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    Coming soon

    Ohlala, sexyy ❤️
  2. Haha, jebataited. YouTube doesn't stop to recommend his videos. But they are fun to watch when you like comedy.
  3. I really like the new Austrian localization, I can actually understand it now. Yay! ❤️🤍❤️ And the new day sights look great.
  4. Next Steel Beast Update probably makes my mod obsolete or changes my focus, but besides that, I am looking forward to hear it. Let's see
  5. Is ingame aa supersampling or do you use driver options for that?
  6. Breakthrough Showcase Special:
  7. Okay, i found out that you can switch from joystick to conrol hande which reverses the palm switch to normal. Does it changes anything else other than that?
  8. Using my flight stick for gunner/TC controls, but palm switch with shift+P seems only to work for some TCs. Gunners have a palm switch, which is inverted for keyboard+mouse users, if not mistaken. Pressing it locks the turret movement. What I am doing wrong, because I can't invert it.
  9. Update: So far we have 186 sounds modded. I focus first on german vehicles because my BIAS demands it.
  10. 20mm rh202 cannon external uses files named extcal50, makes sense to me and would not suprise that a cal50 shares sounds with an actual cannon 😒
  11. What resolution and aa do you use? When I max out every thing it stays at 60 FPS when nothing is going on. In small battles around 45 FPS and when extremely busy not less than 30FPS. I think it is not bad for what we have right know. Maybe 1080p or lower would give it a huge boost but this is a no go for me and more a engine limitation. My junky RX6950xt should handle 2k or even 4k with no difficulties, under normal circumstances.
  12. Want to finish up the Marder 1a3, but i cannot find out the 3rd person cannon sounds of allied IFV's. 1st person and player's 3rd view is known. 95% of my spent time in trying and the rest actually editing audio. It is so frustrating without proper documentation and a lot of shared sound, so it is essential to know which vehicles use it. Relying just on a list with inconsistent naming (from older versions of the game) such as: "unldBrch" (unload breach) or stbuclnk (don't know specifics, but it is used for fast elevation mechanics for the leo2) is difficult to understand as a non-native English speaker. It makes me tired..
  13. Where do I put in the UN skins? There is no instruction in the read me
  14. Leopard 2 Interior Fire & Reload:
  15. Installed RTSS just for that already maddening issue, which is of course a "driver issue", made a profile for SB with a framelimiter with 60 FPS. At least i can see my mouse courser while printing out the breifing via PDF soo i can zoom in and actually read it. I know, i know version 5 will fix many things. Oh man, sorry for that. It really drove me mad already. 😅
  16. I tried to TS this issue since quite a while, clean reinstall of drivers, install lagency driver etc. Also unpluged all usb devices, uninstall the mouse, tried another mouse and other usb ports. Changing mouse options etc. It get's more and more trivial and frustrating. Most threads are about flickering when you use windows normaly and one thread with fullscreen apps with no solution. I dont have this issue anywhere else, only with SB so far. I found out that is correlates with the FPS, at least for me. Maybe not directly, but when you are close to reach the maximum "sustainable FPS" of SB. Sorry for suspecting the application with such quirk. Issue starts 1-2 seconds later, after loading up SB. There I have close to 65 FPS ingame Vsync on or off + fullscreen --> Issue With windowed mode I have close to 63 FPS --> no flickering Limit via GPU driver the FPS to 60 -->no flickering in fullscreen, (seems not super smooth, but you would not suspect flicker) Tried 30FPS --> mouse seems more smooth in fullscreen, but that is very subjective Changed GPU max clock from 2800MHz to 500Mhz GPU to a very low frequency --> also no issues. They reason why I say that it might be not directly corelated to the FPS count is that, between windowed mode and fullscreen, i get similar FPS around 62-63 on a taxing mission on the map UI. But in window mode a tiny little bit less + the stutter in 3D. Now I must manually limit the FPS, because limiting FPS does not work with application settings, only globaly and then unlock it every time I use something else where i do not want just 60 FPS of course. Or artifially lower the GPU performance, which is ridicilous in SB, where you need 3 times of the hardware performance for minimal gains FPS wise. I wonder what others have what FPS in menues with what GPU.
  17. After trying out windows mode for some time I must say that the workaround is insuficient. I have no flickering mouse, but instead of that, very noticable stuttering of the whole application, commpared to exclusive fullscreen. It is quite bummer, because you need the mouse a lot for commanding your troops etc.
  18. That is a very good point indeed.
    Very enjoyable small mission with the good old leo 1. Good job
  19. Ah, in the case, my memory failed me 😅 Still, ground cover seem to have quite the impact, even on newer systems.
  20. I know it is very gimmicky and probably far from nessesary, but are visualitation of crew, ammo and components planned? HEAT post penetration vectors (blast, shrapnel etc...) are neat, but APDSFS do not show any of that (only the projectile vector) HEAT: APDSFS:
  21. Thanks for the advise! I play with 2k and 4xMSAA that's usually my sweetspot. Maybe adjust aa, but i never every want to lower native resolution, which is 2k. Good advise, I try to keep it low as well then, because I know that you have a quite beefy system.
  22. Which settings are okay to increase to the max and which ones i must change with caution? Benchmarking is quite a hasle when you do not know if the game engine bottlenecks our your hardware. I know that the SB wont do much more than 60FPS. Ryzen 5 7600x 16GB RAM RX6950xt 16GB
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