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  1. That is strange since my receipt indicates that I upgraded from 3.0 and was charged $95 USD?? Check order 5275. Upgrade License from version 3.0 and OLDER × 1 $95.00 Update: Okay I just plugged in my codemeter and click on the url indicated in my email an it indicated that "all licenses are activated". I then started the game without any issue. I am assuming that the licensing info was transferred to the stick, but it could be that I am just operating on the 1 month temp license. I was not asked specifically to identify the stick for file transfer purposes.
  2. Hi, My 4 month temp just expired so I purchased the full license (actually an upgrade from 2.x). Questions: do I need to reinstall full game again or can I just activate my currently expired version? If so, how would I do this? Also, I still have my old codemeter stick from about 2005. Should I use this or wait for a new stick? Thanks
  3. It should be as I took it from the "scenario multi" folder. I then did a quick edit to use the Leo. Okay thanks.
  4. Well it took me nearly 2 months to solve my port forwarding problem. After purchasing a new router, establishing a PPPOE from my ISP's router/modem I still could not get ports 2300-2400 to work. The solution was to set up a "dial up broad band connection" within windows 10. To the point, if I host a multiplayer mission, do I need to email that mission to my client or does it download automatically? I edited a stock mission (platoon Attack 1) for the LEO 2A5 and saved it with a new file name in my scenarios. Do I need to send this to my buddy first, or will download when he joins my session?
  5. If you are handy with computers you could always go for this: It can be tricky to run on windows 10 and requires mod patches, but it is an upgrade from Panzer Elite.
  6. FYI, I had a play session with Reforger and the recent update on the weekend. It appeared more stable and I did not have any massive frame drop episodes like in the previous version. Mind you I was on a 40/40 server. The 64/64 server (Powerbits??) was full, which is a good thing as it appears players have come back to test the update.
  7. Thanks SSnake, my network problems are totally on my side not esim games. My ISP currently has their modem/router locked down preventing port forwarding and PPPoE with external modems. I'm told that a firmware update in November should fix this. Unfortunately, here in Canada our government has seen to it to limit competition so I don't really have any other options.
  8. Any time lines on version 5? Is it the next update or do you go all the way to 4.9?
  9. Got it, BTW I tried using the middle mouse button but it threw my tracking off. Guess I need to learn to walk and chew gun at the same time.
  10. Not sure if this is normal, but when I attempted to host, it auto set the port at 2300 However on my client/friends system it read that it was searching port 2400. Perhaps because 2300 failed on my end. I tried both in either case and no love.
  11. Well my first step is to see if I can get my ISP to unlock the port forwarding in their modem. Failing that I will try bridging another router and then opening up the ports through its interface. LOL you have to become a network expert just to game.
  12. As far as taping the palm switch goes, I thought the procedure was sequential, meaning you had to laze first and then apply dynamic lead, no?
  13. Apologies Mirzayev, I honestly missed your helpful response. In any case, I got ahead of myself as both me and my friend (whom I convinced to buy SB) are unable to connect online. We both are unable to open the necessary ports (2300-2400) to make a network connection. He has Starlink and Elon doesn't seem to allow port forwarding, and my recent upgrade to a new highspeed modem with Bell Canada appears to be firmware locked to port forwarding. I spent hours last night in the modem settings and playing around with static IP's etc. with no luck. I'm so annoyed because I just upgraded my modem, my previous modem allowed port forwarding.
  14. Thanks Ssnake and Gibsonm, one finally newbie question. To set up a multiplayer round, are the scenarios automatically download from the host once the session is set to begin, or do all players have to download the scenario prior to the play session?
  15. Hi all, How would I go about converting a single player scenario into a multiplayer scenario. I recall in the DCS editor, you could make a single player mission multiplay by simply editing a unit to make it "player". I did not see this option or one like it in SBpro. Any quick advice or directions to a relatively clear guide on creating multiplayer scenarios? Update: Ok I figured out that you can designate a unit by "owner" as either computer or player. If simple set a couple of units (i.e., Tank Platoons) as player, does this make the game multiplayer?
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