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  1. Thom's New Yorkshire accent is hilarious.
  2. Even SPGs have "Ready racks" @Ssnake I have noticed in the mission editor when 1st place down and Arty Target Area (ATA), you do not get the "Precision" options But if place you any other ATA and then right click "Set Type" they "Precision types" then appear in the drop down. Also I didn't know you had implemented the Copperhead Presicion Mortar rounds. And do MLRS carry precision munitions? I don't know if this is a bug or not.
  3. "Shift + P" = Sticky P key. There's a joke / medical condition in there somewhere.
  4. Are we ever going to get shiny new maps that really go all in with this new terrain engine? And are they likely to be released in this decade?
  5. Duck, all the chieftain pics except the last one are Mk10s (Stillbrew Armour kit)
  6. Infantry that can "Dig In" Actually Dig In with code that supports the use of covered foxholes resistant to artillery
  7. I would prefer an endless stream of ideas, at least you know what your customers want. Was it "Fresh Fruit Salad"?
  8. Will be fine comrade! Mine plow made by glorious comrade farmers! Farmers know what they're doing! (Else they be shot or sent to gulag, depend on commissar's mood today)
  9. How long did a personal CD player last in a tank?
  10. Mission editor R click Add obstacle IED Configure IED Anything bigger than 120mm in calibre usually makes a sizeable hole. The crowd pleaser (2000lbr) makes a hole big enough to hide a small tank (T-55, AMX-13, Scimitar), you can get most of an M1 or Leopard 2 there too. Add detonation trigger (Set condition) Test Admire the fireworks
  11. Admittedly, it's a suggestion to represent old timey towed artillery
  12. Agreed a BTR based Command would be nice In the mean time you could use the ACRV/MTLBu as a stand in. Camo nets for the Arty SPGs
  13. Other way around Mouse for fast, keys for fine. There's that huge mouse cursor that gets in the way.
  14. Pretty sure the Pizarro came after the CV90 I remember when the CV90 was 1st released, was a 100mb download, which was large for the day.
  15. Only the Technical and the M113 have the RCL option so far
  16. 2 off MICLICs The rocket launched explody hose thing
  17. Could you not take the mine plow earth moving code and plug it into dozer blade code ? With a space bar drop/raise blade interface? Yes, it'd be "broken" but in the words of one eSim developer "it works" (Until you try and fix it, then it'd stop working)
  18. Well Full disclosure I used to use this: Then I got fed up with no middle mouse button, so I got this: The ring around the trackball is the scroll wheel. I think the idea of the arrow keys + scroll wheel is the better one if it could be made to work. E.G. Down + Left + CW/Down = Diagonal Left movement.
  19. How about using the Scroll wheel? If you think about it it's a really small hand wheel. Wheel = Elevation Crtl + Wheel = Traverse Shift + Wheel = Range adjustment (as it currently is) OK you'll never be able to control 2 axis at once, unless you start doing some wizardry with 2 pointing devices at the same time. (at which point you may as well go with control handles,with the amount of faff involved) Or maybe with: Up/Down Arrow + Wheel = Elevation Left/Right Arrow + Wheel = Traverse you could hold down which button(s) you want the turret to go in and spin away
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