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  1. Don't forget to turn up the volume:
  2. Stupid me cant find the newsletter subscription 😅
  3. Any newletter for the update?
  4. Are there infos of this update?
  5. SB Ruki Control 1.hkf Here, I uploaded cleaned up control with all default keyboard and mouse keys reassigned. However, this is for german keyboard layouts.
  6. I found out, that you must choose window mode in the options first and restart the app with the "--fullscreenwindow" command. The command alone wont work. The windows taskbar is still visible, so i must change that to autohide. NOW, the workaround works. Not a fan of hiding the taskbar, but that is the solution.
  7. Sorry, I mean it does nox fix the flickering problem. It does apply the command line (it would return an error if the command is mistyped or wrong), but either way, with "=true" or without, the same flickering issue remains.
  8. Not sure what you mean. I can assign every button.
  9. Good to know, but not what not not the answer I am looking for 😉
  10. Is there a faster way to remove all the default assignments of the controller? Or does anyone has a import file without controller controlls assigned? It is quite the hassle to delete the assignment, reassign the keyboard and mouse commands. Default controller key makes no sense with different kind of controllers so i wanna delete them and assign them myself.
  11. I have a flight sim set and wanna try out joystick controls for the gunner, which are surprisingly more convenient and more precise compared to the mouse controls (hall effect sensor joystick). However, can you guys tell me how the most common MBT control IRL are inverted or not? Meaning, how the Y-Axis would be configured: pulling/pushing or twist back/forward. Of course it is mostly up to muscle memory and practice, but I am interested in how it is usually done.
  12. using the command --fullscreenwindow=true does not work. Howerver in the command list the following command is written: --fullscreenwindow [=arg(=true)] (=false) Causes the application to be displayed in a window that has the same size as the current desktop resolution. Window border and caption will be hidden. Note that this does not work correctly with high DPI settings. The second thing I noticed is that it appears inconsitenly. Sometimes is flickers very strongly when booting up a screen, sometimes it is much less, it changes from screen to screen and not during the same screen. I am not pushing you and it is not life threatining, but I just wanna report it.
  13. Only in fullscreen mode
  14. My mouse flickers very strongly in the main menu. Any ideas what is causing that behaviour?
  15. *dying noises* life is quite a struggle as a student right now must work more for insane heating costs than anything else. But yes, work on that mod goes on.
  16. Generic MG 3rd Person v2 - Close/Distant (to bring it more in line with other small arms fire):
  17. I boosted to lower frequencies as much i could. Leopard 1 engine sounds really like to overdrive easily. I will look for other sound samples. I hope the next iteration of the sound engine will have own sounds for engines being on high workload RPM. That would be really really amazing and would make accelerating and decelerating much more realistic and would give the engines the necessary "roar" sound layers.
  18. I probably meant turbocharger and if that is wrong I mean the "weeee something" sound layer. Call me a pianist who can't name the music scores, but plays it by hearing.
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