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  1. I need to cancel my spot in D32. Some family business came up. Sorry!
  2. Yes I have already tested comms with him yesterday. Will be the 30 mins. early.
  3. Does "Hold fire" act as "Fire when fired upon"? Or are they different commands? (I´m not at my gaming computer right now)
  4. Thanks. I have tried using the Scout command, but I did not know the exact ways it works. I did not know there was a difference between how the unit would hide between Engage and Scout. When scouting the unit will go turret down, compared to hull down (engage). Nice to know. Scouting routes. Does it work well in-game? Do they survive well? (I haven't experimented that much. And I haven't looked at units in particular how they perform, when they spot enemies, and how long they stay hidden until enemies fire at scouting units.
  5. 1. How do I most effectively use my scout vehicles + infantry to scout, when there are lots of scouts working at the same time? In real life, I suppose they are extra careful not to expose themselves. But when managing lots of scout units in SB is it usually done by just throwing them ahead like cannon fodder? I mean, as soon as an enemy tank sees the heat signature of a vehicle, he shoots, right? How do I manage a lot of scouts at the same time? Any general tips? 2. Is there a hidden game mechanic where AI gunners (own and enemy) don't spot easily a hot scout vehicle compared to a hot tank? I haven't tested myself. I tried looking for youtube videos on scouting tactics, but I can't find any.
  6. I´m a bit used to helo comms in DCS, where we where many flights + AWACS communicating on same channel, and even relaying messages for flights, that where masked by terrain and such. It got very hectic calling in 9-lines and such. We had pretty strict comms discipline, always beginning messages with reciever and sender. Learning to always talk in short concise sentences. It was very exciting to learn and to play, although I was not as hardcore as some other players. Looking forward to learn more about SB soon. Looks like Kanium is on GMT friendly time, so I might look into joining sessions there.
  7. What's the most typical distribution on "serious" MP sessions with a typical VU? A platoon for each player? Or 2 tanks per player? Something like that?
  8. Another question: Can you listen to several channels at once? Say, if you're the gunner in Alpa 1-2, can you choose to hear the HQ section as well as your Platoon leader?
  9. Ok thanks. So you can go into Options or something in Teamspeak, and define buttons for different frequencies. And you don't need plugins for that to work?
  10. I´m new, and haven't tried multiplayer yet. I´m looking at some of the youtube recordings of your sessions trying to understand what's going on, before I´m joining in someday. I have a question about comms: How do you differentiate between comms between tanks in a platoon, and comms further up the chain to higher command? Are there several channels in Teamspeak, with different Push-to-talk buttons, depending on who you're talking to?
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