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  1. Thanks Ssnake. I Updated the Wiki as per your suggested alternatives: https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Obstacles_And_Fortifications Things tend to get buried in the forums.
  2. Hello Are the AT mines (The Big Dinner plate ones) in the IED "list" ? If so what are they called/listed as? If not, could they be added? Individual command detonated AT mines, could be uh, interesting/explody.
  3. I'd like to see cases / stubs being flung out the loader's hatch when you reload. (Along with my idea of the ready rack variable reload timing.) The MT55 could do with a new model, think it is the oldest one in SB now, along with the ASLAV-PC / CS / Medic (They've been around since SB was mailed to you on a disc.)
  4. No, the patch will probably be out in a month or two. (Long enough to catch 90% of the bugs eSim missed, but didn't fundamentally break the program, things like carrying over default ammo values, and the: "Ok, that's weird, why is the sky purple?!" kind of bugs. ) We're in a kind of unofficial Gamma/Open Beta Testing phase at the moment.
  5. OK, why? And what happens if I don't? Sorry, your post isn't clear on what the changes are. If it is just the installer bundle Why do i need to redownload an installer if I already have SB installed? Hasn't the Installer done it's job by that point? It just seems like a waste of time, unless there's something else going on? Again sorry, I just curious as to why I need to reinstall an installer.
  6. Hello, So prompted by the inclusion of the M113RCL I have a question: The M113 RCL, does it have specific ammo rack stowage for 106mm rounds? (Like the M1064 has for the 120mm mortar, and the M901 ITV has for the TOW tubes) Or did it use the "Ammo Crate piled on the floor" method ? (I say it, I mean the RCL Crew, so they didn't have to lug it every where.) I ask as the M113 RCL only carries 2 more rounds than the Technical RCL And as a wider question, the various M113 ATGM carriers, They seem to have the same carrying capacity as the M996 HMMWV, in this case 6 stored. I would have thought the M113 with it's larger internal volume would able to carry more tubes Not more than 10 though, as that is what the M901 can carry, and I am assuming that as a purpose designed varient it has a specially designed TOW tube rack for stowed rounds.
  7. So here's a question. What does the crew do with the empty crates? That was my thinking too.
  8. So had thew version 5 mins and i found something wrong with it already Caveat: it is so trivial as to be funny. When you open the Ammo dialog the values are thus: Basically the old (uncrewable) version had these values, it hasen't percolated to the default settings yet. as soon as you change anything they revert to "normal" (I am Having fun with it though, I think it'll be an evil little f****r if used right.)
  9. Simple Answer: No In depth answer: All user created content is stored in a seperate location to the Program data it is in "Your Documents folder" All proprietary Program data (that Nils & team keep under lock and key*) is stored in the Program Files folder on your Windows OS drive (Normally "C:") (A: & B: were normally floppy drives) Further reading: However if you have anything stored in "Blah Blah Blah/Program files/eSim Games" (That isn't in the SP Pro folder) it will be deleted. I used to store mods etc in an "SB related" folder in the eSim games I.E. it looked like this : eSim Games Sb Pro Actors Release etc SB Mods Everything under eSim Games is wiped. *They are technically the property of eSim Games and you purchase a license/permission to use them
  10. Well you could always use a Tsar Bomba.
  11. Thursday at 1:1 !! Can I have a random glowing tree? Like 1 to the power 3 probablility? Because a glowing tree sounds cool!
  12. You'd get 5 money If I said "Friday 2:1" you'd get 10 money. or "Friday 3:1" then you'd then get 15 money I keep it simple, see? (But then I'd make a crap bookies.)
  13. Shall I open a book? Thursday 1:1 Friday 1:1 Monday 1:1
  14. Can dismounted engineers still clear C wire?
  15. Bumpy bump! What's the latest in the monopatchism saga? Should one prepare more rodents for sacrifice?
  16. 6, 7 & 8 would be good for scenario editor? Might make the sce editor a good learning space for new users of SB? Just an idea to throw in the pot
  17. The "issue" with SB is it doesn't have a dynamic campaign engine. It is as only as "good" as you can make it with the scenario editor. (And that can take a lot of work, and people may not want to play it) It is also somewhat limited in the number of units you can have on the "table" at any one time, anything over 4 battalions (both sides at the same time) and you're approaching SB's limits with poor hardware. However, for what it does, it does very well. Certainly better than ARMA3. You could wargame a small strategic/very large tactical scenario in SB, But outside of that you're looking at actual strategic simulations / wargames
  18. The Last time we played together, Dlad was the CO, he did a good job too. 2 days later.... I place this here as a memorial: (I never intended it to have this poinency) Thanks to @TSe419E for recording this one.
  19. Any idea why they phased them out? Lack of Money? Spare parts?
  20. Looks interesting. I have a work in progress / needs a rewrite scenario on this slice of terrain I'd like to have a go but mine deutsch ist nicht sehr gut. (Poke Ronin )
  21. Yep, done this with the wood bridges. Que strange but, eh, squint harder.
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