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  1. CMC you have a PM. (I turned on my PMs - sorry for any confusion)
  2. **I will use priority mail and pay for insurance.
  3. I have only used/loaded the software once and the dongle works just fine. The manual, dongle, DVD case, and DVD are just as good as new. Again this software and manual have been sitting on my shelf without any wear.
  4. I really dont want to get into a "bidding war". I would like to just sell my copy for a flat rate of $100 including free shipping (within the US.)
  5. Hello all, I initially bought SB Pro PE and now I dont have any time to sit down and play it. I have two daughters (a 3 month old and a 3yr old) which are taking up all my time. I really dont want to sell my copy of this wonderful sim, but it is doing me no good just sitting on the shelf beside my computer desk. So if anyone is interested in purchasing my copy of SB Pro PE for $100 with free shipping. Just send me a private message and we can work things out. Thank you.
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