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  1. 5 hours ago, Wardog said:

    Thanks guys as long as someone likes em and uses them then they are worth doing, personally i always liked the dirty version for that bit of realism etc, not for everyone i guess. still it's there and awaiting aproval in the downloads section if anyone wants it



    It's on the cards Fab  :)

    Outstanding! B|

  2. 3 hours ago, RogueSnake79 said:

    We implemented a system to randomize stowage layouts.   This will only be seen on some of the latest vehicle additions.   The M-60, M113 family, updated T-72's...   This happened pretty far down stream in this development cycle.   So not all of the newer vehicles take advantage of it.   But it is now a standard for all future vehicles(where applicable).    In the coming months/year, some older vehicles may, or may not receive this update.    


    Although I think it is pretty self explanatory,  the purpose here is to combat the "clone army" effect.    So if you place a platoon of any of the above vehicles down on the map, all will have something different about them.   


    And these stowage items are used on the armor models as well.   An example would be that, the spare road wheel will provide some standoff against a HEAT type warhead.   Packs and other soft stowage are not represented on the armor model, only things that might have a positive/negative ballistic effect.  This in of itself is not new, the fact that these type objects are random is.


    This is a minor detail, but worth noting IMO.


    Now that is interesting! ;)

  3. Yes. Excellent indeed. That was my only doubt - if legacy maps would be converted. Thanks Ssnake, and all member of eSim staff. Well, this time you guys exceeded my expectations in a virtual stellar way.

    I'm really impressed with what I've seen. A big WOOAH! 

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