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  1. I appreciate the comments and suggestions. Ill have to try the scenarios mentioned. While I agree as one person mentioned that its rewarding to manage large armies.....I play several varieties of wargames to do just that... but when I want to drive a tank, I dont want to spend the whole time herding cats to get everyone else in their proper position. This doesn't to my mind preclude large scenarios. It would provide great replayability to have a huge battle and be relegated to one small task, and in the next replay try a different unit on another side of the battlefield. Anyhow just my 2 cents. Thanks for input
  2. Hi... Im looking for good SP scenarios for the fresh second Lt who is barely trusted with his own single tank....and not the command of a freaking Brigade. That is to say, good scenarios where i can command my tank and dont have to micromanage every tiny platoon on the map just to make sure they are all heading in the right direction. Im here to drive tanks...not command armies. This isnt to say I want a Me vs the world scenario like TANKS, but rather where somebody else is handling the )ai) and I just have to worry about my own little tank/platoon. Thanks
  3. You know the worst thing about the glut of arcade-style tank sims out on the market nowadays? I can no longer go to Youtube and type in a search for "Tank Combat" or "Tank footage" and expect to get some decent videos of real life tanks doing what theydo best. Instead there are 1001 videos of 'World of Tanks' twitch tactics or 'Armored Warfare' featuring Abrams engaging the enemy at 500 yards or less while doing back flips. eSim...thanks for keeping it real....and most of all....realistic. I just wanted to give the Steel Beasts team a big thank you for entertaining me for all these years. .
  4. Sneaky little basterds..... .
  5. Whoa whoa whoa. Lets not get hasty with all the crazy talk. .
  6. The dubious killing abilities of HESH aside, I am at a loss on how to employ this round against targets that are either rapidly closing and/or retreating. (ie, ranges changing rapidly) The agonizingly slow flight time means that the laser range finder is pretty much useless. By the time the round takes its merry time to get to the computed impact point the target has already long since moved on. I suppose manually input ranges are possible, but Im not smart enough to guess a range five seconds out, tap it out into the computer, and then fire quickly enough to make a difference. Are we going back to WWII style Kentucky windage?
  7. Just something I have always wondered: Given the complex multi-layered nature of modern armor plate, how does one actually repair it after taking damage? Say you take a SABOT on the turret face and defeat the round. Assuming this leaves a nice little (non penetrating) hole in your armor are you required to replace the entire turret, or is there some other method for patching up damage? (Also back in the saddle after about a years absence.) (Finding my Dongle was a pain in the dongle.)
  8. . These are not the minefields you are looking for...... .
  9. If its less than 20MB, its a virus.
  10. Actually on closer examination I have found a few routes marked 'retreat'. Im not sure if this is universal, bu ti dont remember the scenario acting this way beforehand. Again not a huge issue. Not trying to create a fuss.
  11. Checked out the routes in the editor, and they all say "march"....not retreat. Can anyone verify this? Its a standard scenario, and I have not modded it at all. (not really a big deal, but just curious) .
  12. More importantly..... Where are the COWS!!??!! .
  13. Tried to take a screenshot, but I screwed it up somehow. Anyways, in the DESERTAMBUSH scenerio, I noticed that about 90% of the Ural supply trucks were driving along BACKWARDS.... There were a few guys in forwards gear, but for the most part iut was all reverse all the time. I tried a few other scenarios with no problems, so Im wondering what kind of mix up this could be. Anyhow...overall enjoying the hell out of SB. Kudos guys.
  14. Kittens are already available in FlatBeasts Comes in tabby, calico, and declawed versions. .
  15. Been playing at Steel Beast ever since version one way back in the day and loving every minute of it. Problem is, I stink at it. Im not sure what a good performance is for the instant action scenario, but typically I can manage no more than 4-5 kills before either dying in return, or suffering some sort of main gun damage that prevents continuing. Best score ever, I think was maybe 9 kills but some of those came from artillery. Whats typical for you guys, and dont spare my feelings.
  16. Its on the LIST. (blessed be its name.)
  17. On the plus side.......we will offer realistic bouncing suspension. The bigger the critter, the more 'spring' in your roadwheels.
  18. As of yet there have been no military customers interested in the snake. Users are urged to substitute a skunk for the OPFOR*. (OPFOR--- OPressively Flattened Objects on Road) .
  19. Quality Entertainment.....hmmmmm. ESIM is proud to announce the upcoming release of the worlds first Roadkill Poking Simulator!! Choose from a wide array of sticks, twigs, and assorted lengths of scrap metal to poke and prod the squashed critters on a fully 3D virtual highway. Included with release: Dead Skunk. Dead Prarie Dog Dead Cat Dead Dog (various breeds available) Dead Snake (not to be confused with Dead <S>snake) Also in the works and available for an additional $39.99 is a downloadable Armadillo in both Dead and mortally wounded varieties. Order now for the Christmas season your copy of ....... ....FLAT BEASTS!!!! <dodges the tomatoes and rocks> .
  20. Agreed. Shorter is better. I want to command an drive a tank.......not be General Patton commanding the Third Army.
  21. What games specifically...other than the old old star wars game could it be used for? The reason flight simmers pay so much is that they want something 'exactly' like the real thing....not a semi-tank knockoff. While a cool idea i cant think of any game other than SB that would use such a controller.
  22. I know everbody has their own personal ares of interest, but come on guys, give em a break! This release is going to be without a doubt the biggest and best expansion of Steel Beasts ever! Why are we even thinking about a year down the road? The sheer possibilities that have opened up boggle the mind and should be more than enough to keep us busy for a long long time! I for one am a very satisfied customer. Bravo to the esim team. Hope you scheduled some vacation time in after this release. You deserve it!!
  23. Oh no no....I wasnt trying to discredit the awesomeness of the new model. Please dont get me wrong. All I meant that I didnt know if the new model counted towards the so called '20 new vehicles' in the game, thats all. Please. I appreciate all the work put in.
  24. I didnt think the Bradley update counted as a 'new' vehicle.
  25. Ok so the list is...... 1. M1 2. M1A2 SEP 3. M113 FIST 4. M60A3 5. CR2 6. MAN Truck 7. Piranha IIIC 8. Weisel 9. T-55 10. T-62 11. T-72B 12. T-72M4 13. Ural 4320 14. Ural Fuel 15. Sedan 16. Station 17. Hatchback 18. SX-45 19. 20. Is this correct?
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