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  1. 7 hours ago, delta6 said:

    The H.E. sounds close in sound like double explosions not one (bangbang)

    I will look into it

    5 hours ago, delta6 said:

    For REALISTIC arty impacts far, med range, close in go to the internet and find some real artillery sounds and impliment them into this sim..

    Microphones are in 99% of cases too sensitive and neither can loudspeaker play REALISIC explosions, especially in close distance.  So i take the semi realistic approach. For e.g. i use live mg fire recording, but add library sound to to add more pressure and consistency to virous kind of bangs without losing the flavour of the real thing.

    Most recording of explosions are just overdriven noises with no dynamics in lower, manageable db numbers due to hardware limitations. Using the term "realistic" is questionable.

  2. 1 hour ago, inexus said:

    Using a 3080 running in 4K I never see the GPU being fully utilized. Usually around 50-60% load. This is with all graphics details cranked to max. The 30 series are dropping rapidly in price these days as the new 40 series will come out soon so they are clearing their stock. 


    SB Pro is very CPU limited. 

    How are your framerates? Having low load is okay if the performance is right

  3. 40 minutes ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

    The artillery impacts sound great. Where can I download it?

    I will do more stuff before i upload it here. I just started today and got addicted to sound modding again 😋

  4. New sound mod in the making. Please give me some feedback or tell me if you have interest 😙 +Subscribe on YT if you are interested in new implementations. 
    I add in new additions in the first post as well as a new post.

    My mod attempt to compliment/replace most original sounds and try to give an overall "round" and consistent experience without loosing the original feel. But be aware, there are technical limitations, which cannot be avoided. There is no download right now. I will publish it when it is ready.


    Artillery HE Impacts (Close impacts has alternative, see "Artillery HE Impacts Close 1.1":



    Artillery ICMs:



    Cook Off:



    MG3 Coax: 



    PKT Coax:



    Artillery HE Impacts Close 1.1:



    M240 Coax: 



    Leopard 2 Engine: 



    Generic Coax MG External (be aware that most tanks share the same sound in that case, that is why, I kept it as generic as possible):



    Infrantry Walk/Run/MG3(74):



    Small Arms Fire/ RPG Showcase:



    .50 cal "Ma Deuce":



    BMP/APC Engine:



    Bullet Cracks:



    30mm Autocannon:



    KPV 14.5mm Close/Far:



    KPV 14.5mm Interior:



    30mm V2 / Improved HE Tail/Echo:



    ICM v2:



    20mm MK20 Rh202:



    120mm Showcase:



    105mm L7 Showcase:



    Frontline Showcase:



    Frontline Showcase + Arty:



    ATGM Flyby:



    MILAN ATGM Flyby:



    HE Spash Far/Mid/Close/ICM:



    Milan 1st Person:



    Milan ATGM Flyby v2:



    APC Engine v2:



    Bomb Run:



    M1 Engine:



    PzH 2000:



    T72 Engine:



    T80 Engine:



    T64 Engine:



    M60 Engine:



    Leopard 2 Engine v2:



    Leopard 2 v3 (added turbines):



    Leopard 1 Engine:



    Leopard 1 Engine v2:



    Leopard 2 Engine v4:



    M60 Engine v2:



    T72 Engine v2:



    Leopard 1 Engine v3:



    Generic MG 3rd Person v2 - Close/Distant:



    Leopard 1 Engine Interior:



    Leopard 2 Engine Interior:



    M1 Engine Interior:






    Battle Showcase:



    Leopard 2 Interior Fire & Reload:



    Marder 1A3:



    Breakthrough Showcase:




  5. 8 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    I don't know if it works but it's worth trying: Have a unit equipped with a dozer blade ready, and try to push the turret with that.

    Unfortunately, that does not work. Turrets are rock solid and do not move an inch.



    1. Overdraw Day: M60 gunner's daysight; look into the deep forest; take a screenshot
    2. Overdraw Thermal: M60 gunner's thermal sight; take a screenshot
    3. Overdraw 2: After three minutes the weather will deteriorate and reduce the visibility from 6,000m to 3,000m. Repeat both measurements per step 1 and 2.
    4. Rural: Switch to the tank driving between the M60's position and the nearby town. From the vehicle commander's unbuttoned position: Take a screenshot
    5. City: After arriving in the town, observe the traffic along the main road into the city center; take a screenshot
    6. Particles: When artillery sets in, observe in that direction and take a screenshot
    7. Line of Sight: Finally, jump to the main force in ther southwest of the town and take screenshots at the height of the battle, and and the end of it

      Here I took several screenshots. Getting hit by ATGMs gives me the biggest FPS hit (~15FPS for 2-3 seconds) i tried to turn off the new heat wave effects with the same results. Otherwise it gets back to 35-45 FPS
  6. 2 hours ago, thewood said:

    Just making sure you know that SB is locked at 60-62 fps.  If you are running at that, you are doing very well.  There is a benchmark that was built and posted with expected results to look at.  I had an i7 surfave book with a 1665 that ran SB in the 40-50 range in the benchmark.  Thats pretty good.

    That one? 


  7. I would get at least a RTX 3060 but also consider to get a newer CPU with better single thread performance. I like games like IL2 GB or Graviteam Tactics and in my experience AI and simulation heavy (older) applications seem to matter the most, not sure about SB. That's why i really would know what performance others have related to their hardware.

    I tired 720p all settings on the lowest and get 62FPS with 40-50% GPU utilization. That's alarming for me and of course it could get better with a newer GPU, but how much better?


    BTW, what actually does  "Dynamic Cach Size"? I cant find a description in the manual.

  8. Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz (8 CPUs), ~4.0GHz
    Memory: 16384MB RAM

    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB


    Settings: Standard graphic settings and 2k resolution 2xAA


    Benchmark: T72B3 Tutorial showcase (a lot of arty and smoke)



    I wanna get a newer GPU but I wonder what rigs/framerates others might have. I seem to have around 45 FPS in quiet situations and bad FPS low spikes with smoke and arty at round 20-30FPS

    CPU utilization appears to be mostly 15% and up to 50%

    GPU utilization mostly  80% -90% 

    Question is how much i would benefit from an upgrade or how limiting the current engine is. Thanks for your advice.

  9. Spoiler
    52 minutes ago, Mirzayev said:

    The way it is labeled can be a bit confusing compared to how it functions in game. I prefer to think of it as "Depth" and "Width." 


    Some examples:


    At 0 mils, 400 Length (Depth) and 200 Width. 




    At 0 mils, 200 Length (Depth) and 400 Width.




    Changing the mils, in my experience, is done so the fire mission "syncs" with what the observer on the ground is seeing so it is easier to give adjustments to the guns (Add/Drop, Left/Right).


    So if our observer is looking directly east (at 1600 mils) we end up with fire missions that look like this:


    Mils 1600, 400 Length (Depth) and 200 Width.




    Mils 1600 200 Length (Depth) and 400 Width.




    As you'll notice, these look like mirror images of the ones presented at 0 mils (ain't spatial relations great?) 


    What helps me is thinking of it from the observer's perspective. Length (Depth) corresponds to Add/Drop, while Width corresponds to Right/Left based on the direction from the observer. 


    Sounds complicated? It can be until you get the hang of it. With that being said, the ole 200x200 at 0 mils is tried and true and does the job pretty well in Steel Beasts. Don't be afraid of using the defaults if you don't know.


    It might also be worth lowering your realism level to "medium" or "low" in the options so that you'll see the red box (as shown in the photos) when you call a fire mission in game. This can help you see what it looks like as far as your input settings. 


    I have no issues to understand how the system works, but in German "deph" correlates to the English "width" and the German "width" correlates to the English "lengh". The English label makes sense, the German does not. It makes sense if you imagine the longitudinal impact line is the depth or length and the cross-sectional impacts is width. 

    My guess is that in German longitudinal and cross-sectional inputs are mislabeled.



    Again, my input with german labels is 400m width and 100m depth with 0 mils alt. In the second picture (thanks for the realism tip) you see the impact zone, which is wrong, because the lenght drop down menu is labeled with the german width and the width drop down menu is labeled with the german depth.


  10. I am pretty new and try to learn how to call in arty. I use the wiki as reference and saw some major difference between the English and German localization. In English, first input is length (left box) and then width (right box), BUT in German "Length" box is used for "Zielausdehnung" which means "target width" and the "Width" box is used for "Zieltiefe" which translates to "target depth/length". So in my interpretation this is totally opposite if you accept the north orientation as absolute 0 mils attitude and that makes no sense to me, unless germans use 90 deg or radian zero as absolute zero. 

    Could it be that those 2 input translations are swapped by mistake or do i miss something? Thank you for your help

    image.png.bd2ccf8586fbb9f4cf4814e49b41beae.pngFile:Artillery support mission in FO scope.png500px-Attitude_Explained_Wide.jpg

  11. Is there a way to change the back ground colour of the briefing or to toggle to a dark mode? I am too much used to dark modes on all my devices and reading the small text (2k resolution) on the white backgrounds really strains my eyes. Thanks for your help.


    P.S.: Adjustable font size or zoom would be also nice



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