B3 Ammo counter needle is missing:
  10. Its the Philadelphiaski experiment Shh, its classified.
  11. I'm loving the heat blur It is a shame its not a global setting But having AI with LayzerVision(tm) and HiveMind4357(tm) kinda puts human players at a disadvantage
  12. LoL I'm loving the heat blur effect I wonder if could be applied as a weather setting? Might need to wishlist this. With adjustments for distance from own vehicle and ambient temperature. Would certainly add to PID factor in Non AI H2H games (of course AI would need to be set to blind, or Dumb as f**k). Hmm maybe a setting limiting AI spotting distance, or significant delay over xyz distance?
  13. Too late, I gots mine already.
  14. Loving Bug #8709 Fucking Engineers....
  15. Come ON! Gimmie my update!! Imma do a Leo here. Disclaimer: This is a joke post, it is not intended to be taken seriously. Thank you for listening to this disclaimer.
  16. https://tenor.com/view/keyboard-hyperx-rgb-hyperx-family-hyperx-gaming-gif-17743647 Aw.
  17. Well, that was a subtle as a brick through a window
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