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  1. Thank your, as far i noticed you are quite the contributor here. I like your missions 😘
  2. Looking forward to V5, it will pleasure for my ears and especially my eyes(new UI). Thanks for the insight πŸ™‚
  3. Small Arms Fire/ RPG Showcase:
  4. Yes, you are right, I overlooked that one. That soldier is a real rambo wielding an rpk and rpg7 at the same time 🀣
  5. I have one issue: squad leader(or rpg7 gunner) of a finish rifle squad has his own small arms sound and i cant figure out what it is. Normal riflemans sounds are covered by my mod but this one,...i dont know. Maybe it should represent a krinkov ak which is not on the list, i dunno... list of covered files: smallarms small arms 2 to 8 a_Lmg a_M60Lmg a_M240 a_M249 a_Mg34 a_PktCoax a_Rpk a_SniperRifle7_62 a_SniperRifle12_7 extCoaxloop x_M60Lmg x_M240 x_M249 x_Mg34 x_Pkt x_PktCoax x_SniperRifle12_7 x_SniperRifle7_62 extcoax extCoaxloop
  6. Yes, indeed. Could be worked around by playing varieties of the same shot. Repeating the exact same shot with the tail end (reverb, echo) makes it quite artificial. But nothing would substitute auto fire recording wich would be needed in the proper fire rate to every single weapon. In short, this simulation doesn't need more and i am complaining about something which is not important at all πŸ˜‹
  7. Hmm, looped single shots sound terrible, but lets work with what we have
  8. I tried out some just to find out that some small arms do not share those files. For ar15 weapons, they do not use smallarms sounds, but with something else. In the other hand G36 do use them. Man, the naming is all ever place. I assume that was for backward compatibility sake.
  9. Damn you are fast. Thanks. πŸ˜‹ Are those single shots or are loops included?
  10. Does anyone knows to what small arms those sound file names refer too? Most names are self explanatory, but those are not. I don't even know if they are for salvo fire or single shot. 121 smallarms.wav 143 smallarms2.wav 144 smallarms3.wav 145 smallarms4.wav 162 smallarms5.wav 163 smallarms6.wav 164 smallarms7.wav 165 smallarms8.wav
  11. Found a German manual with many pictures including tactical unit symbols of all the vehicles. Official manual has no picture references at all? Anyways, i am lucky with my language skills and made a sheet on my own. Source: http://www.esimgames.com/downloads/SB Pro Benutzerhandbuch.pdf
  12. I had the same issue and it was caused by the overlay. Go to the setting, deactivate it and then try again.
  13. Do you use Gforce Experience overlay?
  14. Generic Coax MG External (be aware that most tanks share the same sound in that case, that is why, I kept it as generic as possible):
  15. For detailed information i refer to FM 101-5-1, but does anyone has some kind of overview table of all (platoon/section/single units) Especially symbol of single units still confuse me a lot. Thanks for the material
  16. If i am not mistaken, Germany avoided ERA because of the hazardous nature. But the new Puma uses ERA blocks on the sides, otherwise it would not reach the weight/protection requirement goals.
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