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  1. *dying noises* life is quite a struggle as a student right now must work more for insane heating costs than anything else. But yes, work on that mod goes on.
  2. Leopard 2 Engine Interior:
  3. Leopard 1 Engine Interior:
  4. Generic MG 3rd Person v2 - Close/Distant (to bring it more in line with other small arms fire):
  5. I boosted to lower frequencies as much i could. Leopard 1 engine sounds really like to overdrive easily. I will look for other sound samples. I hope the next iteration of the sound engine will have own sounds for engines being on high workload RPM. That would be really really amazing and would make accelerating and decelerating much more realistic and would give the engines the necessary "roar" sound layers.
  6. I probably meant turbocharger and if that is wrong I mean the "weeee something" sound layer. Call me a pianist who can't name the music scores, but plays it by hearing.
  7. In that case I should minimise the turbine sound. In vanilla turbine sound is handled with the break sounds, which would apply to all heavy tracked vehicles. But that seems off in most cases.
  8. Leopard 2 Engine v3 (added turbines):
  9. Amazing job 🙂
  10. Chill Mr. Shareholder. You will get the product for your imaginary money. I barely played this sim since my purchase 2 months ago. But changed 162 sounds already. I wont change all 600 before releasing it.
  11. There are not as many vehicles with individual sounds as you think.
  12. I spend man hours of my free time in this and now we get unfriendly or what?
  13. No date, but when I did all the vehicles
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