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  1. With a 20,000lb IED, you'll make a hole big enough to hide an M60 (the tank, not the gun) (In SB at least)
  2. Are we there yet? *stirs pot* 😀
  3. @Ssnake Who is doing the narration on these videos? I know Thom did the RCL
  4. Ah colonial atroc...I mean liberation efforts! I wish I could be there to suppress the natives, but alas, I shall probably be busy elsewhere. Have fun though
  5. Especially if the Pie in the Sky is a deorbiting Lucrehulk
  6. Wish: Ability to designate (is so desired) a firing location for off map arty support So rounds land like they do for on map arty, but scripted And ability to set number of rounds in a fire mission
  7. I think I spent 400/500hours making a scenario once (OP Muppet) Which mat actually be broken with the update, (racetrack AI pathfinding) So that would be £5000 @ £10phr And I should also probably update valley of heros
  8. Aw, should buy them a company expensed beer though
  9. Bags of Suppression FIre Bags of Smoke Go Left Flanking. Just Ask @IrishHussar, I'm sure he's covered a few infantry assaults in his time.
  10. @Ssnake Is it ready yet? Does it need more pepper? Pinch of Salt? Curry powder? Chinese five spice? (That'll set @DarkAngel off ) (I hope everyone at eSim is getting some time off after the release? )
  11. ***ALL HAIL the_List!!!*** Also Meh about the Heli routefinding yes its better and rocket runs are a thing. But ZOMFG!!!!! DID I SEE AN ACTUAL FUCKING INFANTRY TRENCH???????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH INFANTRY USING SAID TRENCH????????????? 🤩 THE SINGLE BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT IN SB EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I demand more videos of trenches. Now. Please.
  12. I would be, but it's more of a pain in the ass this side. I have to get across London to Stansted Gatwick would be far easier Hopefully next year
  13. A [UK 1970] party Like UK but with SLR/FAL and funnier hats
  14. Maybe, But they'd have to big and replicate a burning tank. Which I suspect may be counter productive to "not being seen"
  15. Got mah license. Pretty painless really, pays yer money, click a link, click a button, done. Now. GIMMIE MY (offically licensed & rented) SOFTWARE!
  16. Why are you invading the Isle of Wight? Is there something I should know?
  17. Well you can either turn dustiness down or add a little water to ground at mission start. Mission editor > weather > ground saturation > more than 8%
  18. DEATH! BY! SNU-SNU! Oh. No. . . Wait. That's amazonians. Sorry. My bad. 😬
  19. Until Ssnake and co have written a better smoke physics optimisation. You have 4 options 1) Reduce your graphics settings (Alt & G) 2) Reduce number of BM-21 Launchers in a fire mission 3) Buy better hardware 4) Endure low framerates OMG! Gasp! The horror!
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